Hinata's eyes sparkled as she looked at Naruto. She's been so shy during the past ninja years. They were now 16 and she's been tired of being shy. Tired of hiding her thoughts inside. Now was the time to tell everyone.. wait.. not everyone... But Naruto. Hinata spoked sofltly, "Naruto-Kun.. I'v been shy all these years.. I have always wanted to tell you this!" She hugged Naruto crying in tears.

Naruto spoke gently trying not to hurt Hinata," Hinata, you can tell me anythin. I'll understand."

Hinata shouted holding back the more tears comming," No! You won't! You won't understand! You just can't! Its.. its just too hard to tell you! I don't know how! I'm.. just too shy."

Narurto replied like it was a sad moment in the leaf village," Hinata.. if you were shy, would you be shouting? Would you of knocked on my door to speak to me?" He hugged Hinata back.

Hinata looked up at Naruto," You've grown so much Naruto-kun. But, I guess it is time to stop hiding and tell you." More tears came out of Hinata's shimmering eyes. "Naruto..I-Naruto! I hate you!"

Naruto look at her in shocked,"You..hate me?"

Hinata shouted back with tears sliding down her cheek," Don't you understand?! All these years! All of these years we spent! And you didn't even know? I was hoping that you would figur eout everything yourself! But like everyone thought, you wouldn't even have a clue! Naruto, I loved you then. You didn't even realized how I felt. Everyone was right! You are-" Naruto hugged her again and kissed her on the cheek. He wiped Hinata's tear's away.

Naruto," Hinata.. I'm glad you told me that.. I now understand.. that, even that you hate me. No matter how strong you hate me back. I love you Hinata. " Hinata frozed. She thought about how she even thought about telling Naruto.

Hinata," You-d-do? " She looked down regretting what she said. All of a sudden she fell down on the floor, awakening on a soft bed. She wished that it wasn't true, but it is. Everything was just a dream. A dream.. of the future soon to be.