I don't know Marchen Awakens Romance only the story.

Warning:Some blood,lemon(later chapters),maybe some Ginta abuse maybe

Pairing: mainly AlvissxGinta,(Slight NanashixDorothy, PhantomxAlviss)

No FLAMES!AND I MEAN IT!This story is for my friend.

A 100 years ago in Mar-Heaven...

There was a prince who was bitten by a vampire named Phantom. "Now your mine forever."He said licking Alviss's cheek. Alviss didn't care if he was Phantom's pet .After Phantomdone with him he leaves him alone for a while.'Im a vampire now why do I feel sad cause he doesn't love I sounded like a retard just now.'Alviss frowned.

"Alviss."Hearing his name made him snap back to walked over towards Phantom."I'll be leaving for a while."Alviss didn't care."Bye."Alviss said as he crossed his arms."Remember my Alviss kill anyone wo dares to try to kill us."Phantom said as he brushed Alviss's cheek with his that Phantom turned into a white bat and flew out the window.

Now in Mar-Heaven...

Ginta was trained to be a vampire teacher Alan sended him and Dorothy a female vampire hunter who has a huge crush on him to kill Phantom and Prince Alviss.

"So Gintan do you know which one your going to choose me or Snow as your girlfriend yet?"Dorothy asked with a blush.

Ginta sigh 'Not this again.'He didn't want to tell Dorothy and Snow that he like them as sisters."Not yet."Both of them just smiled.

They walked till they saw Phantom's castle ."It's bigger than I thought."Ginta gulp.

"Time for dinner."Alviss said with a bat wings came out of his back and flew out the window the same as Phantom did 100 years ago

"What that thing?"Dorothy said as she point out a dark figure with wings."Shit , run Dorothy!"Ginta shouted to her.

"What about you?" Dorothy said as she started to run."I'll fine."Ginta gave a thumb up.

Alviss saw a blond and pink haired girls.(Alviss thought Ginta was a )'I hate women.'He said to himself as he flew down and grbbed Ginta by the arm."GINTAN!"Dorothy yelled as she tried to run after them.'Fuck I forgot my Broom of Zephyrus at H.Q.'She cursed as she trip over herself.

In the Castle...

Alviss threw Ginta on a king size bed.'I still hate women but at lease they have great tasting blood.'He thought to himself as his wings disappeared."Hey you stupid woman come here don't make me tell you twice."Alviss shouted at Ginta.A angry mark appear at Ginta."Im a guy you dick!"Alviss was shock and surpised.

"That's cute.I never tried guy's blood before."He said as he licked his lips.'Maybe I'll have some fun.'

"Hey you ,fucktard."Ginta said as he held out his sword(Babbo dagger version of course he not in here) towards Alviss which is starting to get annoyed.

"Put that down before you hurt yourself."Alviss smirked.

"You must be Prince Alviss."Ginta was waiting if he'll attack or not.

"Yeah Im and you are?"Alviss grabbed the blade of Ginta's sword(oooH that sounded kinky).He started to bleed but it healed quckly."Im waiting."Alviss sounded bored and he looked at his hand (The same one that got cut)

"My name Ginta a vampire hunter."Ginta smiled.

Which made Alviss blushed.'What is this feel?'


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