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V-Day dance: chapter 2

At the dance

When Sasuke and Naruto got to the dance they heard music playing, lights flashing, and school mates talking and dancing. Naruto shifted uncomfortably and gazed around at his surroundings. Then the DJ put on a slow song and couples began to dance to the music.

Sasuke looked over to his date and held his hand out, "Would you like to dance?"

Naruto went red, and before he could answer they were on the dance floor along with everyone ells. 'This is so awkward…"

Sasuke's hands were gently placed on his sides making Naruto immediately seem like the girl, then realized that he pretty much had no choice and laid his hands on the ravens shoulders and in doing so received a few 'awes' from the girls near them.

"Hey teme…"


"Why did you ask me to the dance in the first place? There were plenty of people you could have asked, so why me?"

"I don't know."

"What do you mean you don't know?"

"I don't know I guess I just felt like it."

Silence fell upon the two boys for a short moment.

"This isn't a trick is it?"

"Of corse not dobe, why would I play a trick on you? An arrogant smirk made its way across his pallid face.

" Cuz you're sick."

"heh, so I'm sick am I?" Sasuke leaned down so that they were now face-to-face.

"eh?…uh S-Sasuke y-you better not try anything funny! Not in front of everyone."

"Why not?" He tightly wrapped his arms around the blonds small waist, bringing him close against his body. "Why should I care what they think?" he leaned in closer and a few people began to stare.

"u-uhm…c-come on Sasuke, stop playing around!" The music ended and Naruto quickly made his way off the dance floor, 'Well that was embarrassing…'

The rest of the night was pretty calm, the two just spent their time talking. Talking about friends, grades, school, TV, and so on. Just some normal conversations between two

-coughgaycough- friends. And for once they were actually acting like civilized people.

"Hey, Naruto,"


"Wanna take a walk?"

A light pink hue had found it's way to Naruto's whiskered cheeks, "…yeah, ok." The two slowly made their way to the school's court yard in stillness.


"So what?"

"So, you never gave me a clear answer before."

"A clear answer for what?" the raven asked trying to acted like he didn't no what his date was talking about.

Naruto gave a small growl, "To why you asked me to the dance!" he was becoming irritated.

"I told you I just felt like it, it thee something wrong with that?" By this time they had already stopped walking and were standing in front of the garden.

Naruto crossed his arms and glared at the other boy.

"Fine, do you really want to know why I asked you to the dance with me?"

"Uh, YES! That's why I asked you in the first place!"

Sasuke one again leaned in to the smaller boy. "Do you really want to know?"


"It's because-" he began whispering into Naruto's ear, "-I love you, my sweet lil' kitsune."

Naruto was shocked, "W-what did you…just say?"

"You heard me, Naru-chan"

"heh, you're joking, right? Sasuke?"

"Why would I be joking?" that smirk of his was back,

"Because…because…oh I don't know!"

"Why so nervous Naru-chan?"

'Gee, maybe because you just said that you loved me!' "I-I'm-" Naruto shook his head furiously in protest. "I'm not nervous!"

He rolled his eyes, "Sure you're not" Sasuke replied sarcastically.

"I'M NOT!" shouted Naruto, becoming very annoyed.

"Then prove it."

"How?" asked a confused Naruto.

"Easy." Sasuke wrapped his arms around the smaller boy and drew his face closer to Naruto's. Naruto opened his mouth to say something but before he had the chance to he felt something soft and warm on his lips. At first he didn't do anything due to the fact that he was in shock, but after a moment came to and retuned the kiss.

"…teme…" was his only response before wrapping his arms around Sasuke's neck, intensify the kiss. After a moment that had seemed like forever they broke their bond.


Naruto opened his mouth once again to say something but nothing came out, he had intended on saying something to the raven but he cam up with nothing. He decided to just remain silent and turn his gaze the ground, until Sasuke raised Naruto's so his eyes could meet his own. He smiled

"See, I told you I wasn't joking my lil' kitsune."

"So, you really do love me? Sasuke?"

"Of corse I do, I always have -well just about- and I always will." A brilliant smile made it's way across the kitsune's face.

"Good! 'cause so do I!"



"heh, dobe…"





"eh?!…hmmm…fine you win…"

"Of corse I do, I always do." Naruto pouted, still in the Uchiha's arms.

"You don't always win, teme!"

"hn, yeah what ever."

Naruto rolled his eyes, leaned into Sasuke's warm chest, sighed, and the smiled. "Happy Valentines day, Sasuke-teme!" chirped the hyperactive blond.

"Yeah, yeah."

"Yeah, yeah?! What do you mean by that!?" yelled a now unhappy Naruto.

"Just shut up dobe- you talk too much." said Sasuke before re-bonding their lips, and Naruto kissed back of corse, smiling happily at the same time.

"SEE! I told you, you liked him!"

"Sakura!?" said both boys, surprised by Sakura's loudness.

"Oh, I'm sorry! Am I interrupting something?" neither boy said anything.

"Well then I guess I'll just go then. I just came to tell you two that they just laid the sweets out, there's so many to chose from! Like cake, cookies, and chocolate (oh, that's a week spot for the Uchiha) But I can tell you guys aren't interested."

Said Sakura with an innocent smile, "Well, bai-bai now!" Sakura waved and began skipping back to the dance. "3-2-1"

"OI! Sakura, wait for us!" shouted Sasuke and Naruto in unison while trying to catch up with their pink-haired friend. "Works every time. I love Valentines day!…I wonder how'll be uke?…oh who am I kidding it's gunna be Naruto of corse! te-he!" -smile-


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