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SasuNaru -valentines day- romance/humor

PG/ K+
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V-Day Dance: Chapter 1

"Don't for get everyone! The V-day dance is tomorrow night! Don't be caught alone! And don't be caught not there! It's the most romantic night of the year!"

Yelled the pink haired girl by the name of Sakura, she was handing out fliers during lunch time to every one who past by, along with some other girls from the dance committee. Then some one cough her eye, no not Sasuke- "HEY, Naruto! Hey!" she ran over to the slightly smaller blond

"Huh? oh hey Sakura!"

"So Naruto, you going to the dance?" She handed him a flier, he took it and began to read the pink and red colored paper.

"Don't know...maybe..."

"Awww come on! You HAVE to go! Everyone ells is!" Sakura said very loudly, she was very hyper today.

"O.K. two things, One: not everyone is going, and Two: did you take your medication this morning?"

"Maybe..." Saukura said shyly

"You didn't, did you?" Naruto said giving the over active girl a questioning look.

"No..." she said looking down. He patted the slightly taller girls head, she smiled in return.

"Hey, Naruto why don't you ask- Sa-suke" she smiled even bigger which caused the young kitsune to blush furiously.

"W-what?!" Naruto yelled, then lowered his voice to finish what he was going to say "-why the heck would I ask, do I dare say it -sigh-, Sasuke to the VALENTINES DAY DANCE?" he finished still blushing.

"Be-cuz I known you like him." Sakura's smile grew even more.

"I do NOT like-" he went back to a whisper "-Sasuke Uchiha." and he didn't you known why cuz Naruto Uzumaki doesn't like guys...at least he hoped he didn't

"Su-re you don't." and with that Sakura walked away.

"I DONT! AND YOU BETTER WALK AWAY! YEAH KEEP WALKING! KEEP WALKING!" shouted and angry kit waving his fists in frustration. He mumbled so unknown words under his breath then sighed.

Later that day

Naruto was walking out in the schools court yard when.

"Oi Naruto"

"Huh" the blond turned around to see who was calling him, just to find "Oh Sasuke...it's you."

"Well you don't sound too happy to see me" Sasuke said with a smirk.

"So what if I'm not? huh?" Naruto kept walking, and Sasuke- kept following.

"So dobe-" started the young Uchiha.

"What?" Naruto was obviously irritated.

"You going to the dance?" asked Sasuke.

"Uhm don't know... why?" by this time Naruto had stopped walking was now facing Sasuke.

"Oh- no reason- just wanted to see if you would consider going with me..."


That Night

"-sigh- How the heck did I get my self into this mess?" Naruto asked himself "Why did I agree to this anyways?"

-Flash back-


"heh idiot...uhm are you ok?"

Naruto must have had the most freaked out look ever cuz he looked like he was about to die! (a/n: awww poor Naruto!)

"Did...you...just...ask me out?" the poor kitsune was really confused.

"Technically- yes. Is it really that weird?"

"uh- YEAH!" 'So he is gay!'

Sasuke slowly walked up to the confused and slightly frighten blond. "So- is that a yes or a no?"

"WELL OF CORSE ITS A!-" 'Be-cuz I know you like him' the sound of Sakura's comment echoed in Naruto's head "...uhm...yeah ok...I guess-"

Sasuke smiled, if you can call it that, "I'll see you to night then, Ja."

-End of flash back-

"Oh, yeah...why the hell did I agree to this?!"

Naruto was now getting ready for the dance, 'I cant believe I'm going this...'

He was wearing a light pink vest, with a black silk vest under. Lose black pants, light pink and black boots and a gold bracelet with a pink tourmaline.

He looked din the mirror, blushed, and then sighed. As he looked in his reflection he noticed that he's never seen his hair so neat before and then began to wonder...

"Why the hell do I have a pink out fit like this any ways?...and why am I so dressed up for such a dumb event?" He sighed again.

Just then the door bell rang, 'Must be the teme' (a/n: no it the Easter bunny!)

Naruto walked to the door to find- THE EASTER BUNNY! (a/n: I'm sorry I no that was lame, I'm kind of hyper right now)

-to find the emo Uchiha boy dressed in a dark blue/green shirt with a black jacket, pants, and boots.

'Figured he'd wear black'

"Dobe" said Sasuke

"Teme" Naruto said back

"Well- you look very kawaii" Sasuke said with a smirk.

"Shut up, teme!" he was beginning to blush again.

"Hey, that's a compliment. So take it as one-" he said crossing his arms

"-So are you ready to go? Or are you still putting on you make-up?"

"SHUT UP!" Naruto wasn't very happy at the insults Sasuke kept giving him.

"What ever, if your ready then can we go now?"

Naruto mumbled a few words under his breath before answering him with an "Ok."

a/n: ok 1st the pink tourmaline is a gem, and second I know his out fit sounds really weird and girly but I got the idea from a picture and he was wearing something very similar to this and he looked soooo KAWAII!)

Tainta: ok so this started out as a one-shot but I'll just cut it in half and make it 2 chapters the next part will be at the dance ok so yeah tell me what you think and I'll update soon! oh yeah I hope you guys liked it so far. -smile-

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