Mornings truly do suck

Mornings truly do suck

Okay so u don't get all eww on me there is a short yaoi part in hear so be ware.

Sakura was the first one up in the morning. She had to get the kids up and ready for the day. She had slept on the couch. It was okay, a little lumpy but she'd live.

She walked over the little kitchen and started making breakfast.

She was deep in thought about what to do in her spare time today when she sensed her father trying to sneak up on her. Unfortunately when he went to hit her on the arm she was already at the table setting it with eggs, bacon, hash brown (her fathers favorite) and a variety of cut fruit. She was also cooking the children's favorite, and her specialty, crêpes.

Her father and grandfather were already at the table devouring the hash brown ,wich looked like cat food to her, when the tired looking children were usurered into the kitchen by her peppy grandmother.

"You sure look happy," grumbled Sakura

"Why shouldn't I be we ARE going fishing. O dear I do wish you would go with us."

"No. I believe I will pass on this one"

She looked to the wall on her right, there laid pictures, from the last ten years, of the winners of their fishing competition, every year it was always either her mother or Sadao who won.

She shook her head. Along with that her father and grandfather would always try hard, they'd be out all night and even try and use new and expensive equipment to win, but they never managed to. At best they'd get runner up.

Gaara sat up he was wide-awake and annoyed. For some reason unknown to him he was not able t get any sleep.

So he went to sit in a tree that had fallen out over the lake. It was a wonderful view but he had another reason for being there.

He knew that Sasuke was getting very egger to see the girl. To be truthful he wanted to stay there all night and keep watch but he knew that part of his new life was getting a little bit of shut eye, unfortunately that's all he got was shut eyes his mind wandered all night.

It was day around five when he gave up and went to go watch the lake but not before getting his golden nectar, his lifeline, his hot coco.

Then he walked up to his tree. It would be rather hard for a normal person to get on because they would have to crawl along the ignoramus root system to get to the part that was acctacly out on the river.

He sat down and took a sip of coco. It is moments like that with his coco that he let himself completely relax as he stoke his feet into the water.

Sakura had a Sai smile on her face as she waved bye to her family for the day.

She was happy they were gone. She could now get some work done. But not before she cheeked out her old club house.

When she was younger and left alone she would come to a tree that had fallen out onver the river to read. She loved the view.

She walked to the border of her families property and in to the woods. Just barley hidden to the camp was a huge root system. she could just imagine the view on the other side.

she went to go jump over but half way over something caught her eye.

On the trunk of the tree were four ugly things.



on her way down from the jump she took out a kunai and slashed a huge chunk out of the wood with the words on, it floated downstream.

Sasuke was washing in the river when a large piece of wood floted downstream

'well it seems that my toy is a little different then when I left. What a same it would have been easier the old way , for her that is I think I like it this way more fun.

Sasuke stepped out of the river and walked over to the tied up kabuto.

"you seem down. what's wrong don't like the position? Well then why dont we try it doggy style"

he place the naked kabuto on his knees and stood behind him

"I don't prefer one over he other but you always liked playing the dog"

Kabuto let out a muffled scream as Sasuke began to pound into his already leaking hole.

Sakura sat down at the topmost branch on her fallen tree and gazed out over the water to the other side of the narrow lake.

For some unknown reason she felt a ominous aura coming form that side, it made her uneasy seeing her family was out on the lake.

She decided to go to the other side and try to figure out what this feeling was.

As she leapt off her branch and onto the water as she began to race across the water. Taking a mental check on all the equipment she had brought with her. She thought to herself that at least her day would not be wasted and she may find something to entertain herself with.

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