Disclaimer I do not own any of the Gundam Anime's I am using or the books or the comic or Mega or Robotech or any of the other shows that I'll use

Disclaimer I do not own any of the Gundam Anime's I am using or the books or the comic or Mega or Robotech or any of the other shows that I'll use.

Note Lacus and Meers Father will not be killed and will continue to be the leader of the plants the same goes for Cagalli's father and Quatre's father well eventually become the leaders of the L colony clusters. And Sanc Kingdom is an island nation now just like Orb and is stationed in the Atlantic Ocean somewhere between Iceland and Britain. These changes will play key role later on. Also the Zero system well not exist instead both Heero and Zechs will have Seed mode. Also some other stuff is changed but it won't go into detail yet.

Chapter 10

The land of the Desert Tiger.

Out in the desert at a Z.A.F.T airport we find Andrew WaltField and his girlfriend Aisha both were currently on the airport tarmac waiting for a plane to arrive the reason why they were waiting is because on this plane are three very important young lady's Lacus and Meer and their friend Relena.

With the two of them are a pair of Medics the reason why they were there is because they heard that the girls were bringing an injured coordinator that needed medical attention so they would take care of his wounds until they got to the hospital where the doctors would take over.

"How much longer do you think we have to wait Andy?" Questioned his girlfriend.

"Not much longer they should be here soon. I can hear the plane now." Said Andrew.

And as if responding to what he said an airplane came out from behind some clouds and headed towards the runway.

"Looks like I was right there here." Said Andrew as he saw the plane as it started to land.

Soon the plane was in front of the group and once it was the plane's hatch opened up once it was opened to ground personnel pushed a staircase up to it.

As soon as it was in place and was firmly secured three girls came out of the plane and made there way down the stairs they were followed by two Z.A.F.T solders that were holding a stretcher which had a boy on it that looked no older then 15 or 16.

"Hello Commander WaltField and Lt Aisha think you for coming out here to meet us and for having the medics we asked for." Said Lacus.

"Not a problem now let's get this kid to the hospital." Said Andrew as he motioned for the two soldiers ever carrying the stretcher to place the young man in an ambulance that was near them.

After they put the stretcher in the ambulance medics also got in and then the ambulance went off towards the Z.A.F.T military hospital that was in Banadiya after the ambulance was gone Andrew addressed the three young ladies who he could tell were worried.

"Don't worry you three he's in good hands we have a visiting doctor here from Orb and she specializes in cordinater's and if you want we can head right over there to?" He said

This alleviated some of their worry as Orb was well known for its high level technology and doctors.

"Who is the doctor visiting from Orb?" Said Relena curious as to find out who the doctor was that came from her friend Cagalli's country.

"Her name is Sally Po Kisaka." Said Aisha.

At a hearing this Relena became quite happy as she personally knew that Dr. and that she was a very honorable woman and had no prejudices against people despite if they were enhanced or not.

"So shall we get going I assume you want to get to the hospital as soon as possible to see if your friend's all right? And don't worry about your luggage Meer and Lacus it will be loaded on to the solar star wall were doing this." Said Andrew as he headed towards limousine and motioned for them to follow.

"Think you Commander WaltField." Said Meer as her sister and her were wondering who was going to take care of their luggage and loaded up on the shuttle so after they were done visiting their friend they could go back to the plants like they had planned.

After she said that the three girls and Aisha got on board the limousine and were carted away to the hospital with a military escort leading them.

After they were gone inside the plane that brought them there a hatch opened in the rear of the plane where the stewardess would be seated and where the food was. The hatch slowly opened and a pair of eyes peaked out once the person who the pair of eyes belong to ensure it was safe the person open the hatch and stepped into the plane but before he close the hatch behind he brought out a small duffel bag and then closed it.

"Man that was one bumpy flight. But was I lucky they didn't see me when I boarded back at the Ambassador airport. But then again the god of death has only been seen when he wanted to be seen." Said Duo as he made his way towards the front of the plane and the hatch that led to the outside world as he made his way there he opened the duffel bag and brought out a stolen red Z.A.F.T uniform that he stole just before getting onto the plane. After he had in hand he made his way towards the bathroom opened the door closed it and then changed into the uniform he then put his pastor clothing into the duffel bag.

