Story Up for Adoption

Not an update... I really liked this particular plot bunny (sadly, it chewed a hole in its enclosure and escaped) so I'd like to see someone continue it (hopefully with more grace and writing ability than I was able to use; -looks back at the chapters- -winces-).

If anyone wants to adopt the story, send me an email or PM outlining how you'd continue it and what you'd change in the previous chapters (and don't say that you'd change nothing; they're in serious, serious need of a major overhaul). Sadly, I've managed to lose all original documents (my hard-drive hates me) and derail all trains of thought pertaining to this story, so you'll have to go by what's posted online.

A few requirements: firstly, regardless of my previous attitude and the fact that I've been guilty of it several times in the past, no character bashing, please. It's started to really, really annoy me. If you absolutely cannot stand a canon character, there are still several options open to you: follow a different interpretation of their actions/ personality than what everyone assumes (technically, we don't have an actual Word of God on any character's inner motivations), just go ahead and write them OOC (as long as said character still manages to have a well-rounded and realistic personality), or just deal with it (or don't ever mention the character, except in passing, although that might be hard). Second: don't be a slave to canon (especially since I don't particularly like Kishimoto, his writing style, and what he's done with the story). If something in canon doesn't work with the story, throw it out. Thirdly (and most importantly): get a good beta reader. Seriously. Also, just... write it better than I did. Please.

Other than that, feel free to take it in pretty much any direction you want; you can even change the main pairing(s) (or even make it gen) or the characterization of Naruto and (especially) Kyuubi and the OC's (feel free to remove the OC's, alter them, or make up your own) in particular and others to a lesser extent if you want to, or the time Naruto arrives in, or what he changes/ what effects it has (should have some major effects). Just try to make a point of mentioning any changes to me, first; I probably won't bother arguing with you, but I might have some feedback to give.

I can probably help with the last, if you don't mind the occasional delay attributable to ditziness, to teachers attempting to bury me under piles of homework, projects, study guides, and the like, and to my not having access to the internet/ simply being busy.

Good luck to anyone who decides to try! (And sorry to anyone who thought that this was a real update!)

Final note: even if you don't adopt the story, feel free to use any and all ideas or characters I introduced/ used in this. Consider it public domain or something.

(On a related note, if anyone's just looking for inspiration, I've got a list of plot bunnies/ challenges in my profile)