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Of Kisses and Secret Schemes part 2

Do not move, act unconscious. This is so embarrassing.

Tenten was trying to act as unconscious as possible because she seriously thought that her life depended on it because yes, she just kissed Neji and it was the most embarrassing thing in the world.

She could already feel his breath as he crouched down and touched her shoulders in an attempt to wake her up.

"Tenten…tenten," he whispered almost frantically as he gently shook her shoulders. "Tenten…hey, wake up."

No, I will not move. MUST NOT MOVE!

She could feel his breath hitch as he hesitated then he finally slipped an arm behind her head and one behind her knees. And Tenten wanted to protest so badly but in a situation like that,

what could she possibly do? So she allowed herself to be carried by THE Hyuuga Neji, without thinking of the shamelessness of it, without thinking that it would be even more embarrassing if she did.

But it was a sit is and she cannot think clearly given the situation so she just went with the flow. And the flow is not good.


Neji looked around. There were not many people in the streets; meaning not many people could see him carrying an unconscious girl. Most of them were civilians, meaning nobody is likely to see him at all.

So, he dashed for dear life, Tenten in his arms, to the direction of the Hyuuga compound.

Too bad, he didn't notice the band of familiar ninjas who, just as he took off, exited the training grounds and so inevitably saw said ninja with his team mate.

"Is that," Kiba asked Shino tentatively.

"Yes," Shino replied.

"My youthful teammates are basking in the glory of youthful love!"

"Munch much."

If Neji and Tenten knew, they would never have done it.

"Naruto-kun," Hinata asked, not stuttering but still slightly embarrassed.

"What is it Hinata-chan," Naruto asked back, facing her and flashing him a familiar smile. Hinata almost fainted right then and there if that smile wasn't so endearing. It was the same smile he flashed Sakura a few days ago.

"Can I ask you something Naruto-kun?"

"Sure," Naruto replied as his favorite ramen stand was in sight.

"How precious is Sakura-chan to you," she asked him softly just as they have settled themselves on their seats in Ichiraku. Naruto just finished ordering for both of them when Hinata asked the question. He turned to her smiling the same smile and scratched the back of his head.

"Sakura-chan is…." He slightly hesitated but Hinata nodded in encouragement. "Sakura-chan is very precious to me. She has been through a lot of pain you know? Plus, she's always there for me, not that

you're not there for me Hinata-chan," he added immediately. "I'm also always there for her and I'll protect her with my life and make sure she doesn't get hurt."

Hinata nodded; slightly disappointed at the immense amount of love he had for Sakura but still proud for his great heart. She just watched him as he slurped his ramen. Naruto didn't seem to notice but he suddenly stopped eating. "But Sai, Kakashi-sensei and the bastard are also there for her and even though they don't say it, I know they care for her as much as me."


"So I don't need to worry much about Sakura-chan and spend my time loving you," he said cheerfully as he attempted to hide the blush that spread across his cheeks by downing the rest of the ramen in his bowl and abruptly ordering for more.

It took Hinata a moment to process that. And suddenly, she just launched herself onto the blushing fox boy and kissed him lightly on the cheek, earning a few stares from the passersby.


"I love you too Naruto-kun," she whispered. Naruto smiled.

"Ino, do we really have to do this," Shikamaru asked as he let himself be dragged by Ino to the Yamanaka household to tell Ino's dad about their….relationship.

"Of course Shika-kun," Ino replied as if it was the most obvious answer in the world.

Shikamaru thought that there was no point in arguing. Ino always gets her way; he spent most of his life living with that twisted fact. He snapped out of his thoughts as he noticed the Yamanaka household's front door. Ino pushed it open and practically yelled, "Otou-san, Okaa-san!"

"Geez Ino, why are you shouting?"

"Does it annoy you," Ino asked seriously. Shikamaru raised a brow; Ino never cared what he thought.

"Uhm…yes," he replied tentatively. With that Ino smiled and squeezed his hand not-so-gently. "You'll live with it."

Ino's mom entered the living room where they were currently at and smiled when she saw Shikamaru.

"Hi Shikamaru, how are your parents?"

"They're fine, Mrs. Yamanaka," he replied politely just as Ino's father walked in. "Hello Mr. Yamanaka."

"Oh Shikamaru, no need to be so formal," Inoichi replied as he patted Shika's back and gestured for them all to sit. When all have settled, Ino started to speak.

"Dad, mom," she started quite cheerfully, then she looked mischievously at Shikamaru, "Shika has something to tell you.

Shikamaru was caught off-guard as he suddenly straightened up and tried to compose himself.

"uh…." He began. Ino's parents looked at him expectingly, "uhm…"

He looked to his right where Ino was sitting beside him and he could see her rolling her eyes. "Uhmm…"

"Yes," Ino's mother asked as Inoichi raised a brow.

"Ino just continued to roll her eyes and decided she would stop torturing Shikamaru. "Mommy, Daddy," she said as she looked at both of them simultaneously, " Shikamaru's my boyfriend," she concluded as if it was nothing. Shikamaru stiffened beside her but it was nothing compared to the amazing burst of killing intent her father suddenly emanated. Ino's mother laughed alittle nervously as Shikamaru prayed to the gods.

Please let me walk out of here alive.

"What?! How dare you abuse your friendship with my daughter?"

Shikamaru flinched and looked around as he panicked. Ino was smiling and he mentally kicked himself.

This is too troublesome.

"What the hell do you think you're doing," Inoichi continued shouting. Shikamaru swore he could see smoke coming out if Inoichi's nostrils. He looked at Ino once more and her smile was fading away quickly and he realized that the smile was just a front and her courage to announce their relationship took a lot out of her.

