Hikari: Have you guys listened to the song Cartoon Heroes? It's the inspiration of this story. I found this when I was on Youtube. Look up Akatsuki Cartoon Heroes. After listening to it, I got all depressed. The whole point of this fic was to be an angsty one shot, but somehow turned into a lengthy series.

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Akira: Language!

Akira sighed as she sat herself down underneath the great oak tree at the top of the hill that over looked her neighborhood. Although she called it a hill, it wasn't one of those little itty bitty things that only had the elevation of like 12 feet. Every person on the streets looked like ants from her lookout.

Akira took her index finger and thumb and held it in front of her face. She lined them up so that it looked like she had one of the people on the streets between them. She squashed him. She gave a little giggle.

Akira pulled the bag that she had set down closer to her. The one that looked like you could stuff a second grader in. Yeah. That one. She unzipped the top, and began to dig through the random crap she had in there. Soon, there was big pile of stuff next to her. Cookbooks, pie tins, origami, clay, CDs, gum and other random knickknacks were strewn all around her.

The girl had dubbed the backpack, her 'Bottomless Pit of Creativity.' Ever since third grade, Akira took as many art classes as she could. Painting, sketching, sculpting, music, cooking, and some other stuff. She would go to them everyday after school, and Akira, being the lazy bum that she is, stuffed everything needed for the classes into one big ass bag so that she didn't need to look every where for the stuff she needed for her next class.

She stopped her little expedition in the Bottomless when she pulled out a case. She opened it, what else would she do with it? Use it to knock some guy in the head and kill him? Inside was a mahogany colored violin. Akira slipped it and the bow out, along with some sheet music. She put the violin in its place under her chin. And slowly, she brought the bow to the strings. In a slow pulling motion, the musician created a low thrumming sound. It was soon followed by another, then another, then another.

Soon, a symphony of notes floated around in the air. If a couple just walked by, they would probably have thought that it was just a figment of their imagination. Too many corny romance movies with corny love songs in the background kinda does that to you.

Akira put down her bow once the last few notes were struck. She began to put everything back into the Bottomless Pit of Creativity. Soon, everything was no longer littering the base of the oak, but shut safely away in her bag. The only thing that wasn't in her bag was safely in her hand, her iPod. She put the earbuds in her ears and just sat watching the sun set.

Akira came to the hill every once in a while to vent out. Whenever she came here, most of her stress just disappeared. She and her younger brother, Kenji, practically lived alone. Her father was always gone doing lawyering stuff, and her mother had been in the hospital for two years now. She had to balance school, taking care of her brother, and household chores, a hard feet for someone who was an eleven year old at the time. She didn't stop taking her art classes though, they were one of the only things that kept her going.

We are the Cartoon Heroes - oh-oh-oh,
We are the ones who're gonna last forever,
We came out of a crazy mind - oh-oh-oh,
And walked out on a piece of paper,

The teen watched as the sun finally disappeared behind the mountains with drowsy eyes. It would be awesome if I could live a life like a superhero. I'd be all like hiyah…yeah…

She closed her eyes.

All could she see was black.

Where am I?

"Is she alright?!"

"She fell out of the sky! Just like that!"

What's going on?

"Good catch Shisui!"

"Yeah! If you didn't catch her, she'd probably be dead."

What!? Akira's eyes shot open.

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