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Harry was sitting on his bed, pondering the seemingly absurd turns his life had taken. He'd almost gotten accustomed to the fact that he was a wizard, and a famous one, at that. He'd resigned himself to the fact that there were murderous people out to get him. He'd even grown used to the strange visitors that popped into his bedroom. But this business with Bellatrix Lestrange working pranks at long distance - now even sending him a gift - it was quite simply bizarre. The woman wanted to kill him, for goodness sake! Why on Earth would she be putting spells on his house that, for a powerful Dark witch such as Bellatrix, were little more than child's play in comparison to the destructive curses she could be laying?

Of course, what really took the cake was the strange creature that was currently sitting on his lap, emitting a buzzing purr as it rolled onto its back for a belly-rub.

Harry didn't know what it was, but it had seemed friendly enough, for something that had almost gotten squashed by a falling teenager; Harry's first sight of it had been when he had tried to soften his landing after being caught by a Tripping Jinx placed on his bedroom door. Now, with the strange creature relaxing on his lap, he gave it a more thorough evaluation.

What struck Harry first, aside from the cream-colored fur, were the six legs. They all had what appeared to be opposable thumbs, and Harry had seen that each paw had several retractable claws. The tail had a few bands of darker fur, and was almost as long as the creature's two-foot body. The - it wasn't a cat, but Harry had no better name for it - had eyes that, when open, were a solid glossy black. It also had a formidable array of teeth in its jaws. In fact, the creature appeared to be yawning and stretching under Harry's hands -

And stretching, and stretching, and -

And its appearance was shifting, right before Harry's eyes. Where there had been six limbs, now there were four, and they were lengthening, along with the body. The head was growing in size, with the ears shifting down to the sides of the head, and the tail and all that fur were disappearing, right into the creature''s pale skin -

Lots of skin. In fact, aside from the black hair that had appeared on the creature's head, there wasn't much else, except for what was, quite recognizably, a male body, nude as the day he was born. Quite a slim and trim body, all things considered.

Oh, no, did I just think that? I've got a naked Animagus on my lap, and I think about that?!

Panicking now, more at his own thoughts than the sudden transformation before him, Harry quickly stood up, practically throwing what had become a young man from his lap. The man's eyes opened, black as before his form had shifted, and he somehow managed to land on his four arms and legs, as opposed to simply falling on his face. He promptly stood up - and then seemed to realize his state of undress. The expression on his face soon matched Harry's own embarrassed look as he turned around, searching for clothes.


Blast it, this is just embarrassing! I relax for one minute, and BAM! I'm back to normal, making a fool of myself.

Hiei was standing, still without clothes, in a corner of the room in which he'd appeared. He was quite busy being silently furious at both himself and the strange person who had sent him here.

I still don't know who that was, but I'll find out. And when I do . . .

Well, suffice it to say that Bellatrix Lestrange wasn't the only person around with a rather inventive mind. In the meantime, Hiei would simply practice his ugliest looks against the poor, inoffensive wall that had, somehow, earned his ire. Had the wall been able to see, it would not have enjoyed being subjected to Hiei's glare; as it was, only the fact that Hiei was - apparently - some sort of guest prevented him from smashing holes in it.

The boy who'd almost fallen on him earlier had fled the room, stammering unintelligibly. Hiei supposed that he was going to get some clothes; he'd certainly been blushing hard enough at Hiei's exposure!

Of course, getting to that state of exposure had been less than comfortable; when Hiei's body had been shifting, he'd felt something deadening his nerves, keeping him from being wracked with pain as his body reassembled itself in its new - well, old - shape. He'd also felt something fighting the change itself, something that reacted to his demon powers, and it hadn't completely gone away; he could feel it there, clinging like a second skin. It was disconcerting, to say the least, and Hiei was worried that whatever it was could have interfered with his abilities.

Or, he thought suddenly, maybe it's like Kurama's ability to change his form; ever since he drank that potion during the Dark Tournament, he's been able to shift between his human and demon forms at will. Now, how to test it?

His thoughts casting about, Hiei sat down in his corner, curling his arms around his chest. Now, let's see, I managed to get out of that shape - how? Unconsciously, his arms tightened, and he brought up his knees in a rather uncharacteristic defensive posture. I don't know what actually triggered the change; how does Kurama do it, anyways? Hiei continued to hunker down, and was startled from his reverie when he heard the door open again, the boy from before stepping through. He turned around, only to discover -

Dammit, I'm furry again!


Harry had left his room in a panic - though not before managing to snatch his wand up from his desk - and had gone to the kitchen to fix himself a glass of water. After taking a few minutes to relax, his mind began working again. Admittedly, this wasn't necessarily an improvement.

I've got a naked Animagus in my room! He's strange and attractive and . . . and naked! What the HELL is going on here?!

Out of desperation, Harry latched onto something he could arrange to change the situation - clothes.

Okay, I've got to get him to wear something; house elves are one thing, but this is just outrageous! What is it with people popping into my room wearing nothing but fur or pillowcases, anyways?

While still somewhat distracted - He's naked up there! - Harry regained enough mental balance to fetch some of his less ragged clothes from a laundry hamper; he then proceeded to take them back up the steps to his bedroom door, and steeled himself as he prepared to open it up. Fortunately for Harry, his guest had undergone a change in wardrobe, so to speak - he had changed back to his smaller, furrier form.

The catlike head turned towards Harry, glaring at him until his gaze caught the clothes in the teen's arms. The transformed person immediately leapt for Harry and his burden; Harry just as immediately fell down under the sudden weight that had thrown itself at him.

He's as good as a Tripping Jinx, Harry thought darkly. How are you going to get dressed if you're sitting on the clothes - and on me?

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