It was a bright Monday morning in the leaf village. Things have been very different lately. All of the old ninjas that has once been genin are now 16. All of the rooms in the village of leaf are now empty. Everyone was in one room called the meeting room.

Guy Sensei," Listen up! We have an announcment to announce! " Everyone looked up as Guy stood on the table pointing to the wall. " For the first time in the leaf village we are having-" Guy fell of the table as Kakashi jumped on the table after he pushed Guy off."We would be having a get together dance." Sakura," You mean like a prom?"

Kakashi," Something like that. Its just where all of the ninjas will show what they have learned from when they started in the ninja academy." Tsunade," Now that we have everyone here- since we have been waiting for Sasuke to return, we can finally start this event."

Guy Sensei got angry and pushed Tsunade and Kakashi off childish like and got up on the table. " There, in this event, would be music!" Guy did a flamingo pose for the word music and then continued speaking. "Battles! And.." Juriah interupted,"And Girls!" All the girls slumped down because the way Juriah said it was so immature." Ino," This is new, but anyways, does this means we can pick out dates and stuff?" Kakashi," Do whatever you want, were not in charge of that, were just in charge of the event."

Everyone left the room after the meeting. All of the girls started jiber jabbing about the same thing," I want Sasuke to go out with me! No, Shikamaru! He's a cutie! What about Kiba? I love his dog Akumaru!" Naruto was listening for his name. No name of his was heard. He walked up to the girls. There was Sakura, Ino, Hinata (who said nothing), Tamari, and some random girls. " Who would like to take Uzamiki Naruto? "The girls went to mute and left him stranded. Naruto sighed, he knew that wouldn't work.

Now that prom thing was happening, the truth about feelings spilled, and anger starts to build up...

Naruto was planning to have a get together now that Sasuke has returned. Maybe some Ramen for everyone should be enough as a celebration. He saw Sakura walking on the bridge. Naruto," Hey Sakura! Wait up!" Sakura stopped walking and turned around," What is it Naruto?" "I was wondering, now that Sasuke has returned, maybe we can celebrate for some Ramen right now. My treat!" Sakura replied sternly," Fine, wheres Sasuke anyways?"

They walked to Sasuke's room. They thought that he might be hiding from the girls so he doesn't get asked for the prom. knock knock Naruto," Hey Sasuke are you in there?" Sasuke," Its open." Naruto and Sakura bolted in. Sakura," We were wondering if you would like to get some ramen. Naruto will pay for it. " Naruto thought in his head, I didn't mean Sasuke. Sasuke looked at them," Fine, its not like I have anything else to do." He jumped out of bed and walked to the door with Sakura and Naruto.

Naruto saw Hinata sitting on the bench as they walked to the ramen shop. Naruto stopped as the others continued to walk. Naruto," Hinata, are you ok? " Hinata blushed and then looked at Naruto," Y- Yea I am." Naruto," Well, I was on my way to celebrate Sasuke's return want to-" Hinata," I- I would love to come! " Hinata got up and took Naruto by the hand and ran trying to catch up with the others. Hinata," Sakura-chan! Wait up!" Hinata was waving her free hand." Sakura looked at Hinata. She's comming? Thats weird. Not that she's comming, it just that she wasn't shy as she shouted for us to wait up. (Sakura's thoughts)

Sakura and Sasuke stopped to wait up. Sakura," Hi Hinata!" Hinata looked at Sakura," H-Hi Sakura. " (Thats weird.. She turned back to shy girl mode.) Sakura thought.

After they ate Naruto and Hinata left and returned to their rooms to retire for the day leaving just Sasuke and Sakura. Here is where feelings get different. Sakura looked at Sasuke. Sakura started to softly speak," Sas-sasuke? Now that you returned.. And theres a Prom.. Would you like to go with me?!" Sakura stood straight with her eyes closed and fists together hoping for an answer that didn't have a no.

Sasuke looked down and then at Sakura," I'll think about it." Sasuke then left and went to his room leaving Sakura alone." Sakura shouted in excitement that was so loud, it was a amazing that no one heard her." Whooo Hoooo! Sasuke didn't say no! YAY!" Sakura started to dance until she thought about Hinata. Sakura calmed herself down and went to Hinata's room instead of hers. knock knock Hinata got out of her seat and opened the door. Hinata," Sa-Sakura chan? What are you doing here?" Sakura went inside and closed Hinata's door.

Sakura," What was with the act Hinata?" Hinata frozed and sighed," I mi-ight as will tell you." Sakura listened closely. Hinata continued," Well, you know how I always blush when Naruto is near? Its not really because of Naruto, its.. because of Sasuke.." Sakura stood in shock,"Sas-sasuke?" Hinata spoke more clearly," Yes.. The reason I came with you guys was because of Sasuke. I know that all the girls likes him. I just wanted you to know that I'm not the one left out who doesn't. I know this in a shock to you.. but.. its... true. I mean I know I have been pretending for so long! But my thoughts and feelings belong to Sasuke in my opnion.. but I know that Sasuke wouldn't understand since I am always so shy. All though in the beggining when we were still genin, I did like Naruto, but as we grew on. I changed..."

Sakura spoked slowly as she was still in shocked," I-I didn't think that Sasuke was your type. It surprises me so much. But thats fine with me. I'm glad you told me Hinata." They both smiled at each other and Sakura headed back to her room.