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This is a pokemon only fic. No human appearances. All of the pokemon in this fic are OC characters too. This was inspired by William Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet and Hamlet.


Chapter One: Getting Ready

"Oh Princess! You look absolutely stunning!" cried a cheery Espeon as she clapped her small paws in delight.

The other Espeon in the dimly lit cave, only weak rays of the moon's pale light shined into the cavern, gave her a hearty look. "Thank you Avi," then she glowered at her a bit. "And I've told you before, please just call me Jua."

Avi got a panicked look and hurriedly nodded her head frantically. "Yes, yes. Dreadfully sorry prin- I mean, Jua." Then, her ever-growing smile reappeared between her cheeks. "Oh, I can't WAIT for the Evolution Ball! Of course, I bet you cannot either! Every single eye is going to be on you Jua! Just wait until Ovän gets a load of you!" Avi exclaimed as she referred to the Espeon that fancied Jua with a burning passion. Jua despised him however, even though her father took a liking to the snobby Espeon.

Jua was the princess of her father's pack of Espeon. She wanted nothing more than the best for the pack that she would someday lead. She was nervous about the day when she would reign, even though it was a long way away. But to her it seemed to come nearer and nearer with each passing day. Although she seemed anxious about it, it never bothered her slightly wild and spunky attitude. She always got into trouble with her friends, acting as if she wasn't even a royal descendent. Few Espeon looked down on this while most others just let her be as spontaneous as she can get without thinking any less of her.

At the moment, she was getting ready for the Evolution Ball, a party event where all of the species of eons would get to socialize and such, with her advisor, Avi. Jua just got finished perching her ruby red rose through the fur on the right side of her head.

"Also," Avi started cautiously, "be sure to stay away from any Umbreons. You know how those damned fools are."

Jua absentmindedly nodded her head. The Espeons and Umbreons had been enemies pretty much since the dawn of time. In fact, everyone probably forgot where the spar between the two packs started, but no one cared. All they knew is that they were sworn enemies.

Jua soon heard the soft padding of someone entering her cavern. She looked up to see her parents entering the room. She grinned as the two leaders came in. As she started to greet them, Avi beat her to it with her own hello.

"Good evening King and Queen!" she addressed the alphas excitedly yet properly at the same time. Avi was good at doing that. "Jua is just freshening up for her big night!" She slightly squealed as she finished her sentence.

"Thank you for helping her Avi. May we have a moment?" Jua's father, Ducis, asked politely. Avi bowed and nodded happily as she scuttled out of the cave. The king and queen watched the overactive advisor scurry out, then faced the future alpha female.

"Jua, I do hope you realize that you are around the age where you are ready to choose a mate," Ducis told his daughter. Jua's ears started to lower.

"Yes, this ball may be a great opportunity to find a possible candidate," the female alpha, Era, said.

"Exactly." Ducis picked up Era's sentence. "Choose carefully though. I want only the best to reign by your side." He smiled proudly as he finished and slightly ruffled the purple fur on Jua's head, causing her to grin. When he finished, he started again. "You know, I think you should get to know that Ovän fellow. He is a very good Espeon."

Jua made an imaginary face of disgust. Ovän was a heartless snob, not to mention he was much older than her; not much younger than her own parents. He felt great lust for Jua, and always managed to put on a good show for her parents. He made them believe that he was caring, honest, and the perfect spouse, when he really was the exact opposite.

"Alright." Era smiled broadly. "Time for you to go! Your escort is waiting for you." When she said that, the Ducis mimicked his mate's wide grin.

Jua groaned. "What? I thought you were going to escort me!"

"Something came up and we had no choice now hurry up your escort is waiting!" the alpha male said very quickly as he hurried her out the cave entrance.

Before solemnly going to meet her escort, Jua looked over the cliff of which her cave was standing upon. She saw the beautiful lands of her pack, full of healthy, dark green grass and surrounded by a forest that was plentiful of small pokemon to be hunted for food. There wasn't much members of the pack out; they were probably getting ready. All of it was to be hers one day. She slightly quivered at the thought.

