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"Sugoi! Hikari-chan, you got the top scores in the school! Again!" A tall blonde haired girl told her friend. "Mayu-chan! Aren't you proud of our little Hikari-chan!" She was sitting on a chair, one of three that formed a little triangle.

"Of course, Karin," a girl with long jet black hair said. "I'm always proud of her." She too was sitting on a chair.

The girl in between them blushed. Her brown hair, it was a pale light brown, only a few shades darker that crème or off white, covered her eyes, hiding it under a shadow.

Karin laughed. "You don't have to be so shy around us! You're too bashful for your own good!" She pinched Hikari's cheek. "Minamino Hikari! You are too cute for your own good!"

The red on the girls face no longer slightly graced her cheeks, it spread throughout her face.

Mayu sighed. "You are scaring the child, Karin."

"Am not!" The blonde retorted.

""Hikari, is she being annoying?"

The silent girl sat there for a moment. Then, slowly, she shook her head side to side, causing her hair, which stopped a little longer than her chin, to move out of her eyes, revealing dull, yet not lacking a small sparkle, milk chocolate eyes. She gave a small shy smile, closing her eyes in the process, to assure her friend.

"Don't get too cocky, Minamino!" Hikari's eyes opened to see a trio of girls. Each wore a white and blue plaid skirt that stopped about an inch above their knees with a crisp white blouse with blue cross on the right breast.

"You're just a mute freak!"

"Little kids like you belong in preschool!"

Karin suddenly stood up, knocking her chair over. "Shut up!" The trio took a hesitant step back. Karin was notorious for doing anything for her friends. Especially when it involved fights. "You guys always pick on Hikari for no reason what-so-ever! I bet you guys just call her the source of your troubles because you're just jealous of her! But, if I ever see you pick on her again… I'll make sure that you won't be able to complain about anything anymore!"

"Y-you haven't h-heard the last of us!" The trio yelled as they ran away.

Hikari looked at her friend, her gaze filled with thankfulness. Karin's own eyes met with hers. Hikari always liked Karin's eyes; they reminded her of her big brother's. They were emerald and filled with so much care, just like her brother's.

"Hikari, are you alright? You shouldn't let what they said get to you." Karin said.

"She's right, they have no reason to bother you, and you have no need to bother to listen to them." Mayu added in.

Hikari smiled at her friends, she was so glad to have them.

"Kawaii!" Hikari was put in a tight embrace. "You're so cute! Just like Kisa!"

"Again with the Fruits Basket references, Karin. You're such an otaku."

"Well it's true! Hikari is kinda like Tohru and Kisa put together. You're like Hanajima, and I'm like Uotani!"

Hikari smiled. Her raven haired friend had a slightly disapproving look in her amethsyt orbs, and Karin was laughing. She really loved her friends.

"See ya Hikari! Tommorow, we have another fun-filled day at Shiratori!" Karin called to her shorter friend.

"Good bye Hikari, see you tomorrow." Mayu said as well. The trio was at the end of the road that split into two, both smaller roads leading into a different neighborhood of the district.

Hikari bowed her head slightly as a response and waved her hand. Her friends smiled and walked side by side down the road to the right. Hikari watched their retreating backs for a while, until she too went on her way. She and her friends attended the prestigious Shiratori Gakuen, a famous all-girls middle school. The trio was in their last year of the three year course. Hikari was considered to be some sort of genius, her intellect made up for her lack of the ability to speak. While her classmates were 14 going on fifteen or already fifteen, she herself was twelve, turning fifteen in a few months, and at the top of her class.

She was a petite little thing though, she was so small and looked like she could be blown away by a slight breeze. She had a pale creamy complexion, and her shy expression made her look younger than she is. She looked to be around nine or ten, and she disliked being commented about that.

The trees lining the road slowly began to disappear as she walked further down the road, replaced with houses. Hikari's journey came to an end when she reached a nice looking white two-story house with an amazingly gorgeous garden in front. Her brother's doing; he always had a knack for gardening.

Hikari opened the door, prepared to meet an empty household. Instead, she met a pair of beautiful emerald eyes.

"Okaeri, Hikari. Welcome home."

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