He then exited the bathroom and then the plane looking as nonchalant as he could. It worked and he made it to the motor pool where he then proceeded to commandeer a Humvee. Once he had the car he followed a tracking device that he had managed to place on the boy just before they took him away.

As he drove he brought out his communications device and proceeded to contact a friend of his.

"Hello this is Howard Simmons speaking." Said a voice over the communications device.

"Howard this is Duo."

"Hey kid what can I do for you?"

"Howard I want you to pick up my mobile suit at these coordinates and bring it back to your shop." said Duo through his communications device as he then sent the data on where his mobile suit would be.

"All right Kid I got the coordinates. And you're in luck I have a ship in the area capable of taking your mobile suit." Replied Howard .

"That's good oh and Howard there's one more mobile suit with my Gundam could you also bring it back?"

"Sure no problem kid the ship can take two mobile suits with out any trouble."

"Good." Said Duo as he ended his communication.

Once he ended the communication he focused his attention on driving to the hospital.

At the hospital it had been three hours since the arrival of Heero and about two hours since the end of his surgery. After the surgery he was placed in a private hospital room with two Z.A.F.T security guards.

The only people who had visited so far is his doctor Sally. Who was currently talking to Andrew and Aisha and the three girls.

"How was the surgery?" Asked Andrew as their group had yet been informed about patients condition.

"The surgery was a complete success and he is now resting we also found out that he's a cordinater just so you know. But as we were prepping him for surgery or he found a CD on him I then gave it to Martin who took it for analysis also just to be safe we placed guards outside his room." Said Sally.

"I'll have to talk to them later about that but it's good to hear that the kids alright considering he saved the three lovely ladies from blue Cosmos. Is there anything else?" Said Andrew but before Sally had a chance to say anything more Relena spoke.

"When can we see him Sally?" She said to the doctor that often treated Cagalli with great worry in her voice.

"When he wakes up Relena which should be in seven hours or so but until then you can not see him." Said Sally.

"While that's too late for us to see him as we have to get going." Said Lacus who was getting out of her chair which he was sitting in.

"I'm afraid she's right after dad heard about the Blue Cosmos attack he said we should hurry home Commander WaltField we would hate to be a bother but could you have some people escort us to the airport?" Said Meer also getting out of her chair and joining her sister who is making her way to the door.

"Of course they'll be waiting for you outside the hospital,"

After he said that both girls were about to leave the room when Relena ran up and gave them both a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

"Both of you please be careful." She said after she release them.

"We'll be fine will call you as soon as we get home." Said Lacus as she and her sister left the room and made their way outside.

From there they got into limousine with a military escort and went back to the airport. After they were gone a military Humvee pulled up to the hospital.

Back inside the hospital in the room where Relena Sally had left the saying she was going to look in on her patient this left Andrew and Aisha in their. There was currently a discussion going on and it was revolving around Relena who is currently talking with Andrew who was telling her something important.

"Speaking of the Blue Cosmos attack Relena your father called here from Washington, DC just two hours before you and the Clyne sisters got here."

"What did my father want?"

"He told me to tell you that he wants you to stay here with me and Aisha until he thinks it's safe for you to return home. I already have a room prepared for you at our residents/headquarters and your clothes and all your other stuff from your room except the furniture are being sent here as we speak they should arrive here in a few hours."

"All right and thank you for putting me up." Said Relena.

After she said that Andrew asked Aisha if she would take her back to their residents so she could get situated Aisha agreed quickly and led Relena out of the room then out of the hospital to a waiting blue sedan which had a military escort.

After they got into the car and car headed off towards the headquarters/residents of the Desert Tiger.

After they were gone Andrew left the room and went to find his second in command. He found him right where he hoped he'd be in the hospital's computer room working on the CD. He didn't know what they'd find but he knew it would be big something about that kid they helped told him this kid has a pretty big secret or two. And if it was big enough he would share it with Sally the reason why is he liked Orb despite its neutral policy right now and from what Sally told him the only reason they were currently neutral is because they didn't know if the current chairman would be in charge or be replaced in the next election with that in his terms bastard Patrick Zala.

