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"Wo Ai Ni." Fai smiled as he looped both arms around the ninja's neck.


"Will you teach me other words, Kuro-wanko?" the magician snuggled Kurogane's neck. His smile getting wider as he felt the heat from the taller man's cheeks.

"Iie." Kurogane looked away, arms crossing to his chest as he, made no attempt to remove the arms around him.

"No? Kuro-puu is blushing! So adorable!" the blond tightly hugged him, cheek touching his burning cheek.

"Get. Away. From. Me." The warrior growled as he moved slightly away.

"So ka… kawaii!" Fai shouted as he latched himself to the already irritated ninja.

"You shouldn't teach me words you know Kuro-kawaii."

"Shut up."

"Aww… Aishite'ru Kuro Kawaii."

"Hmph. Ai… Aishite'ru. Fai-chan."

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