Recap: Sasuke looked at him in more anger than ever. He quickly ran out of the house running towards Sakura's house. I got to find Sakura quick! Sasuke ran inside Sakura's house not even waiting for a knock. But then.. Sasuke paused. He looked back at the door. Frozen in shock he noticed it was already wide open. Don't tell me he- Sasuke ran towards Sakura's room hearing a scream. There he saw Sakura being held up in the air with a kunie facing her chest. Sasuke yelled at Orochimaru," No! " Orochimaru ignored Sasuke and started to throw the kunie towards helpless Sakura.

Sasuke jumped at Orochimaru making the kunie of balance. Sakura was helpess bring trapped by the cletches of Orochimaru.

Orochimaru got up snickering, " Whats wrong Sasuke? She is going to have to die some how. " Sakura frozed in shock.

" D-Die? I didn't even do anything to you! Why do I need to die?!" Her eyes started to flood with tears.

Orochimaru looked at Sasuke," He was suppose to kill you yesterday night. "

Sakura stammered," B-But he didn't.. " She looked at Sasuke too," Why? How come you didn't do it? "

Sasuke was being stared by two people. One who he wanted to kill. one who he didn't. He just simply replied, it was time to tell the truth," Because Sakura.. I love you.." Sakura froze once more. Ino is totally going to get it bad! She thought. But the words that included die.. Would I ever make alive? Sakura tried to squrim free. The ropes were too tight. Even if she would build up chakra she would never be able to break it.

She started to whisper to Sasuke," Sa-Sasuke kun.. What are you going to do now? " Sasuke thought for a moment. There really wasn't anything he can do. Orochimaru was here watching us. He finally got an idea.

" Orochimaru, give me one day to kill her, then you can just leave me alone. And everyone else in Konoha.

Orochimaru," Fine." Orochimaru left after that.

Sakura," Your going to-"

Sasuke interupted her speaking softly. " No, I'm not. Were going to get help. The only way we can stop this is to actually kill him. Even if he does say I can't kill him. But I know I can't by myself. Thats why we are getting other people. " Sasuke tried pulling the rope off. " There, now come on Sakura." He spoke sternly.

Sakura wiped her tears. She now had red eyes from the crying. " Wait! Sasuke-kun! I have something I want to tell you before we go look..."

Sasuke looked back at her as he stepped out the door. " What is it? "

Sakura started to mumble the words, but enough for him to understand," I love you too..." Sasuke smiled and replied,

" Thats why I'm helping you. " They both ran out the room looking for all of their friends. Kiba was taking for a walk with Akumaru," Kiba! " Sasuke shouted," We need your help!"

Kiba walked towards them," Whats the problem?" He looked at Sasuke and Sakura with question in thought.

Sasuke quickly spoke," We have one day to get all the help that we need. Orochimaru said no matter what that Sakura is going to get killed.. Earlier he was about to.. "

Kiba looked at Sakura who was hiding behind him. He could tell that they were both worried," Ok, I'll go find the teachers and Tsunade. "

Sakura bowed to Kiba in thanks. " Thank you Kiba! this means so much! I don't want to-"

Kiba grined and interupted," I know, you don't want to die. All of us don't want you to die. "

The all split up looking for their friends, explaining the situation. Soon enough everyone was gathered at the entrance of Konoha knowing what they needed to do.

Kakashi muttered to Guy," And imagine, do you think the trick we pulled leaded to this? "

Guy looked back," I don't think so, since it has Orochimaru in it. "

Tsunade glared at both of them," Don't think about that at a time like this.." She looked down ashamed," And I thought we got rid of him. "

Everyone payed attention to Sakura and Sasuke. Ino thought in her mind with angry, jealousy, and sororw. I'm angry at Sakura for stealing my Sasuke, but yet I feel sorry for her that she was a target from Orochimaru.. I thought we didn't need to worry about him at all.

Kakashi spoke loud and clear," Tomorrow don't plan anything, just go to your stations. Sasuke and Sakura are going to meet Orochimaru here at this spot. Everyone must stay at their stations if anything goes wrong. It is possible that you may do nothing. All of you may do nothing if Sasuke can reason out. Including Tsunade, she would be with them too. "

Everyone nodded in agreement and went back to what they were going ready for the big day. Guy quickly stopped them for a short moment," Uhh- The Together thing by the way..." Kakashi glared at him. " It was just a joke!" All of the ninja's stared at who they were with..

Tsunade stared back at Guy," This is not a good time to tell them! " He slumped in shame but continued to let the ninja's do what they needed to do..

The next day finally arrive. Everyone was in place watching Sasuke speak to Orochimaru. Orochimaru just laughed and grabed Sakura. Tsunade," Stop! You promised me that you won't bother anyone in the village! Why her? "

Orochimaru laughed," You actually thought I'll keep that promise? " They both backed up. Sasuke and the jonins both did their jutsu, the fire style. Orochimaru had no notice, but got hit. Not enough though. Enough to let Sakura go. Then ino did mind transfer jutsu, she missed by barely an inch, but it was enough for Shikamaru to trap him with his shadow.

Tsunade laughed," You were caught of guard Orochimaru. It is time to stop our worries and make sure that this village is safe. "

In no time the village was safe and Orochimaru was dismissed. Sasuke and Sakura were alone. Sakura smiled at Sasuke," Thank you Sasuke-kun. "

Sasuke smiled back," I did what I did, and everything turned out just as planned. " He turned around.

Sakura stopped smiling," Where are you going Sasuke? "

Sasuke looked at her grining once more," Somewhere.." He walked away from Sakura, " We'll meet again.. "

Sakura started to grow in tears but understood what Sasuke meant. " Someday Sasuke. Some day.." The both looked back at each other one more time, but with one kiss. Again they repeated their words,"

Some day.."