Wow, my first Fire Emblem fic, and I write it completely different from all my other stories. Figures.

I don't own Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance. If I did, Soren would be the one helping Ike in the battle with the Black Knight, not Mist.

Oscar loved his squint.

His father died when he was in service to the Crimerian Knights; it came so suddenly, he couldn't do anything but receive a discharge to take care of his two brothers at home. Oscar remembered Boyd crying freely, with small Rolf within his arms. The youngest of the brothers didn't even understand what was happening, but Rolf sniffed as well, distressed over his elder sibling's mourning.

Oscar allowed them to cry on both of his shoulders; but not a single tear had fallen from the ex knight.

When Commander Greil gave them jobs with food and shelter, Oscar was relieved. His brothers would no longer have to suffer the hopelessness of poverty, and he could once again train in the art of fighting with a lance. He remembered Rolf crying with relief and joy, old enough to understand what his family would go through had not Greil came along.

Boyd had sighed in genuine appreciation, but the eldest only smiled slightly; too comforted to do anything else.

"I'm sorry…" Oscar remembered that Ike had shifted uncomfortably under the calm gaze of the lance knight. His brother Boyd died in combat with a couple of bandits, knowing full well what the risks were. Oscar told the young man as such, dismissing his brother's death with only a slight stutter.

No tears fell from the green clad knight as Rolf wept openly onto his chest after hearing their brother was no longer with them.

Commander Greil died in the middle of the night; Ike was carrying him on his back in a futile attempt to save him. Oscar had helped the young man-turned-orphan to bury him, speaking a silent prayer for the dead.

Everyone had cried that day, even Soren; but he had cried in the secrecy of his chambers; Oscar had only known that because he saw slight redness from tears in the mage's eyes when the knight had brought him dinner.

Ike and Oscar were the only ones that didn't shed a tear. The cobalt said he felt nothing, but the lance knight knew he was trying to be strong for the rest of the company.

Oscar indeed loved his squint.

Because no one could ever see the hidden tears threatening to spill over.