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Nancy is 23, Frank is also 23, and Joe is 22, Bess and George are 23 as well…

Also…I got the inspiration to write this from 'Emeralds and Rubies' story 'Broken'. It is a very good story. This is sort of a prequel to her story. Plot is all hers…


Chapter 1

She had just locked the door to the agency that she, Frank, and Joe opened when they all had graduated from College. Her reddish-blonde hair was up in a high pony tail that bounced with every step she took. She was tired from her late night. She had stayed extra late tonight to do some research for Frank and Joe, who were in Bayport making a surprise visit to their parents, especially for their mom since her birthday was tomorrow. They wanted to make it a special birthday that she wouldn't forget. Unfortunately for Nancy though, they were planning on staying out there for most of the week.

It was about 11:30 at night. The heels from her knee high stiletto boots clicked against the pavement. Her feet were aching from being stuck in the shoes all day. 'Why did I wear heels today? Who do I have to impress? I knew I was going to be sitting at the desk doing research and finishing paper work.' Nancy thought tiredly. 'It's not like Frank was here to impress. If he was, then I wouldn't have had to walk home alone.' She thought as she passed the narrow alley next to the agency.

She was fine during the day but at night it was just plain creepy to her. She slowed her walk down to a steady stroll as she approached the alley. As soon as she passed it she sped up again.

'I really wish Frank was here.' She said to herself. She hated walking from work to her apartment by herself at night. Frank would usually walk with her, and Joe would stay back and hang out at the agency for another hour or two before heading to Frank and his apartment which happened to be just a few blocks past Nancy's.

She knew that it was their mother's birthday and the guys wanted to do something special for their mom, but that didn't mean she didn't miss them.

A cold wind blew on Nancy's face. It made her freeze under her thin blouse and black slacks. She sped up as she crossed the street to her apartment building. She made her way up the metal stairs to the third floor. she wished she was inside and asleep in her comfy gray sweat pants and her brown tee-shirt with a gold Mickey Mouse in the middle of it. Holding her favorite stuffed animal, Emma, a blue soft and fuzzy bear that Frank won for her at the county fair last month.

She finally made it to her apartment door when something caught her eye. It was a note. A pink envelope with her initials on the front in cursive. But, what really caught her eye was the fresh long stem red rose that was also taped to her door for everyone to see.

'Huh, wonder who this is from?' Nancy said to herself and to the night. She unlocked her door and stepped inside. Her apartment wasn't that big, but it wasn't small. It had a kitchen with a breakfast bar, a simple dining table next to it with a bowl of fruit in the center, and four chairs around it. It had one bed room with a queen bed and a connecting bathroom, and a small balcony on the other side of the bed. It also had a small little sitting area with a couch and TV.

Nancy put her stuff on the table, grabbed a small vase from one of the cabinets above the sink and filled it with water to put the rose in. When she set the rose in the vase on the table she picked up the note and began to read it. Her face went pale. She didn't know what to make of this letter, but it kind of disturbed her. She put it back down on the table next to the rose and went to her room and changed into her pajamas. She went to bed saying that she would read it again in the morning and she would know what to do about then.

She was just to tired to think about it now, yet it kept her up for another hour, wondering who sent it and why. After tossing and turning, she finally went to sleep.

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