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Ginta's POV

I felt a breath on my face. I opened my eyes to see Alviss next to me.

"AAAAAHHHH!" I blushed as I pushed him away from me and grabbed the nearest thing towards me which was a wooden stick.

"I dare you to tried it." Alviss said in a dangerous tone. I did just that but he catched it in mid- air.

"Your weak for a vampire hunter maybe you are a girl but in boys' clothing."He smirked.

"Shut up!AND STOP MAKING FUN OF ME!"I kick under his feet so he fell down. I hated how this damn vampire was talking to me.

"Let's get a few thing strait Im a second you don't know me you son of -" He cut me off of what he said.

"Why did you became a vampire hunter?" He asked me with a clam voice as he got up and sat down on the bed.

I didn't want tell him but his face was telling me that I can tell him anything about my life." My parents was killed by a female I trained as a hunter so I can get well you know."

He gave a look. "Then why are hunting me and Phantom down for?"

"Cause of two thing."I said a little scared.

"Are you going to tell me?" He said a little annoyed.

"The female vampire who killed my family was Phantom's little sister, Lina."Alviss gave a fun look as he sweatdrop."Wait are you saying Phantom's eight old sister killed your family?" He said as he chuckled. I nodded a 'yes' jester.

Alviss brust into laugher. "HEY she may look eight but she not!So stop laughing at me!" I yelled at Alviss.

"I wasn't laughing at you ,I was laughing with you." He smiled with tears in his eyes from laughing."I wasn't laughing." I said quietly."I like you even those your my enemy." He said as he stop laughing.

I blushed because I realized of what he just said. "Are you lonely ,Alviss?" I asked still blushing.

"Huh ...you can say that.I mean Phantom never here so yeah I did you ask for?" Alviss said as he started to turn red.

"Oh what was the second thing why you came here for was ,Ginta?"Alviss asked looking away.

"Oh to train to kill Lina." I said also looking away too. This is getting awkard.

"WE YOU GUYS KISS ALREADY!"Yelled a fairy with bat wings.

"Bell!?"Alviss yelled as he turned dark red.I blushed madly well this explain why I don't like Dorothy or Snow.


"Uh...You can stay here and train if you want...I mean since you said I was lonely."I said still red.

"That's a good idea I mean we're in floating castle in the Darkness I can't get out of here so might as well." Ginta said as he crossed his arms.I smiled cause I wasn't alone anymore. I walked over to him and kiss him on his eyes widened but then he started to kiss back."ABOUT DAMN TIME!"I heard Bell shouted before she use her powers to shut the door.( Yes, Bell has powers she actually useful for once)

We broke the kiss we're both blushing."Im sorry I wasn't thinking-"I was cut off by him kissing again. This is forbidden romance between a vampire and a vampire hunter.

I know he won't tried to kill me cause he's not really after me or Phantom.

So this what love feels like, Junko.

WITH DOROTHY...(Dorothy's pov)

It's been two days since my Ginta was taken by that damn vampire or was it a harpie. Oh never mind what it is!It has my Ginta!

"Nanashi!? Where are you? I know your here damn it !" I screamed.

"Im right here taking a nap doll face." He said with smirk. "Call me doll face again you'll have a fat lip you jerk." I hissed.

He jumped next to me. "What do you need Lady Dorothy?"

"You help vampire hunters right?" He nodded 'yes'. "Then your going to help me find Ginta in the Darkness realm."

"No way there too many vampire ,Dorothy!"He wave his hands around.

" Don't piss your pants on my time your going to help me. Like it or not!"

'Hmmm I got idea.' "Please Nanashi I'll let you see me naked." I flirted and lied.

He blushed with the thought in his mind then smirked. "You got yourself a deal." We shook hands. "Great ,it's a deal." I smirked.


"Time will go a little faster here you have be on your toes." I said taking him to the training gate.

"So I be in another realm?" Ginta asked looking around the castle. "In a way yes but it's part of the castle."

"Ok so how much is one day in there?" Ginta asked looking at a tall door in front of us.

"About 60 days. Why you ask?" I said looking for the key to open it in my pocket in my bondage pants (Yes there was bondage pants in the story.)

"No reason just Im going in ,see ya in 60 days." He was about to go in till I grabbed him by his arm and grabbed his chin ,kiss him on his soft lips." I love you too, Alviss." Ginta grinned.

Ginta went in the training gate. Me and Bell waited for him in the hall.

"So you fell in love with a human and worse a vampire hunter!And your HELPING HIM GET STRONGER!What if Master Phantom come back when Ginta here!?" Bell shouted at me.

"Well you be quiet please your voice is hurting my isn't coming back." I scold her.

"Are you sure about that Master Alviss?" Bell said as she sat on my shoulder.

"Yes Im sure." I wondered why Bell couldn't be one of those fairy that don't talk. Just my luck.

We heard the training gate doors opening."Wow that was hard." Ginta said as he walked out of the training gate.

