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Now, Lloyd wasn't a particularly paranoid person.

Most stalkers could get within five yards of him and shout 'Here I am!' and go by unnoticed by the brunette. Like Sheena, for instance.

But why was it that Lloyd could sense someone watching him?!

The twin swordsman growled inaudibly, jabbing at the weak fire that was slowly dieing out. He had volunteered to be the night watch, allowing the other members to acquire their much needed rest as they camped out in the Triet desert. Why they decided to stay outside in the cool desert air; when the Triet Base was an hour's walk away, the brunette was still trying to figure out.

Needless to say though, after three hours, Lloyd simply ignored the presence and pressed into a much more concerning issue.

What was he going to do for the next five hours?

Lloyd sighed deeply, watching the last ember of the fire die out, casting the entire campground to be bathed in moonlight instead. "Huh…now what…" He yawned widely; his large chocolate eyes drooping into a dazed state.


If Lloyd was drinking anything, he would've choked"Who's there?!" the brunette hissed in a harsh whisper, drawing his twin swords and standing up abruptly; no longer so drowsy.

'Booooy…' The voice sounded to be a man's, and Lloyd couldn't help but think that he had heard it before…

"Yes, I know I'm one," the red clad young man rolled his eyes at the voice inside his head. Maybe he was going crazy; Lloyd didn't really care for the most part.

At least it was something to do.

'Care to play a game?'

Now, a person with common sense would've thought this question through. It could've been a demon that wanted to gamble for another soul, or maybe a psycho that liked to kill innocent naive teenagers.

Sad to say, Lloyd wasn't under the category of 'people with common sense'.

"What kind of game?" He asked eagerly, forgetting for a moment that he was talking to someone inside his thoughts as the brunette sheathed his two blades.

'A guessing one.'

The red clad man smiled widely. "Sure!" He chirped happily, not even bothering to find where the voice could be coming from; choosing instead to stare blankly in a general direction. "What are the rules?"

'You have to guess of something or someone that I think of. The only clues you receive will be through ten "yes or no" questions that you ask me.'

"Ooh! Sounds fun!" Lloyd bounced lightly in place, excited that he was to learn a new game. "Can I start?"

'If you understand the rules, be my guest.'

"Okay…" the twin swordsman pondered for a moment. "Are you thinking of a thing?"


Lloyd laughed in triumph. "Ha! So it's a person!" He exclaimed. The voice, of course, didn't respond, but the brunette knew that he was right. "Is it someone I know?"


Now, why Lloyd didn't wonder how the voice would discern whether or not he knew the person was beyond anyone's guess, but the red clad young man silently pouted. The question didn't actually narrow the selection at all; he had met so many people in his journey! "Is it a guy?"

'Yes.' The voice chuckled quietly, earning Lloyd's attention.

"What's so funny?" The brunette asked suspiciously, frowning. The twin swordsman was beginning to think that the game might be somehow rigged…

As if it read his thoughts, the male voice chuckled again, and Lloyd could almost imagine the figure shaking his head. 'It doesn't matter. You have seven questions left.'

Lloyd furrowed his brow in concentration. "Um…is he…old?"

The male voice laughed heartily, but it seemed to cut off after a moment. The brunette was about to ask if he was all right, but the voiced sounded in his head; if not a bit strained: '…yes.'

"Huh…" the twin swordsman scratched the back of his head, obviously thinking quite intensely. "Does he have white hair?"


"He has no hair?"


Lloyd blinked. "Is that 'no, he doesn't have hair', or 'no, he has hair'?"

The voice simply laughed. 'I only answer "yes" or "no".'

"Argh…" Lloyd slapped his forehead, growing more agitated with the voice inside his mind. "Okay, does he have hair?"

'Yes. Three questions left.'

"Man…" The brunette racked his brain, thinking of how many old men he knew that had their hair and it wasn't white. Then again, what was considered old, anyways? "Is…it someone that I know really well?" The question would have to narrow it to only two people: Dirk (He had some of his hair…) and Regal (He's considered old, right? Lloyd wasn't too sure).


"Does he fight with his feet?"

A laugh. 'No.'

Yes! Lloyd pumped his fist into the air and cheered wordlessly. He figured who the voice was thinking of! "It's my Dad!" The brunette cried out a bit too loudly, and had to clamp his hands over his mouth for the sake of not waking anyone up. "Is it my dad?" The red clad youth asked in a whisper.

The male voice was silent for a moment, as if not knowing how to respond. Finally, the voice sighed and said, 'You can only guess after all ten questions are used.'

The twin swordsman rolled eyes, "Fine, fine…" He grumbled, just wanting to win the game, "Does he have brown hair?"

'No.' the voice almost sounded like it sniggered the answer, but Lloyd didn't really pay attention; he was a little preoccupied with the fact that…HE WAS WRONG…?!

"It has to be my dad!" the brunette felt his jaw drop, "I mean, I don't know any other old people!" He had forgotten the small detail about everyone sleeping around him, but surprisingly, no one stirred with his outburst.

'Too bad, you lost. Now give me your soul.'


'Heheh, just kidding.'

The twin swordsman shifted uncomfortably. "Er…Hey, who are you anyways?"

But Lloyd only heard the answer of crickets chirping.

A certain blue haired seraph two miles away closed the telepathy link between Lloyd and himself. He turned to his companion beside him and held out his gloved hand expectantly. "Pay up, I won." Yuan grinned smugly.

"Tch." Kratos Aurion placed a small leather pouch filled to the top with gald in the half elf's hand. "Swindler," The auburn haired man glared irritably, "You knew Lloyd would have never guessed the answer was myself."

Yuan laughed and shook his head; sending his lengthy ponytail to sway along. "Who said it was you?" He asked innocently while counting the money that he had 'earned'.

Kratos only growled in response. "Let this be the last time I allow you to convince me of a game."

The cobalt smirked. "Sore loser."