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Hinata woke up to the sound of splish and splash. Jolvesy-Naru, her pet fish was jumping up and down from the bowl wanting food. Hinata got up from bed and fed Jolvesy-Naru. Yawning, Hinata opened the door and went outside. The day was sunny with not a single cloud in the sky. She walked to her favorite breakfast restaraunt. Hinata," Today is a normal day.. not like yesterday." She sighed sitting down on one of the chairs waiting for a waitor.

Waitor," Hello miss, I see you came back, you want the usual?" Hinata just simply replied," Yes please." The waitor left as Hinata put her head down. I just hope this day would get better Hinata thought. Few mintues before the waitor came a blond hair boy came inside. Hinata looked up and saw Naruto walking in. Hinata quickly spoke," Na-Naruto kun!' Naruto looked at her direction waving as he started walking towards Hinata.

Naruto," Hey there Hinata, lucky for me to stop by when your still here. This is one of my favorite places to eat breakfast. What about you Hinata?" Hinata was being distracted by the word lucky for me so stayed silient. Naruto started to question Hinata," Hinata? Are you there?" Hinata quickly answered," So-Sorry Naruto.. What did you say?" Naruto," Whats your favorite restaraunt?" Hinata," Oh, for breakfast I eat here all the time so this is my favorite place in my opnion."

After that they stayed silient until the waitor came. Of course there was screaming and yelling from the employee and manager, which made things like yesterday. Hinata," Naruto! I think its time to tell you something." She started to blush. Naruto looked at her, it kind of scared him that Hinata all of a sudden talked during a moment of silience. Naruto replied stammering," Oh-oh su-sure Hinata. "

Hinata," I have been waiting for so long! But after last night, I made up my mind! I-" Hinata once again got interupted by the Waitress," Your order is here Ms. Hinata!" Naruto stared at the Waitress angrily," Whats your problem?! Everytime she tries to tell me something important you come and barge in right in the middle of the sentence! If you see us talking, wait for one of us to stop! " Naruto was standing up and pointing at the Waitress's face. He quietly sat down liked nothing happened.

Waitress," I'm-I'm sorry for bothering you. And seeing that your here though, would you like the usual too sir?" Naruto crossed his arms still angry and nodded. Hinata started eating happily that Naruto stood up for her. She would never have the guts to do that for anybody. Even for Naruto! Naruto looked back at Hinata," So what did you wanted to say?" Hinata looked back at Naruto and replied," Maybe later today would be a better time. Um.. " She got up from her chair.

"Please meet me at my house after eating." Naruto nodded and smiled. Hinata took Naruto's hand and placed enough yen to pay for both of them. Thats a thank you for yesterday. Hinata smiled and went outside.

Naruto's side

As Hinata left Naruto was left alone. The waitess finally came back in," Heres you food sir. Wheres your friend?" Naruto stared at the waitress still angry about earlier and replied unrespectfully," She had to go, and now if you don't mind, I would you to please leave and let me eat." The waitress gave a short breath saddened by the reply and went back into the kitchen. As Naruto ate he just remembered something important.

What was Hinata's house number? He knew it was somewhere in the 620's-630's. He might as well look at every house. Naruto got up from his chair and put the yen under his plate leaving the restaraunt. Lets see.. I'm going to just take a guess.. since Hinata has 6 letters in her name making 626. Lets try that first! He walked up to house 626. knock knock Naruto hoped for the right house. The door knob slowly opened and there was Hinata.

Hinata automaticly spoke," Oh I'm sorry Naruto! I forgot to tell you where I lived! I hope I didn't cause you any trouble!" Hinata pulled Naruto inside and grabbed a chair for both of them. Naruto replied," Thats ok Hinata, I didn't have any trouble at all. So, what did you need me for?" Hinata started to blush," Naruto kun, I'm not hiding anything anymore. I want to tell you. Now that we have no more interuptions.."

Hinata's fish Jolvesy-Naru stared at them looking amused even for a fish. "Naruto.. I love you! Ever since we were genin! I have been hiding everything and now I wanted you to know!" Hinata sighed happy that she got it over with. She just stared at Naruto who looked frozen and shocked. Naruto," Hinata.. I'm happy you told me.. " Hinata," Now that I have told you.. I must ask, do you love me too?" Naruto looked surprised at the asking of the question.

" Hinata, I'm not saying this to be mean, but.. I.. don't love you.. I only like you as a friend.. a best friend. Maybe we can just wait longer and see what happens. Maybe I'll change Hinata." Hinata looked down sad," Y-you don't? I- I understand but.. " Naruto," I'm sorry Hinata if I hurt your feelings, but maybe we can just wait." Naruto gave Hinata a kiss on the cheek hoping for her to be better.

All of a sudden they heard a screamed right in front of the door. The both looked at the doo worried. Naruto opened the door knob quickly. Hinata and Naruto were felt devastated seeing what was in front them.

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