Jua continued down the cliff's dirt path that lead to the luscious field. She was prepared to face her escort with an emotionless face. She hated her escorts, for her parents usually chose snobby Espeons such as Ovän. However, when her deep, purple eyes saw a certain male, her solemn face suddenly lit up in a heartbeat.

"Harcos!" She raced toward the Espeon and nuzzled him as he nuzzled her back. Harcos was Jua's older brother, the one originally supposed to lead after their father passed. His coat was a scarce and unusual green color instead of the tradition purple pelt Espeons always had. He had decided long ago that he would pass the opportunity up, for he said that was no life for him. Years ago, he went off to explore the world and become an extremely high leveled pokemon.

"I haven't seen you in forever!" she exclaimed as they ceased. "How's the training?"

Harcos smirked. "Very well. I'm at level 43. Pretty impressive, eh?"

"Nice," she said returning the smirk. Then she remembered about her escort and her expression lowered. "Sorry Harcos, but I have to find my stupid escort." She snorted at the end of her sentence.

Harcos' face had a look of fake hurt as he put his paws to his chest. "Why, I'm not stupid!" Jua's face immediately got bright again.

Two Umbreons were conversing as they walked through the peaceful wood toward the field holding the Evolution Ball. One had a toothy grin smeared all over his face, while the second had a slightly worried look painted carefully on his. The cheerful one's rings were just like any other Umbreons: a shining gold color. However, the second's was different. His were a brilliant blue color, and that was extremely rare for an Umbreon to have. The Umbreon's eyes also glowed with a golden yellow brilliance instead of the usual crimson red.

"Oi! Why do you look so scared, bud?" the smiling Umbreon asked.

The second one sighed. "It's my parents, Amicus. They've been really stuck up lately and want me to find a mate as soon as possible. I don't understand how they could be so impatient with love."

Amicus shrugged. "You know 'ow alphas are, Lunato. They want their little prince to find a mate super soon just in case they croak early!" He laughed heartily as Lunato merely chuckled.

"I know, but the news gets worse. They say if I don't find one soon, they're gonna marry me off to Gaki," Lunato said with his eyes narrowing as each word rolled off his tongue and Amicus letting out a sharp gasp.

Gaki was born in the same month as Lunato and Amicus, but the two males hated her with a fiery passion. She was a very unintelligent Umbreon who was crazy about Lunato. She was always bothering him and Amicus even since they were Eevees with her snobby and annoying behavior. She was only interested in Lunato because of his unique coloring and his top rank in the pack.

"Oh no, not Gaki. She wouldn't be able to count to ten to save 'er life. 'ow could your mum and dad even think about that?" Amicus grimaced at the thought of the two as mates.

Lunato shook his head. "I don't know Amicus. Hopefully I'll find an Umbreon that I actually like at the E. Ball. I must, or my life as alpha will be a living hell."

"I bet it will!" Amicus exclaimed. "I'm 'opin' that I'll find a special someone there too."

Lunato chuckled. "Of course, at least you don't have a deadline."

"Do you 'ave your eye on any Umbreon in the pack?" Amicus asked curiously.

"Not really," Lunato replied, "You?

"Me neither," Amicus answered back. After that, the two friends conversed about more matters as they made their way to the Evolution Ball that would change their lives forever.

Well, there's the first chappie for ya. Using my trusty online dictionary, I created unique names for my characters with meanings in other languages. Such as:

Jua: Swahili for Sun
Lunato: Italian for Moon
Ducis: Latin for Leader
Era: Latin for Lady Harcos: Hungarian for Warrior
Amicus: Latin for Friend
Gaki: Japanese for Brat
Ovän: Swedish for Enemy

Avi: Swedish for Advice

Hope y'all like it so far :)

Peace out,