"I trusted you and you do this," Inoichi continued ranting, "What do you have to say for yourself?"

For a moment there, he considered just leaving because to argue would be too troublesome. He tried to stand up but found he can't for all the iron-grip Ino had on him. She looked at him, questioning.

Will you leave me now Shika?

He sighed. He had gone through so much to be there anyway. He looked back at the still-fuming Inoichi.

"I love her," he said softly although everybody in the room heard, he rubbed the back of his neck in an attempt to gain some more confidence, "and it's troublesome and all but yeah," he concluded.

Everybody was silent. When after a few minutes, nobody still spoke. Shikamaru looked at Ino's slightly nervous form and leaned over and gave her a fleeting kiss on the cheek. He still looked at her as even though he addressed his next statement at Inoichi. "I really do and if that's not a good enough reason, you can find me at home."

With that, he stood up and left, leaving a smiling Ino and two slightly stunned parents.

"Sasuke-kun," Sakura asked sheepishly as she settled herself on Sasuke's couch and looked at an almost red Sasuke from across her, trying his best to look at anything but her, "Sasuke-kun?"

"Hn," came the anticipated monosyllabic reply.

"You know Sasuke-kun, you don't have to…"

"Cut it Sakura."

"But…but," Sakura tried hard to remove the mental image of Sasuke kissing a tomato in vain, "you were…a tomato…kiss…"

Sasuke could feel more blood rushing to his cheeks at Sakura's apparent discomfort at what she saw.

"Sakura," he said dangerously."

"Sasuke-kun," a slightly bewildered pause, "why?"

Sasuke sighed."I just thought," Sasuke started, thinking that there was no point in making excuses, "we're together, we have something, you like me, I like you," at this Sakura raised brow and Sasuke ignored it, "we're adults and we're independent ninjas, I'm a boy, I need things."

Sakura crossed her arms across her chest and gestured him to continue.

"We're in this thing and I don't like you with anybody else and-"

"Oh shut up Sasuke-kun," Sakura said as she walked towards him and kissed so sweetly that Sasuke had to close his eyes in pleasure and wrap his arms around her to bring her closer and when the tip of her tongue touched his lips and asked for entrance, he was only too happy to oblige.

As it grew deeper and hotter, Sasuke just felt his mind spin. After a minute, they both broke away from each other, gasping for breath. "Good news Sasuke-kun," Sakura said a she caught her breath, speaking in an almost seductive tone, "you don't need practice."


A book hit Asuma's hand so strongly that he swore he could feel it starting to numb. He looked incredulously at Kakashi.

"What the heck…Kakashi," he asked disbelievingly.

"There were…ants," Kakashi answered with the same bored tone he used all the time, shrugging away Asuma's pain and Kurenai's look of indignation. In truth, Asuma's hand was just uncomfortably close to Kurenai so Kakashi had to do it. Right?

Serves him right.


A glass of water suddenly launched itself on Asuma's face after he whispered yet another thing to Kurenai. He banged a fist on the table as he turned to Kakashi. "What is it this time?!"

"Oh sorry, "Kakashi replied lazily, "I thought your beard was on fire."


Kakashi still just shrugged and went back to his book (seemingly) as Asuma wiped his face. Kurenai gaped at Kakashi.


Asuma looked at Kakashi as quickly as he heard his spoon clang to the floor. "What, the food isn't good, there was a bug on my spoon," he asked, clearly agitated.

"No, your spoon was dirty," he replied as both Asuma and Kurenai widened their eyes in incredulity.

With that, Asuma stood up and pulled Kurenai. "I'm just going to tell her something. "

Kakashi smirked as they left the table.

"Whatever it is you're doing, you better do it fast," Asuma said urgently as he rubbed his now numb arm. "That man is seriously twisted."

"Oh Asuma, I'm sorry, I just need you to play along okay?"

Asuma sighed. "Fine," he looked at Kakashi, leisurely reading his book, "but do it fast."

"Yes Asuma, I will."

Kakashi looked at Asuma and Kurenai suspiciously. Something was really going on, he just couldn't put his finger on it.

They walked back to the table and the 'bonding' ensued.

Kurenai walked out of the restaurant disappointed, Asuma left injured while Kakashi still held onto his book like nothing happened.

Beside him, Kurenai walked silently but he could hear her sigh every now and then. Another sigh. Kurenai looked at him then to the stars, as if she was silently praying for something. Another sigh.

Kakashi laughed a little. Kurenai looked at him. "What are you laughing about," she asked, slightly mad, "you were rude all day, I can't believe you!"

Kakashi suddenly stopped walking and finally closed his book. "Kurenai," he started a little boredly, "if you really just want to know how I feel, you could've just asked."

"I…How did?"

"I don't know why you need It though, I thought I've showed enough."

Kurenai sighed, again. "I may be a ninja but I'm also a woman and we need…assurance."

"It just had to be so complicate with you eh," Kakashi replied as he looked up to the night sky, "the night is beautiful."

"It is," Kurenai replied as she looked down, now more disappointed than ever.

"Just like you," he added with a tone Kurenai thought he couldn't be able to muster. Kurenai's head whipped up so fast, she swore her head should snap off. She looked up only to see Kakashi's face close to hers as he pulled down his mask and planted a chaste kiss on her lips. Then as quickly as she had felt it, it was gone.

Kakashi stepped back a few steps and told her, still in that unusual husky tone of his. "I'm not a man of words," he paused then added as an afterthought, "and I'm not as perverted as I seem to be."

Kurenai just smiled as Kakashi reverted back to his old, bored self. "Oh I'm sleepy."

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