"Welcome back Ginta how was-" I was cut of by a familiar magic."Well this is a nice welcome back."Phantom smirked.

"P-phatom what are you doing here so soon?"I knew Phantom will kill Ginta already.

"Why is there a human here my sweet Prince Alviss?"Phantom's smirked turn into a walked over towards Ginta and slap him cross his face.

"Ginta!"I shouted as I ran over to Ginta."Ow Son of a bitch. Alviss who is this?"Ginta asked me as he rubbed his cheek as it turned red.

"His master and lover."Phantom answered.

"He the one who turned me into a vampire and had me slaughter my whole family."I said as held Ginta in my arms.

His eyes widened in shock.

"Your not much of a lover your hardly here you bastard."I snarled.

"Candice!"Phantom shouted.

A female vampire appeared with a mask on."Yes,master what can I do for you?"She put her hand on her heart waiting for her orders.

"Take Alviss's new lover to the underground prison and Alviss to my room for his punishment." Phantom ordered.

Candice grabbed Ginta by his arm and dragged him away from me."GINTA!LEAVE HIM ALONE!"

Before Candice left with Ginta she called for Rolan another lover of Phantoms'.

He took me to Phantom's room."Let go of !"Rolan tighted his grip on my arm and around my neck.

IN THE PRISON...(Ginta's pov)...

I can't believe this Phantom made Alviss kill his bastard.

Poor Alviss.

"You should care about your life you foolish human."Candice held up a huge axe that look like it's made out of stone.

"Shut up you Alviss?"I yelled.

She slapped me in the face."Watch your tongue you brat and Master Phantom's pet is getting punish for letting you in the castle." She snorted.

I hope he's ok.

PHANTOM"S ROOM...(Alviss's pov)...

"Why did you fell in love with him, a human , a vampire hunter?You know I love you ,Alviss."Phantom rest his chin on his hand.

He had me chained up to his bedpost with me laying on my chest so he can whip me on my back.

He whipped me again.I hissed in pain.

"Master Phantom." A voice said.

"Yes Rolan."

"I feel two more human magic coming this way towards the send for Girom and the others?" He asked as he looked around the room and narrow his eyes when he saw me in a kinky manner that he wish he was in.

"Yes have fun with them." Phantom said as he rised the whip once more.

"I think that enough punishment for you Alviss.I don't want to ruin your beautiful body." He said walking away.

WITH DOROTHY AND NANASHI...(Dorothy's pov)...

Me and the pervert flew on my broom of zephyrus in the Darkness realm. I maybe a vampire hunter but am still a witch.

"So how far is Phantom's castle?" Nanashi asked holding on to me for dear life.

"Not far I can sense Ginta's magic near. And let go of holding me too tight you perv!" I snapped.

I hope my Ginta is ok.

"Hey look over there it's a ass load of vampire!?" Nanashi yelled in my ear. That damn baka.

"Not so loud you loser." I yelled in his ear.

"Toto I summon thee!" I shouted.

A door opened and a hellhound came out of the door close after it walked out.

" Yes Mistress is your orders?" He'd spoked.

"Take them down Toto!"I ordered and smirked evily.

"Yes Mistress."Toto said as he attacked.

WITH GINTA...(Ginta's pov)...

I sense Dorothy and Nanashi the vampire hunter helper magic out there. I hope their friends ,but most importantly Alviss.

"BROOM OF ZEHYRUS!" I heard dorothy yelled. You can hear that girl two thousand miles .

The prison bars suddenly broke into pieces.

"Gintan are you ok my love."Dorothy said as she glomped me.

"Im fine I have to save Alviss."

"Really I was about to save you." Alviss said caming down the stairs.

"Alviss! Your ok!" I said running to him. Dorothy came too."Who she?" Alviss asked glaring at her.

"His name is Alviss. And he my vampire lover." Dorothy and Alviss sweatdroped."Not me you bonehead her!" Alviss yelled at and point at Dorothy.


Dorothy snap back to reality.

"HE'S YOUR WHAT!?" The girl yelled in our ears.

"Well to tell the truth Im gay. He help me find that out." Ginta said as he smiled.

"...FINE but if you hurt him your DEAD! By the way Im Dorothy and Im a vampire hunter."Dorothy said as she felt more proud of herself by the second.

"Where do you think your going?"Phantom said as he walked down the stairs with Rolan and Candice by his side.

"PHATOM!"We all yelled.

"Dorothy Dorothy Dorothy!" A blonde haired guy yelled as he jump on Rolan's head to get to ran to Dorothy.

"What is it you moron?" Dorothy

"Uh...oh Hi Ginta nice to see you again." The blonde got serious. "And who's this Ginta?" I asked him glaring at the blonde.

"His name is a vampire hunter helper." Ginta said as he point.

"How dare you ignore Master Phantom you fucken humans!" Yelled Candice.

It looks like we're in fight if we liked or .


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