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Fabulous reviews. Your reactions made this story worth finishing when writer's block took hold.

The Pirates of the Caribbean movies and video games belong to Disney and were created by Ted Elliot and Terry Rossio.

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Hope you all enjoyed Reincarnation.

Oh, and this:

Epilogue: A Call to All

Elizabeth 2017

Through the open kitchen window I can see Will a game of Frisbee with our son and his dog. Their laughter floats into our home with the sound of waves crashing against the beach and the smell of sea air.

"Mum," our second child stands before me, a bundle of flowers from the garden rest in her delicate hands, "Father Hector is here to see you."

Behind her Captain Hector Barbossa appears from the hall. With out saying a word he flicks a small object into the air just over my daughter's head. I catch it and study the familiar silver coin in my palm. Emanating from the coin is a subtle high pitched ring. My gaze lifts back to Barbossa standing proudly in my kitchen.

"It's been sung, your majesty."


Author's note: I'm currently wokring on giving you dear readers a new Resurrection, a better one!