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Frank was relaxing in his old room at his parent's house. It was nice to see his parents again and have a short break from working cases but he missed Nancy. Frank looked down at the iTouch that Nancy had gotten him for Christmas a few years back, the background was a photo of them from their trip to Egypt. It was certainly a dangerous trip, he had almost lost Nancy there, but he loved being Nancy's husband, even if it was only for a short while and it had only been pretend. Frank smiled to himself before pulling out his phone and calling the girl who seemed to be haunting his mind.

"Hi Frank, how are your parents?" He heard Nancy ask, something in her voice seemed off. She wasn't her usual cheery self when he called.

"They're good, what's up?" Frank asked. "You sound like something's bothering you."

"I'm fine." Frank heard her lie. She was a brilliant liar, to anyone other than him.

"You're a horrible liar Drew." Frank half smiled.

"Only to you Hardy. How was your mom's birthday? Did Joe eat all the cake?" He heard her smile.

"He tried to." Frank laughed softly. "Now stop trying to change the subject. What's wrong?"

"It's nothing, I'll tell you when you get back. Just some guy apparently has a crush on me and keeps sending me notes attached to a rose. It's nothing I can't handle."

"Some creep has been sending you roses and love notes?" Frank felt his blood start to boil, he wasn't possessive of Nancy, he loved her and knew that she could take care of herself, but he still didn't like it when other men stared at her. Frank tried to keep his temper out of his voice. "What else, Nan? You're not the one to get shook up over a few roses and some random love notes. What are you hiding?"

"Well, I may have gotten a phone call. It's probably nothing. It's late and you're driving back tomorrow, go get some rest, I promise I'll tell you everything tomorrow when you get here, and don't wake up Joe and drive here now, you two had a long day, get some rest." Frank was worried now. Notes and roses were one thing, but phone calls at this late at night was something that said that this person, who ever he was, was serious.

"I don't like the idea that someone is there and sending you love letters while I'm out here." Unable to protect you. Frank muttered, keeping the last bit to himself.

"I know, but you know I only want you. I have the notes saved in baggies and I'll dust them for prints tomorrow when I head back to the office."

"Wait, you got these at home? At the apartment? And you're still there?" Frank exclaimed, severely worried that the person might come back while she was there. Frank started to get up and pace the room, deciding how to go about explaining to his brother and parents why he unexpectedly speeds off in the middle of the night to go protect his Nancy from some random person who has a crush on his girl.

"Frank, calm down, please, just stay on the phone with me, I promise I'm safe here, and it's been a long day. Bess and George came by the office earlier." Nancy tried to change the topic obviously.

"Oh?" Frank tried to sound calm for Nancy, sitting down in his old chair at his desk.

"Yeah, Bess had called this morning asking to borrow a dress when I was looking through my jewelry and I had found a certain ring and had slipped it on without noticing I had. When the girls showed up at the office with lunch I got the third degree from them." Frank heard her smile.

"Which ring?" Frank smiled back, though he knew one she was talking about.

"Oh, this engagement ring that I got on a trip to Cairo with a few friends." Nancy smiled. "Apparently Bess hadn't told George of that trip and went into shock." Frank laughed, wishing he could have seen the girls' faces when that had happened. "Bess did too at first, thinking we had gotten married and I hadn't told them."

"Really?" Frank laughed. "That would have been a sight worth seeing." Frank started to relax in his chair, forgetting why he was so worried in the first place. "Tired?" Frank asked, stifling his own yawn after hearing Nancy yawn.

"No. You?"

Frank smiled as he let out a yawn. "Not one bit."

"What time to you think you'll get here tomorrow?"

"Around noon. Miss us?" he teased lightly.

"Maybe, maybe not." She teased back. "You miss me?"

"Maybe, Maybe not." He heard her quiet laughter muffled by another yawn. "Get some sleep Drew. I'll stay on the line if you want."

"You need the sleep more Hardy." Nancy yawned and closed her eyes. "You're the one driving tomorrow. I walk to the office remember."

"Joe sleeps enough for all of us. You know he'll be sleeping on the way back too." Frank joked as he leaned back in his chair at the desk in his old room.

"that may be true but one of you needs to be awake to be driving back here, I don't fancy another trip to the hospital, we've had too many of those in the past." Nancy mumbled sleepily. "So off the chair I know you're sitting in at the desk and into bed with you Hardy." Frank just laughed.

"Really Nan? How do you know that's where I am? For all you know I could be in the car driving back now."

"If you were in the car Frank I would be hearing Joe complaining or snoring."

"Such a know it all Drew."

"That's why you love me." She smiled sleepily at the phone. Frank heard a knocking sound through the phone. "Hold on a moment, someone's at the door."


"Hold on, I'm going to see who it is."

"Nancy. Stay on the phone with me." Frank said, his voice drenched in worry. "Nancy?"

"Frank?" she asked quietly as she looked through the peep hole.

"Nancy? What is going on?"

"No one is outside. If they are I can't see them." She whispered. "I'm going to open the door to check."

"Nancy, don't." Frank was met with silence.

"Nancy?" Frank all but screamed into his phone when he heard a crash on Nancy's end before the line went dead.

A panic seemed to flow through him. Nancy was in danger, grabbing the keys from off of his nightstand he dialed Nancy's number, hoping she would answer but only to get her voicemail.

"Damn it Nancy." Frank swore as he threw on his jeans and headed for the door, dialing Nancy once more, this time getting her voicemail once again.

Frank barged into Joe's room, shaking him awake. "Joe. Wake up. Something is wrong at Nancy's."

"Wha-?" Joe asked sleepily, trying to wake up. "Frank, What's wrong with Nancy?"

"We were talking and someone has been leaving her notes and roses-"

"And you think someone is trying to steal her away from you? Frank, a BLIND person could see that Nancy loves you and only you now let me go back to sleep."

"And Nancy got a threatening phone call about 20 minutes ago, just before I called. Someone was at her door before the line went dead." Frank growled. Joe shot up.

"What? Why didn't you say so?" Joe shot out of bed.

"I was trying to before you cut me off." Frank grumbled before turning and tossing his brother a shirt. "lets go little brother."

"Have you tried calling her back?"

"Twice, rings a few times then goes to voicemail."

"Try one more time, maybe it was George or Bess coming over and she dropped her phone or something and you're just panicking."

"I'll try Joe but I have a bad feeling about this." Frank mumbled as he pulled out his mobile and opened it to dial Nancy's number when he got a call.

Frank and Joe stared at the screen, Nancy's name showed up on the Caller ID.

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