Akuno Hikari: 'Ello! This is the first story I have posted on not the first story that I've written. I have a Gaara fic, YYHHP crossover, and a Hao fic in the makings, as well as a few Akatsuki. Right now, I kinda felt inspired, I've been listening to the song Cartoon Heroes by Aqua for the past ten minutes.

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto, Cartoon Heroes by Aqua, or Akatsuki. If I did, Sasori wouldn't be dead. Sigh. I miss him… Rest in Peace.


Cartoon Heroes
Chapter One: Not Really
Story by: Akuno Hikari

She remembered how every weekend she and her little brother would just sit in front of the television screen. She remembered how they 'oohed' and 'ahhed' at the flashing colors. Those were cartoons, she knew that. It was a great thing where anything can happen. People grew wings and flew, the damsels in distress were always saved, and good always defeated evil. These were things that she adored about cartoons. The heroes never died.

We are what we're supposed to be,
Illusions of your fantasy.

Everything in these animations were too good to be true, they never happened in real life. She remembered how she would wish every so often that she could live a life like that. One day, that wish came true.

"Go Pikachu, go! To the left! No! You're other left! Yeah! Now, thunderbolt!" A young child yelled, arms flailing in every direction. His earth-colored hair was everywhere, and he was in pajamas with "Pokemon" scattered across the light blue fabric.

She chuckled. "Kenji-chan. Calm down. It's just a show!" She shook her head in mock disapproval, making her shoulder blade length chocolate hair swayed as her head moved back and forth.

Kenji tore his eyes away from the bright colored screen. "Don't call me "chan"! I'm a guy! And anyways, Pokemon is not just a show, it's a way of life! You traitor! Just 'cause you turned thirteen today doesn't mean that you can act all grown up now! Akira, you traitor!"

"Don't worry, kid. I'm not old enough yet to go to the dark side. I still like cartoons like Pokemon." Akira replied. "But. I am old enough to know to get into some daytime clothes before two in the afternoon." Unlike her pajama clad brother, Akira was wearing a white sundress.

"It's not a cartoon! It's called anime! The stuff from Japan is anime! Did you forget that when we moved over to America!?" Kenji exclaimed. The credits began to roll across the screen and Kenji turned off the TV.

Akira gave him a noogie. "You're not one to talk, we moved here when you were one! You don't remember practically anything about Japan! Plus, you're too dang lazy to learn your native language! And now, at age nine, the most you know is 'arigato' and 'sayonara'!"

"Shut up! I know more than that, nori!"

Akira glared at her younger brother. "Tsk, tsk. A kid like you shouldn't say that."

Kenji smirked. "So it was a bad word. I knew it! You are jealous of meh mad skillz of language knowingness!"

"Not really. You just called me seaweed."