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Warning(in this chapter):yaoi, blood, bad grammar, bad language

Pairing(in this chapter):PhantomxAlviss

'What is this feel?'Alviss asked himself as he held his chest .

The Past:

I remember when I was turned into a vampire ,a undead birth, my cursed for immortal life. I turned to Ginta. I got up from my set and then left the room with locking the door behind me. I walked down the hall to see Bell." Hello Master Al, how's the human?"Bel said in annoying voice. "He fine just fine." I said as I started the set down on a stone throne .


I just turn sixteen after the big party my parents threw for me was over. I went to my room to sleep after all the fun yeah right all the girls talking my ears off really.

Women are annoying , they talk too much and scream your ears off. I was snap out of my thoughts

by my window opening."Who's there ?"I asked as I grabbed a fencing sword by my bed.

"Phantom."A voice said as the a figure walked in.

"That's a stupied name."

"Funny what's your name?"He asked. "Alviss. Prince Alviss."

He chuckled ."That's a stupied name." What a smartass.

"Listen you I don't have time for smartasses right now." I said annoyed.

" I like your eyes...what beautiful shade of blue." He purred as he grabbed my chin. "Let go! You perv!" I said trying get his hand away from me." Sorry , but I've chosen you to become my lover."

I look at him again this time he had vampire fangs. Shit. He went toward the side of my neck then he gently put his fangs into my skin. I can feel my blood running down towards my chest and leak threw my white dress shirt.

He licked his lips like a job well done."Your mine, Prince."He bit his finger so it draws blood and put it towards my lips."Here if you don't want to die."I didn't want to die so I grabbed his finger sucking his blood .It taste good like something I never had.

"You have drink more but not mine my love."

That ran threw my mind as I walked down the staircase slowly .I walked in a room where my two younger sisters Hinko and Junko are.

"Hello brother dear,"said my younger sister ,Hinko. My hand raised up as grabbed her throat ."B b big brother what are y you doing,"she tried to talk as I started to suck her blood till it was all gone. Junko did her best get away "Alviss what are you doing please ,Im begging you, stop!" Junko screamed at the top of her lunges."Im sorry Junko, I really am."I said has I bit her neck. The last thing she said will haunt me for the rest of my life."Why big brother why? We love you and we will be the only ones that will," she said as a tear ran down her cheek.

Then I walked up the other staircase to where my parents are.

"Alviss why is Junko yelling?" My mother asked me but I kept quiet.

I grabbed my mother's neck ."Alviss what are you doing?"She asked me as I bit her as well. My father grabbed the nearest thing to him to hit me."YOUR NOT OUR SON!YOU MONSTER!"

"Now, now you shouldn't call him that,"Phantom said as he cut my father's throat blood covered his hand.

After I just killed my family I started to cry."WHY DID YOU MAKE ME DO THIS!?"I screamed as I grabbed Phantom cape."WHY MY FAMILY!?"

"Because if you didn't kill them I would have my love."He said with cruel smirk.

We left my home and my human life there to burn from the fire set by one of Phantom's slaves.

Im sorry guys. I love you guys.

After we took me to his castle.

It was huge . He took me too his room and started to take his cape off "Come here love."He said as he grabbed me by the arm and kissed me. Slipping his tongue in my mouth. "Please stop." He wasn't listening me. He took off my shirt and threw it aside.

He nibble at my nipple at made me gasp. His hand slide down my legs and touching my groan.

He push me on the bed and took off my pants . Then hs took off the last of his pants.


He trust into me , not caring if he hurt me. Making me pant as I started to enjoy it. Turning my head around to tongue kiss Phantom. He smirk cause at the reality that I submit to him that and every night til he left that one night.

A few hours later my cheek started to burn. I ran toward the mirror to see two orange marks appeared below my left eye. I know it was Junko's curse cause a while back I saw her reading a spell book but didn't tell our parents.

FLASHBACK over(It made me want cry)

I snap back to reality."Master your crying. Why?"

I ignored her and went back to Ginta's room.

I knock on the door. "Hey Ginta."I said wondering if he tried to leave.

He fell he looks cute when he what am I why am I falling for him of all people.

I watched him sleep.


Well that was a bloody chapter.

I made up how Alviss got those marking below his Junko and Hinko are from manga I made.