"Did you get any important from the desk?" He said.

"Not yet Sir the thing is pretty well encrypted but I should have it cracked in a few hours if I was a natural it would be impossible."

Then his computer screen went blank then on it appeared a man with these weird glasses and a robotic right arm.

"Greetings Desert Tiger." Said the man.

"Who are you and hoe did you get in to are system?" Questioned Andrew.

"That's quite simple my name is Dr. J. and as for how I accessed your system when you inserted that CD it allowed me to access your system on a piggyback function." Said Dr. J..

"All right that explains who you are and how you did it but why are you contacting us?" Questioned Andrew.

"That simple after the disk was inserted I monitored who was doing the work when I found out it was your subordinate I realize that you would sooner or later come in find out what information it had. And the reason why am contacting you is simple you are quite an honorable man despite working for a man like Zala. And I have some information that I think you might find interest involving the space colony that was recently destroyed you see one of my operatives was there the one you currently have in your hospital and have treated for injuries."

"All right that explains some of that but what's so important about this information?"

"The information is your forces or more specifically Patrick Zala covered it up you probably heard that it was the Earth forces themselves that destroyed the colony?"

"Yes what I've been told from high command."

"While it's a lie the truth is your own forces destroyed it using D-class equipment and if you don't believe me here is the footage."

And with that the footage of the raid on the colony played as it was playing he wanted to deny that it was true but he could tell from just listening to the man as well as watching the video that it was true that man may have had the things he was hiding but he could tell that this was true and he could tell that the video was not doctored.

"Do you believe me?"

"Yes now what do you want me to do with this information?"

"Keep it under your hat for now and when the time comes you'll know what to do with it I have to take care of some other stuff but I will contact you again here is the code I'll use my contact you so you know it's me." Said Dr. J as he sent a code.

After that the screen went blank.

"This certainly changes things especially Patrick's run for chairman." Said Andrew.

"Your right sir there is no way now the council would vote for him even if the extremes did and he did win I don't think the majority of our forces would side with him." Said Martin.

"You're right we'll keep this information as he said under our hat will only show it to chairman Clyne and Sally who can then show it to those she trusts if everything works out we should be able to take out all the radicals as well as maybe gain an ally in the process. Now if you'll excuse me I think I go see that youngster and see if he's up yet."

After he said that Andrew left the computer room. Watching them leave the computer room was Duo who decided to follow him thinking he might lead him to the person he wanted to see.

Meanwhile elsewhere at an OZ base of shuttle arrived on this shuttle is Zechs.

After he exited the shuttle he was greeted by an OZ soldier which he himself trained.

"Greetings I'm glad to see you made." Said the soldier.

"Hello wish I could say I was glad to."

"Why is that Lieutenant Zechs?"

"I should be doing more important things like hunting down those five unidentified machines."

"While then Lieutenant I would be pleased to tell you that you're not partaking in the ceremonies here that was just a Roush to fool anyone who could be listening. You're really here to pick up a mobile suit that could be capable of facing off against those five as well as the Earth forces GAT machines easily."

"Really you say?"

"Yes sir during the last few weeks we received information on those five machines and it was up to us here to see if we had anything that could handle it well we do and Colonel Treize wanted you to have it now if you would please get into the car over there I will lead you to a place where we have it." Said the soldier.

"Of course lead the way."

And with that Zechs made his way into the car while the soldier got on a motorcycle that was in front of it.

They soon arrived at a large factory and went inside once inside the factory appear to be shut down but looks can be deceiving because if you look hard enough you would notice there were several large generators that looked brand new with large power cables running into a single room.

They were heading into that room once inside the room Zechs notice that it was dark but that didn't last long as the soldier said turn on the lights.

Soon the room was illuminated revealing a large white mobile suit with some black on it.

"What is this machine? I have never seen anything like it." Said Zechs.

"His name is Tallgeese this machine sir is the prototype for all OZ Mobile suits."

"Tallgeese it's so big even bigger than the GAT series."

"Well Sir its size allows it to carry a micro fusion reactor."

"A micro fusion reactor that means this thing won't be affected by N-Jammers."

