Hi again! This is my first attempt at a drabble, so don't blame me if it sucks XP And just to tell you, the body text is 100 words long. And...um... basically, this takes place after TP, though it doesn't neccessarily have to, and Link's dead somehow, and Zelda's trying to find him... I think...O.o

well, anyways, here's the story and enjoy!

Moonless Night

I am lost. Without the moon, I cannot find my way in this forest. Without you, I am lost in life. There is nothing to light my path. My life is light a moonless night.

"Link!" I shout. I need you, my moon, to light my path, in this forest and in life.

"Zelda…" I turn around…and see you. The clouds part, revealing the moon, illuminating the woods.

"Link…" I say, but you've disappeared. The clouds close up; my world is dark again.

But at least I know you are out there.

My life is no longer a moonless night.

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