Summary: Athrun Zala, heir to a multi-billion industry, changes his women as often as he changes his clothes. Cagalli Yula Athha, heiress to a million debt, must escape the mobsters who want her dead. In a glamorous world full of passion and deception, two different lives are about to be bound by a single debt and a dangerous lie they must learn how to play… (ACS, KL)

Billionaire's Debt

Chapter 1: My New Friend?

"They will kill us."

"They won't. If we give them what they want."

"A million?! Do you really think we can acquire a million in a day?!"

"Not in a day, mom. But we can have a million."

"But, Cagalli, they will kill us if we don't give it tomorrow! You know them they do what they say. Look what they just did now."

Cagalli Yula Athha knew her mom was right. The mobsters have warned them: have their one-million debt paid in a week or have everything in their house taken. It was not a choice. For it hadn't been an hour when Cagalli, her mother Via, and 6-year-old brother Nicholas found themselves tied in each of the bedposts and helplessly screaming while all their house wares were being ransacked out from their house.

But there was no more time to mourn for that, not now that the mobsters have made their threat clear: Pay or die.

Since they cannot afford either; Cagalli, Via, and Nicholas must find another way to save their lives.

"I have a plan," Cagalli felt the floor she sat on grew colder. "We're going to hide. Mom, Nicky, you must go to grandfather while I go to PLANTs and find work."

"You'll go to PLANTs alone?! No, Cagalli, I won't allow you. What if those goons go after you in PLANTs? Who can help you there? Besides you don't have enough money to travel. So stop thinking of that, do you understand? You're going with us and hide."

"Mom, we can't live hiding forever. We have to pay those debts no matter what. And I can't find a high-paying job here in earth without those goons chasing me. Don't worry about me. I've already talked to a pilot friend who will take me to Plants. He agreed to sneak me in with the private shuttle he's driving tonight. And remember my best friend, Miriallia, she agreed to share with me the flat she's staying now in PLANT. Mom, we have no choice. This is the last resort we've got. I have to leave tonight but before that I want to make sure that you and Nicky are safe."

"If that's the case... I'm going with you! I can protect you." It was Nick's turn to speak after being confused by the sudden turn out of events.

"Oh Nicky, mom needs you here. You have to make sure mom and you are safe. Can you promise me that?"

Crying, Nick went to his sister and hugged her tightly. "I'll miss you- terribly- but- don't worry I- can- take care- of mom. You see? I'm a big boy- now!"

Cagalli caressed her brother's raven hair as she smiled to her mom assuring her that everything will be alright.

"We're going to see each other again. I promise."


After insisting to accompany her mom and Nicky at the terminal to make sure that they got into the train safe, and after getting caught up by the late night traffic and finding herself running for as far as a kilometer just to reach the port; Cagalli must have forgotten her exhaustion the moment she stepped inside the private shuttle her friend, Ahmed, was piloting.

"This must be paradise stuffed inside a shuttle." She declared admiring the shuttle's luxuriance.

It had not been an hour since the shuttle launched into the space. Cagalli had finally agreed that this was no ordinary shuttle like those she saw on movies. There was gravitation and she wondered how it existed in a shuttle in space. 'It must be the new technology,' she thought.

Cagalli aimlessly roamed around not failing to praise everything she passed. There was the swimming pool, the gymnasium, cinema, bowling alley, golf room, billiards, kitchen and more! It was a shuttle turned into a mansion.

But if there was one thing Cagalli have not seen, it must be the occupants.

"This is strange… Why is there no one here? Where are the owners? What are they thinking traveling without anyone to assist them in this gigantic thing?"

Cagalli continued walking until she saw an opened door at the far end of the corridor.

"Hello? Anyone there?" She knocked but no one answered so she peaked inside and was caught off her track with the wicked view that unfolded to her. It was a room, a room for kings. But Cagalli no longer had the strength to admire everything one by one. She was too tired and she had no idea what time it was so when she saw the huge bed at the balcony, she quickly ran through the enormous staircase and flopped herself down. In a snap, she was asleep.



That was the first sound Cagalli heard when she woke up. And it was none other than her own voice.

"Who are you?! What are you doing here?!" She demanded as soon as she opened her eyes and saw this man sitting on a couch beside the bed.

Instead of an answer to her question, what Cagalli heard was a seductive chuckle coming from him.

And that gave her a hint. She peeked underneath the bed sheet covering her and when she didn't see the thing she was expecting to see; Cagalli, "AAAAAAHHHH!" screamed for the second time.

"What have you done to me?!" She demanded after seeing herself clad in a nightgown she didn't remember bringing and this man in front of her wearing only a loose robe and boxer shorts.

Although Cagalli must admit to herself that he looked irresistibly gorgeous and sexy.

"What else do you expect?" He flashed her a knowing-smile as he meticulously placed down the cup and saucer he was holding. He stood up, showing his full height. He started walking towards Cagalli. While Cagalli, on the other hand, was backing to the other side of the bed.

"STOP! DON'T YOU DARE GO NEAR ME OR I WILL-"Cagalli gulped when the man continued advancing towards her. She can now feel her face starting to heat up as soon as she was reluctantly given a real good view of his muscular chest. Not only that, Cagalli could now see his perfectly carved emerald orbs and the navy locks sensually falling on his face. Cagalli was already near to the point of drooling if only she did not-


Fell. down. the. bed.

"Well, that's enough. Next time you sleep on somebody else's bed make it sure he wouldn't catch you. By the way your clothes are in the laundry room. And don't worry it was the maid who dressed you."


Cagalli's trip to PLANT must have been perfect- 3 reasons: first, she rode a first class shuttle for free, second: she met a handsome man only that they weren't introduced properly and lastly the mobsters were not able to follow her. But wait something's wrong…


Cagalli turned her head and gaped as she saw three familiar men standing not shorter than 6 feet tall with tightly packed muscles. They were all running like moving buildings ready to crash her.

'Shit! How were they able to find me here?'

"What do you think of us? Idiots?! We know you'll think of hiding that's why we've placed a tracking device on you!"

"That's great! You guys can really read my mind." But Cagalli had no more time to praise the mobsters' hidden gift further for she must think of a way to escape! And the only sensible thing her mind could offer right now was to-


She did. But when she was about to cross the streets she heard a loud-


The last thing Cagalli saw was a black limousine looming in front of her. Afterwards everything turned black.


Moments later, Cagalli found herself lying on a bed in a place unfamiliar to her. She remembered nearly getting bumped by a car but she had no idea what happened after that.

But now with the three mobs towering over her, one thing's for sure she'll soon be dead.

"Lassie congratulations! Yo finally awake!" And they were actually happy.

"What are you waiting for? Kill me now." Cagalli ordered.

"KILL YOU?! You must've mistaken we're not here to kill you! We're here to say farewell."

"Cut the crap."

"No kidding. Here look." And Cagalli nearly choke as she saw a one million check at the hands of the mobster. She could see a shimmering golden 'Z' at the left corner and beneath a caption that read: 'Zaft Enterprises'

"Who gave you that!?"

"Your new friend."

"What do you mean new friend?! Tell me what happened! How did you acquire that check?!"

"Oh why not just ask your new friend. What's important now is that your family is paid with your debt to us. Alright? So we're parting ways. We have to be back on Earth. Enjoy your stay here in PLANTs."

And the mobsters were gone, leaving a confused Cagalli behind. 'At least that nightmare is over.'

But she was wrong for the real nightmare was just about to begin…

-To be continued-

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