Epilogue: The Aftermath

About four weeks or so had gone by since the mess caused by Ovän and the snakes had been created and resolved. Jua and Lunato were currently looking over the lands of the Umbreon peacefully, content and happy. They were the alphas of both the Espeon and Umbreon pack now. Causeur and Senhora had decided to step down, trusting fully in their son and his mate to lead the packs right. Lunato knew that they meant it, but also thought that they were trying to prove to him that they could be the believing parents they thought he deserved. That by doing this, he would forgive their past unfair deeds, even though he made it clear to them that he already did, though they continued to act as they did. But Lunato had to inherit his stubbornness from someone.

The happy Umbreon below were either doing various activities alone, with other Umbreon, and some even with Espeon. Since then, the Espeon and Umbreon had become very close to one another, much to Jua and Lunato's extreme delight. The neighboring Eons were very surprised that the packs who had hated each other with such high malice could even stand to make a truce, much less almost merge into one pack if it weren't for their small distance apart. There were too many Espeon and Umbreon to coop up in just one of their lands. So they continued to live on separate lands, though the different species visited each other often. Jua and Lunato had even dubbed them the Espeon-Umbreon pack sometimes.

Jua nuzzled into Lunato's side as they watched over the latter's land of birth. "I'm so happy this is working out. Everything is going along perfectly."

Lunato nodded in pure agreement, resting his chin on the top of her head. "Yeah."

"I'm going to go and get us some breakfast," Jua told her mate as she eyed the glorious morning sun as it bathed its light over the world warmly. "Won't be gone long."

"Good." She smirked at Lunato's comment and descended the cliff. Lunato sat there in peaceful silence for a few minutes before he was interrupted by a friendly, accented voice.

"'ey! Lunato!" Lunato saw his good friend running up the cliff and towards him.

"Good mornin', Jua," he greeted Lunato's mate as he passed her in a friendly way, smiling brightly and skidding to a stop instantly.

"Same to you, Amicus," she replied just as cheerily, grinning as well. They became good friends in the past few weeks that had passed since the aliment of the Espeons and Umbreons.

When Jua disappeared down the cliff, Amicus broke into a clumsy sprint again. "Lunato!" he called out again as if the oddly colored Umbreon were miles away from him.

"Hi, Amicus," Lunato greeted happily as he friend slowed to a stop when he came near enough. "What brings you here?"

"Well," Amicus started timidly, his breathing coming out in pants, "I came up 'ere to tell ya that I'm gonna be gone for a few months."

Lunato tilted his head in confusion. "Why?"

"Why? I wanna get stronger!" he shouted excitedly. "I got my sorry butt whooped last month during the battle and I don't want that to 'appen again ever! Don't worry, bud. I'm only going for a few months. I'm gonna come back stronger, and ready to defend the packs at all cost!" he announced proudly, standing tall and straight.

"Oh. When are you leaving?"

"Oi, I'm actually leavin' right now bud," Amicus answered a bit nervously.

Lunato closed his eyes and sighed through his nostrils wistfully. He had to take this like the alpha he was. "Well, I bid you good luck on your adventures, Amicus. I can't wait to battle you and win when you get back!" He smirked confidently as he finished his sentence.

The soon-to-be departing Umbreon merely laughed. "We'll see 'bout that, 'otshot!" And without saying another word, he sprinted down the cliff and toward the bordering forest. Lunato watched Amicus disappear in a flash into the forest and beyond, both still chuckling.

A few minutes after Amicus' departure, Jua returned with a Rattata dangling limply in her mouth. "Breakfast is served," she announced in a muffled voice. The two headed over to the Espeon lands and went inside their cave, which once belonged to the late Ducis and Era. They laid down inside and began eating their meal peacefully.

About thirty seconds later though, Komori flew inside in a dark blue and purple blur and directed his attention to the alpha male. "Lunato! Are you aware of Amicus leaving the territory?" he asked hurriedly. He always made sure that Jua and Lunato knew about absolutely everything going on.

Lunato nodded a bit sadly, chewing a piece of flesh in his mouth. "Yeah, he told me he was going on a journey," he answered for the bat pokemon, mouth full of meat.

Komori smiled and nodded back, though Lunato could tell that he was just a tad disappointed that he didn't get to tell him the news himself. "I just wanted to let you know if he didn't say good bye. Enjoy your meal." The two mates smiled and nodded as Komori gracefully flew out of the cave. He had been a lot more mature and brave since he had evolved a month ago. He was very helpful to have around to predict possible weather conditions and news about whatever land they currently weren't staying at. He was a very useful and fun addition to the packs. Both the Espeons and Umbreons and Eevees adored him.

"Amicus left?" Jua asked her mate curiously, shortly after Komori had disappeared outside.

"Yeah, he said he wanted to be strong for his pack since he got his butt kicked at the war." They both saddened a little as he mentioned the horrific battle, but conversed constantly without mentioning it again during their meal.

