Needs and wants

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Chapter one: "Vacation"

She was 21 and she felt like she was 40. They had her working 12-hour shifts in the hospital with a 30 min lunch break.

"This is so inhuman" she thought to herself.

She was short for her age and strong.

She didn't have skinny any thing, but she didn't have any fat either she was strong. She had strong legs, arms and everything else except her hair witch was a pastel pink. When she was first born the doctor was unable to explain her unnatural hair color. He simply said it was a mutation and it would most likely change when she got older. But it never did.

Her face witch once held so much love and emotion was now impassive and cold. Yes she could fake emotion good enough if need be. But she only really did it around her family and friends so they wouldn't worry.

Speaking of her family she had to get home to pack. They wanted her to take a break from all her work, at first she had said no that she was fine but when her sensei had said it was needed that she be well rested for the possible chance of a fight from sound. There had been roumers of possible attack.

So now she had to head home to go pack for this trip. She hated being around her family expealy her cousins they were constantly fighting, and it gave her stronger headraces then usual. Now for the past 3 years she has had a constant headacs that even her sensei hadn't been able to get rid off. So now she was so use to it that she fond it to be almost comforting like a constant reminder that she was still alive and not a thing but a human.

So when she packed she needed extra strong Advil. She sighed just the thought of spending any more then two days with her family gave her a bit more pain. Nobody told her how long she would be there they just said "until your ready to rerun or we need you" not knowing how long to pack for she just grabed her biggest bag out of her storage and went to her closet.

She threw in some jeans thinking about the last time she had worn shorts she was 16 and had hated having to look at her almost manly muscular legs.

So she lived in jeans even when she was training or on a mission. She had learned how to simply by special type that was more breathable and flexible.

Next she threw in some low cut t-shirts. It wasn't like she wanted to show of. No. She just liked the feeling of air on Her skin. Then some underwear, mostly boy shorts. Some camis, socks, bras, pajama pants, and she stopped at the end of her closet to get some sweaters and she stared at something before tacking it. She then turned to get her ninja gear.

It was now 4 they are supposed to leave at 5. She supposed that if she toke her bag she had enough time to go meet naruto for his daily Ramon.

As she walked toward the roman shop she wondered what the future had in store for her. I mean she was 21 years old and she had no hobbies and did nothing other wise then work and the occasional night out with her friend's witch she rarely enjoyed.

When she arrived she herd a loud mouth fighting with the local dog trainer. "You know Kiba you should of told her before its to late now she's with me"

She sighed, "Here we go again she thought"

"Naruto I never got a chance to because she was always thinking about you"

It was then that they seemed to notice she was standing there.

"Oy sakura chan. Tell kiba here to leave me and Hinita -Chan alone"

"Leave me and Hinita- chan alone" Sakura said

Naruto rolled his eyes at her

She sat down and looked between the two.

"You know she's not a bowl of roman or a bone to go after"

"Of coarse" they said in unison in a rather annoyed voice like they had herd it said a million times before.

They had been through this fight at lest once a week that she saw.

She sighed

"Don't kill each other while i'm gone okay"

Naruto perked up and asked" hey sakura -chan how long will you be gone any way"

"I don't know," she honestly stated


From out of the corner of her eye she saw a blond blur and steep back in time to doge a bear huge from the blur

"Ino pig how many times do I have to tell you I don't liked being touched"

"Sorry" said an annoyed ino as she rolled her eyes

"Sakura, Tsande wants to see you before you go"

"O thanks, well bye see you all when I get back. Say bye to every one else to please"

"Bye sakura chan"

As she walked away she wondered what the Hokaga would want with her now. Maybe it was to tell her that she couldn't go on "vacation".

"Ya right" she said out loud.

Witch got her a couple of strange looks. Witch she just sent glare back in return.


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