"That is correct Sir this mobile suit is big enough to be too big to carry the micro fusion reactor which is currently too vague for any other Mobile Suit currently in use either by OZ , Z.A.F.T or Orb or the Earth alliance they ever make any."

"That's impressive what about its weapons and thrusters?"

"Its weapons consist of 2 beam sabers which are bigger than your standard ones used by the Leo this much larger size allows it to carry a special piece of apartment which will allow it to be used underwater. Its main weapon is a hyper cannon mounted on the right shoulder. As for the thrusters it has the best out there."

"Excellent I however to have a question who designed it?"

"This mobile suit was designed by six men but after the project was scrapped deeming it to be too expensive for mass production the scientists just faded away no one knows where they are."

"When will it be ready?"

"It's ready right now Sir all the Tallgeese needs are its weapons even though it has its two beam sabers but they still need a few more parts but the mobile suit itself can move and fly we've been getting it ready ever since we've got the data on the five unidentified machines."

"That's perfect I want this machine loaded up onto my shuttle immediately."

"Of course sir but nasty somethings we've heard reports that Corsica might be attacked is that true."

"Yes OZ intelligence believes that one of the five unidentified machines might show up here so you better be ready."

"Yes SIR."

After that the Solder left to go and tell the rest of the base to get ready for an attack as well as tell Zechs's shuttle to come here so the Tallgeese could be put on it.

As he was doing that back with Zechs he was currently looking at his mobile suit and deciding where to take it to get its weapons after awhile he came to his decision.

"Once the Tallgeese is loaded up on my shuttle I'll take it to the lake Victoria base I'm sure Noin won't mind."

And with that he walked out of the factory towards the shuttle which had just landed outside the factory.

As that was going on back at Banadiya Relena was in the room that had been prepared for her by Aisha she was currently unpacking her stuff it had just arrived a few hours ago. She was currently going through one of the 6 boxes when she heard a knock on her door.

"Coming in." She said.

Her door opened and in came Sally.

"Hello Sally it's very good to see you but what are you doing here?" Asked a curious Relena.

"I'm here for dinner Mr. WaltField invited me over and I came to tell you that after dinner if you wanted you could accompany me back to the hospital to see if your friend."


"Yes now come down stares dinner is ready and I think you want to get over to the hospital as it is possible to see that handsome young man and maybe give him a quick kiss?"

At hearing that last part Relena blushed a little.

"I have no interest in him like that he's just a really good friend."

"Sure to yourself whatever you want but I can see you blushing."

And with that both of them left her room and went downstairs once downstairs the two of them made there way to the dining room where they found both Andrew and Aisha waiting for them along with Martin.

Andrew seeing them motion for them to take their seats which they did after they were seated dinner was brought out.

Dinner that night was a one of Andrew's favorites Donel Kababs which were served on a large plate with both Chile and yogurt sauce on the side to add to them.

"What are these?" Question Sally as she has never had them before.

"These are Donel Kababs they're really tasty especially with yogurt sauce." Said Relena as she picked one of the Kababs and put yogurt sauce on it before she back on her plate.

"But there a little spicy so be careful." Said Aisha and she also took one but didn't put any sauce on.

After she said that the others grab some and had a pleasant dinner after dinner Sally along with Martin who would act as Relena's bodyguard and Andrew who was just curious went back to the hospital to check on the patient there.

They soon arrived at the hospital where they then proceeded to go to Heero's room. But before they got their there was an explosion which knock them off their feet.

Before they had gotten there Duo who had followed Andrew earlier right towards where Heero is was waiting for the right time to extract him so he could ask him some questions.

Two hours before they got their Heero had woken up Duo who had managed to take a monitoring room watched him he soon contacted him through a monitor and told him that in two hours he would bust him out.

Two hours later Duo set off his explosives but none of them were placed that they would actually cause any harm.

He then proceeded to rescue Heero after he rescued him the two of them made their way to a large window which Duo through a large explosive at they then jumped from the window which was on the 50th floor.

After they had jumped Duo use this weird sort of device he had as a helicopter while the other one had a parachute but he wasn't opening it Duo seeing this called out.

"Hey are you crazy hurry up and released your parachute."

No response from the person with a parachute.