Soon after though, their breakfast was yet again interrupted as Avi dashed in frantically. "Jua! Lunato!" An excited grin was smothered all over her face, spreading from ear to ear. Her breathing came quickly as a result from the rush up to the alphas' cave. Something good must've happened for Avi to be smiling that wide and run that fast.

"What is it Avi?" Jua asked politely, though curiosity laced her voice evidently.

"It's Maternel! She's just given birth!" Avi exclaimed happily the news of a local Espeon who had been pregnant. Jua and Lunato were constantly worrying about her since the terrible treatment of Ovän may have affected the unborn child. This delighted them to the fullest extent, for they feared that she might've lost the baby.

Lunato nearly choked on the meat he was currently chewing on. "Really?"

"Yes!" Avi screeched, covering her mouth with her paws to contain her bubbly giggles.

Every time a new arrival came, it was traditional for both the Espeon and Umbreon packs (as well as the neighboring Eons) that the alphas were to give the newborn their blessing. Of course, this would be the first time Jua and Lunato would be doing it. Very nervous on how their first blessing would go, Jua and Lunato got up and descended the cliff and down toward the nurse cave, Avi already miles ahead of them. When inside, they walked down the slightly long and wide tunnel until they got to a certain cave. Inside that particular cave, the Espeon nurse, Hoita, and the Umbreon nurse, Mlezi, were tending to Maternel and her newborn, whimpering Eevee. The baby already looked quite healthy from the short distance. The alphas were grateful for that.

The mother Espeon looked up at the alphas, dried sweat caked her face from the birthing process. Jua and Lunato approached them. The former sighed a bit sadly as she eyed the room. "I am sorry about Ander," she whispered respectively. He was Maternel's mate who was killed during Ovän's reign of tyranny. "He was a good Espeon," she added, smiling thinly. She had met Ander before a while back and thought nicely of him. It was horrible that he was killed when he was the father of three, his mate expecting. He would never get to be the father of his fourth born child.

Maternel sighed sadly as well and nodded her head slowly. "He would be proud of us all," she stated softly. "He's probably smiling at us as we speak," she added, trying to lighten up the conversation as she smiled weakly, sniffling as she did so.

Jua nodded silently in agreement. "What's the baby's name?" she finally asked quietly.

"Her name is Kind," Maternel responded just as softly as Kind continued to whimper. "We both agreed on that name a while back," she added before the blessing began.

For the next twenty minutes, the cave of Maternel's observing family members were absolutely silent as Jua and Lunato blessed the baby Eevee with majestic grace and tranquility. The friends, family members and nurses were watching in awe as they preformed one of the most amazing blessings they had ever witnessed in their lives. When they finished, Kind was sleeping peacefully, her snoring soft and head hidden from view as it was now buried into her mother's lilac fur.

Maternel bowed her head in respect and stated quietly, "Thank you, alphas."

The two were back inside their cave, finishing the rest of their breakfast after they had been thanked and complimented on their blessing by Maternel and her friends and family. They now ate contentedly side by side, smiles on their faces after their successful performance of the blessing. They were so proud of each other.

"Did you hear?" Jua conversed betwen bites. "Atama's pregnant!"

Lunato's eyes widened in surprise, bt not that much. Kangen and Atama had become mates about a day after the chaos that Ovän had created ended, and were very much in love like themselves. They had actually been betting on what week Atama would get pregnant, just for the fun of it.


"Yup," Jua chirped happily. She then gave him a sly smirk. "I win," she stated simply yet proudly, sticking her nose up in the air.

Lunato tilted his head in confusion. "Win what?" he asked, totally oblivious at the moment.

"The bet, you doofus!" she yelled jokingly with a smile playing across her lips as she chuckled at his inability to remember their small bet. "You said she would get pregnant next week while I said this week." She continued to smirk triumphantly. "You owe me dinner."

Luanto merely shrugged nonchalantly and rolled his honey-golden eyes. "I have absolutely no problem with that," he stated, nuzzling his cheek against hers lovingly.

Jua giggled girlishly before speaking about Atama again. "Oh, I can't wait to see her child!" She sighed wistfully, dreamily.

Lunato sighed as well and continued to eat a few more bites. "Me neither," he agreed. "She'll make a great mother." He turned to face her again. "As will you. Someday."

Jua smiled a brilliant smile and rubbed her nose affectionately against Lunato's. She then snuggled up into his side and sighed wistfully again. "As will you make a great father," she mumbled to him. It was so quiet that she thought he didn't even catch it, but he did, and smiled contentedly. Closing his eyes peacefully, he turned and laid his head across her neck, and they stayed like that enveloped in a golden silence for an immeasurable amount of time, just loving every moment of being with each other.

And neither could be happier.

And thus was the outcome of their forbidden love.


Maternel: French for Mother (OBVIOUSLY OMG)
Kind: African for Child

UPDATE 7/11/12: Got rid of the last AN because I was such an obnoxious fourteen-year-old holy crap. Anyway, before you ask, no, there is not going to be a sequel. I wrote about twelve chapters of it, because I have to finish a story before I can post it because I hate abandoned fics, but I've since lost motivation. I'm sorry.

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