They stared at each other, a stare that held every grudge between them. Will snapped back to his senses, This fighting proves no purpose, one of us will end up dead, or worse… He pushed the idea out of his mind and tried using words. "This proves no purpose." "It serves my purpose," Davy snarled taking a swing at Will. "No, listen to me. Be rational, what if I can offer you something that you can't refuse," Will persuaded. Davy put down his sword and listened intently. "What if I can get Beckett off your back, and your heart back to its proper owner." "What's in it for you," Davy asked. "You let me, Elizabeth and Jack Sparrow free. Free of your grasp and influence in any aspect of our lives. That's all I ask," Will finished. "Agreed."

After seeing AWE I searched and searched for somewhere that could have changed the ending.

Here it is, all arrows to APLFM!