"Oh man are you trying to kill yourself for what?"

Still no response.

"Oh man of my going to have nightmares over this one."

After the explosion rocked them Andrew check to see if everyone was okay. After he was sure they were they ran off towards where the explosion when they got their they noticed a window was broken at the end of the hall running up towards it they saw two people had jumped from the hospital one was using this weird machine as a chopper while the other one appeared to be falling not even carrying.

Relena seeing this let out a sharp cry.

"Heeerrro Nooooo."

That got a response as Heero opened his parachute. But it was too late it wouldn't open up in time even Duo knew that.

"It's way too late now." He said as he turned away so he wouldn't have to watch him hit the ground.

But Heero would not be killed like that now so just before he hit the ground he cut himself into a ball and when he hit he rolled along a sand dune which was just outside the hospital when he came to stop there was tons of dust around him obscuring him from vision.

When the dust cleared it revealed him almost completely unharmed.

Back up at the 50 story window four onlookers were shocked they never had seen anything like it even though a cordinater could have a 20 chance of surviving that fall there would be no way he should be able to stand up. After a while it was Relena that regained her voice first.

"Heero." She said in a low whisper.

"He still a live incredible I sure hope that kid won't turn into an enemy for Orb." Said Sally.

"That kid certainly is something a DeCosta I wouldn't mind having to fight him once." Said Andrew with a lot of admiration in his voice.

"If you say so sir."

Meanwhile down on the ground Duo had just landed and was approaching Heero.

Heero after he set up was quite upset with himself.

"Damn It I shouldn't have opened my parachute why did I do it was it because of her?" He said to himself however was soon brought out of his thoughts by a voice.

"Hey hey now I can understand wanting to take your own life but if you can't do it from up there then maybe just maybe you should find another way of committing suicide pal." Said Duo as he put his arm around the slightly injured Heero.

"Now look I'm not asking you to trust me but right now I'm the only friend you have now what do you say we get out of here." He said as he pressed a button in his pocket that set off tons of flash charges and smoke bombs which would obscure their escape.

After they escaped they stole a car and headed towards the nearer shoreline where a boat courtesy of Howard would be waiting.

Meanwhile back at the Oz military base every mobile suit the base had some even being brought in from the outside were out waiting for the attack which was supposed to come.

"Is everyone ready." Said the soldier that had taken Lieutenant Zechs to see the Tallgeese.

"Yes Sir." Said all of the other soldiers together.

"But Sir I have to ask you would one of those unidentified really be that stupid to attack such a large base?" Said a curious soldier inside a Leo that had a rifle.

"He is right we have 80 mobile suits who would be dumb enough to go up against this type of force?" Said yet another soldier this one inside an Aires.

Elsewhere as if responding to what they said Zechs wed just finished loading up the Tallgeese and was currently on a shuttle said.

"See for yourself."

Just as he said that the base fell under attack explosions rattled the entire base as an unidentified mobile suit attack.

As the explosions cleared Gundam 03 appeared seeing the machine the OZ soldiers attacked.

The first set of troops to attack was a squadron of 10 Aires which was quickly dispatched by Gatling fire coming from the enemy. After their destruction a team of 20 Leos attacked using their machine guns but the shots bounced harmlessly off the enemy which then countered attacked with a barrage of shoulder missiles which pour through the Leos.

The commander of the mobile teams was surprised that he had already lost 30 mobile suits and they had yet to scratch their enemy.

He then watched as in other group of 15 Leos attacked he tried to warn them but it was too late as they were blown away by missile fire from the legs.

Seeing this he now realized that they had to use all their forces so with this in mind he ordered a battalion of tanks to advance on the enemy he wanted them to surround and destroy the enemy.

Inside his mobile suit Trowa watched as the tanks surrounded him on all sides as he watched he said.

"Normally when fighting a smaller enemy the correct solution is to cut off his retreat path and shower him with bullets in this situation the Oz commanders idea to surround me was in fact technically correct however."

On the outside his mobile suit opened up its chest area to reveal too hidden Gatling guns which tore through the tanks.

"But he should not have made a decision until he fully understood his enemy's potential."

