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A pink haired kunoichi walked quickly threw the streets of had only one thing on her mind at that moment:Tsunade's going to kill me!Well, wouldn't you be scared if the Godaime sternly said to not be late for your job, and you were late for your job?20 minutes.20 minutes late already.21 minutes, kunoichi started to were suffering because she was late!I mean, people aren't going to just keep breathing because she's late!There might be people in that hospital dieing!

Finally, after running into 8 adults, running over 12 little kids, and tripping over her own feet for the 50th time that morning, she was in front of her destination:Konoha Hospital.

This clumsy pink haired, emerald eyed, brilliant kunoichi was the apprentice of Tsunade, the 5th , this girl was-"SAKURA!"Said girl flinched as she heard the loud yell of her mentor."Y-yes, Tsunade-shishou?"She said softly as she entered the Godaime ran up to the kunoichi with fire in her eyes."You're 26 minutes late!"She spat.As if I didn't know that!Inner Sakura thought."I'm sorry, Tsunade-shishou.I'll make sure it wont happen again."She replied, knowing that if she had spoke her inner thoughts that she would be signing her own death note.

"Well, it better not happen , there is a patient in room has some serious injuries and I need you to heal is not of our village, but he claims he doesn't remember a he will be staying here for a will be your only patient for the next few days."She explained.What?!How long is 'the next few days'?I am not going to be babysitting some...some...-"Yes, Tsunade-shishou."Sakura said, cutting Inner Sakura nodded once and began to walk to room 203."Oh, and Sakura,"Tsunade kunoichi stopped and turned to look at her mentor."I don't quite trust him, so keep your gaurd up and tell me if he does anything suspicious."

Sakura nodded and began walking again.'She doesn't trust him?Is he some spy from another village?'Sakura wondered.If he tries anything funny he's gonna wish he never heard the name !

'201...202...203.'Sakura thought as she walked through the rather large hall and found her patient's sighed as she put her hand on the doorknob.'Here goes nothin'.She pushed open the door, and what she saw was not what she had expected.


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