Hm, a one shot drabble thingy. Imagine that.

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Left foot. Sand. Right foot. Sand. Left foot. Sand. Right foot-

Oh look, a stone!

…nope, just another overly large chunk of clumped sand.

Lloyd Irving grimaced at the false hope of a change in the Sylvarant desert. He and Genis were traveling with the World Regeneration group to Triet, after utterly destroying a strange inferno canine-guardian and releasing the first seal.

The odd assembly of two kids, a girl with wings, a teacher, a "dog", and a mercenary, were unceremoniously walking through the barren region. The endless sand and dust swirled around them as they strolled along, creating a small tornado-like blizzard of sand.

Not only was the scenery was boring, but…

"Can't we do anything fun?!" the brunette cried out his frustration like the inpatient adolescent that he was, kicking the accursed dirt that was covering his vivid scarlet boots.

Behind the leader Lloyd, the Sage siblings sighed in unison; the elder rubbing her temple and the younger shaking his head. Colette smiled in her foolish manner as always, rubbing the back of Noishe's ears in an absentminded habit.

Kratos Aurion merely glowered at the back of twin swordsman's head.

The blistering sun wasn't making anything easier either; even though the sun was setting ever-so-slowly. Droplets of sweat beaded down the brunette's brow, as he concentrated on what he should do for the next six hours to entertain himself. His mind often wandered to the sun and its evilness, making everyone's shadows so long and dancing in front of him…


"You're it!" Lloyd literally stomped on a certain purple donned man's shadow.

Kratos stopped momentarily from his striding and quirked an eyebrow in question. What was Lloyd doing?

"You're it!" the twin swordsman declared again as if the mercenary didn't hear him the first time he yelled. The brunette tapped the elder swordsman's silhouette on the desert floor with his foot for emphasis. "Haven't you ever heard of Shadow Tag?"

The mercenary replied with silence.

…and a glare of exasperation.

"Fine, fine…" the red clad youth pouted for a second before turning his attention to a smaller outline on the sand. With a loud cry of triumph, Lloyd ran across Genis's shadow and hollered "You're it!"

Now, since the sun was facing the group's backs, and Lloyd was in the front of the crowd, it was obvious that he had a great advantage at this so-called game. He could touch anyone's shadow, and the others in turn would have to plainly run in front of the brunette to tag his.

Genis Sage was well aware of this apparent drawback.

…and that's why he broke into a mad dash.

With a laugh, the twin swordsman began running as well, making sure to keep only a few strides away from his short friend. "Come on, you almost got me!" He encouraged, but everyone was well aware that the silver haired child could never catch the physically sound teenager.

Colette began running as well along with Noishe, hoping to join the game, and the remaining two adults glanced uneasily at each other before breaking into a sprint themselves.

The teacher and mercenary didn't need to run far, though. They soon caught up with the children: an exhausted Chosen, "dog", and sorcerer, plus an elated young adult.

"You almost had me, Genis!" Lloyd grinned widely, still making sure to keep ahead of everyone else.

The silver haired youth glared angrily in return.

The brunette closed his chocolate eyes and placed his arms behind his head casually. It seemed he was not affected by the heat at all anymore, while the other children panted and wheezed with the lack of fresh air.

The disguised seraph noted that with interest. Obviously, Kratos himself was unaffected by the heat because of his Cruxis Crystal, but Lloyd seemed to forget anything and everything if he had his mind on something else.

"You know," the twin swordsman began, trying to sound logical and self-assured, "if you only-umph!" With a small thud, the red clad youth crashed into something warm. Lloyd blinked and looked up to stare into garnet eyes.

Kratos stood in front of Lloyd, his somewhat muscular arms crossed over his chest; the auburn haired man wanted nothing more than to see his son win and smile, but he couldn't pass such a great opportunity. He looked blank for a moment, before a sly smile tugged at the corners of his mouth.

Wait. Smile? The twin swordsman gawked.

The purple donned adult glimpsed at the ground, and curious, the younger swordsman did the same.

Kratos was standing on top of Lloyd's shadow.

"You're it."