He said as he guided his mobile suit to cut through an Aries that had gotten close with his mobile suits knife.

After he cut through the enemy machine he tried to fire more of his weapon but he found they were all empty.

"That was pretty quick surprise surprise." Said Trowa as he realized he was out of ammunition.

The enemy for seeing this decided to attack or at least a few of them.

As they attacked one of them was shot down by weapons fire coming from another direction.

The OZ solders seeing that turned to the direction where the enemy fire came from and what they saw surprised them 41 mobile suits and were approaching them. And one of them looked almost like the one they were fighting.

In less than 10 minutes almost all the OZ mobile suits were destroyed all except for one this one belong to the commander who is currently firing at the mobile suit that looked like the one that attacked earlier.

"Come get me you monster." He screamed as he fired his machine gun from his Aries.

But the enemy machine didn't even flinch all it did was boost up to it and clamped onto it with some sort of weapon and began to crush it.

"I wanted to find out what this thing could handle." Said the commander inside the Aries as his mobile suit was almost finished being crushed.

"Sorry." Said the pilot of the other mobile suit as he finished crushing the Aries.

Just as that was happening elsewhere Zechs's shuttle was ready for takeoff once it was ready it took off.

Meanwhile back with the invading force currently the 41 new arrivals are facing down the one that had appeared earlier one of the pilots of the 41 addressed their commander.

"Master Quatre." He said as he looked at a possible enemy.

"I don't need any help." Replied Quatre as he prepared for anything/

"We've already confirmed that is used up all of his bullets." Said another pilot.

"That pilot is not relying on any sort of firearm." Said Quatre as he continued to eye the powerful looking mobile suit in front of him but his attention was soon called away as the sensors picked up a departing shuttle from the factory just east of the base.

Seeing the shuttle the part he recognized it as an OZ aircraft.

"Crap there goes an Oz aircraft." He said as he looked but this would prove to be a mistake as the enemy he was watching charge forward using a knife that came from its right arm.

But just before he hit Quatre turned back and managed to catch the arm and hold into position he then proceeded to push it up with his left arm causing light damage to it. But his enemy wasn't done launching a barrage of knees with its left me his mobile suit was racked as his opponent tried to break free. But he still held on but his enemy in a last-ditch attempt to free himself launched his left arm which had lost his its Gatling shield at him but he caught it this then turned into a test of strength or both as each try to overpower the other one.

You could hear the pressure each was trying to exert on each other but inside his Gundam Quatre was discussing something with himself.

"This isn't right." He said as he looked down.

Meanwhile back in the other cock pit Trowa continued to hold a hard gaze as he tried to break free but he would soon not have to worry as Quatre came to decision about this fight.

"It's not." Said Quatre as he turned off his mobile suits power and exited it once he had exited his mobile suit he called out to the other pilot.

"You and I shouldn't be fighting each other."

A few seconds passed but and the other mobile suit powered down and opened up a catch and out came the other pilot holding up his hands in surrender.

"Put your hands down I was the one to come out in surrender remember?" Said Quatre with kindness and his voice.

While that was happening elsewhere Duo and Heero were on a boat heading towards the Orb union the boat was a small yacht.

Currently Duo is sitting in a beach chair on the front of the ship with sunglasses on wearing his trustee pastor clothing he then hears a noise and he turns to see Heero doing something.

"What is that guy up to?" He said however he did not have to wonder for long as. He heard the sounds of bone cracking meaning his newfound acquaintance had just put a broken bone back into place.

"I don't know how much more intake of this he just goes and puts a broken bone back in the plains man that just totally gross me out thinking about." Said Duo as he watched Heero approach the very front of the ship and look out over the water thinking about what it happened thus far.

Meanwhile at Lake Victoria Base we find one lieutenant Noin in her bedroom wearing nothing but her panties and a T-shirt she is currently looking at a picture of her and her surrogate big sister Murrue when they were just little kids she's currently thinking about the information she had given her when she had contacted her a few weeks ago.

"I hope the information I gave her helps her out." She said she then heard her communicator go off turning it on she listened to what her communications officer had to say when he was finished and turn off the line she was overjoyed.

"I can't believe that Zechs is coming here I can't wait."

End of Chapter.

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