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Kuwabara: I can't believe that we missed the entire fight because I took a couple of extra minutes to brush my teeth.

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Hiei: I'm sure you minty fresh breath was well worth the delay. (Looks at Yusuke with Puu on his head) What is that ridiculous appendage growing out of your head all about?

Yusuke: It's just a puberty thing, okay?


There she sat, under the light of the moonlit light. The full moon cast its eerie glow on the land, and cast its reflection on the clear water of the lake.

How strange, it looked like a perfect mirror from here! The sky reflected on the water was as clear as image as the original. If she hadn't been standing on the water of the lakes, she probably wouldn't have known which direction was up or down.

Hikari cupped her hands and scooped some water from the lake into them. Even in her hands, the water perfectly reflected the night sky.

A perfect mirror that bathed in the light of the full moon.

So beautiful, so perfect, so complete….

But still….


Ripples started to appear in the water of the lake, and the water slipped from her hands. No longer could she see the starry sky in the water, it had been replaced by a pitch black.

The mirror had cracked.


At first, all she knew was the faint throbbing of her head. It ached, but not enough to bother her. The kind of headache you notice only when you actually stopped to think about it.

But, slowly, it disappeared. She opened her eyes. Although her vision was little bit blurry, Hikari could make out her surroundings. Hikari was lying on a bed in a room with light green walls. Light came from the window on the wall which the bed was pushed against.

How did she get there?


Hikari lifted her head off of the pillow to see that a boy was sitting on a chair facing the bed. His raven hair was gelled back, and he wore a green school uniform. His chocolate brown eyes looked at her with concern.

"Hey kid. You alright?" He asked in a soft tone.

Hikari stared at him. He looked familiar, but from where? Images flashed through her mind. Her basket, laying forgotten on the ground, a horrendously misplaced bush, a blue guy, and pain.

"Oi! Don't ignore me! Say something already! Can't you talk?!" The guy demanded.

Hikari looked at him and smiled a sad smile and shook her head.

He looked taken aback. "Sorry."

She gave him a reassuring smile as if to say 'It's Okay.'

He gave a smile. "By the way, the name's Yusuke. Urameshi Yusuke." His expression turned serious. "Do you remember what happened last night."

Hikari's smile disappeared. She nodded.

Yusuke sighed. "That makes my job harder." He gave her another serious look. "Look kid, I have to protect you, we have no idea if another….creature would target you again. You'll have to follow me to school. Think you can stand?" He asked.

Hikari nodded.


Hikari sat on the roof of Yusuke's school, Yusuke with her. After having a light breakfast and tiptoeing over Yusuke's mother (who was sleeping right in front of the door, empty beer bottle in hand), they arrived at Sarayashiki Junior High 20 minutes before school started. (An amazing feat for Yusuke, as he had told her) He smuggled her onto her the roof and told her to stay there.

Now Yusuke was back. He was skipping P.E. ("It's a pain in the ass.")

Hikari watched the clouds fly by, feeling very much like Shikamaru from Naruto. Though she wouldn't admit it, she had a slight obsession with action anime (Mainly with humor, humor always made her feel better.) Namely, she loved Naruto, an anime about a hyperactive ninja, Bleach, a tale of a boy who becomes a shinigami, Eyeshield 21 (oddly, this one was about football, but it was funny), and Reborn! an anime about a kid who is suddenly a candidate to be the 10th generation boss of the greatest family ever, but had no intention of leading the family! (Major otaku...)

Yep, anime was great.

Hmm…. One of the clouds looks like a pineapple…..

A bell rang, signaling for the next class. Yusuke stood up. "See ya later, kid." And left.

Hikari closed her eyes, the sun felt so nice on her skin. So enjoyable.


"Your chief concern will be recovering the items. The Shadow Sword will make a monster from whoever it cuts. The Forlorn Hope emits a cryptic power at full moon. The Orb of Baast can capture living souls, especially those of children." A floating toddler explained.

"Cheery. Who came up with that one?"

The toddler ignored him. "Understand, Yusuke, the artifacts were forged from darkness and the weak and desperate. They were created eons ago by the universe itself, and serve as vital role in balancing life." His expression grew dark. "But in the wrong hands, they can also destroy, tip the scales toward evil. Get them Yusuke." The little boy ordered. "As a living human, you're the best chance we've got while they're on earth."

"Don't say anymore." Yusuke stood up from the crouching position that he was in. "You've brought me back to life, right? While I'm guessing I could do something useful to earn my keep."

Koenma nodded, his expression still serious. "It's in your hands Yusuke."

Yusuke opened the shed door. "By the way, Yusuke." Yusuke turned to his boss. You'll have to take the girl with you. Frankly, we're short of hands in Ningenkai, if anything were to happen to her, no one would be able to stop it.


"Shu-nii." Hikari smiled to herself as she said her nickname for her brother. It just rolled of her toungue. Hikari was happy with herself, it was her first word since she was three! It was a good thing that she didn't say a meaningless word like 'walk' or 'piñata.' That would have made this feeling not as warm and fuzzy.

Her brother seemed happy about it as well. At least, she hoped he was. It was her name for him. In the past, he was cold and distant to both her and their mother. And lately, he had been acting so strangely. She was worried for him.

It took her a while for her to master the simple word. When Yusuke wasn't on the roof with her, she would practice. With Yusuke around, she was too embarrassed to do anything. (The things going to an all-girls school for the past three years can do to you!) She also attempted at other words, but no sound would come out.

Hikari heard the door open. She tensed, what if somebody found her? Yusuke (dubbed Yu-chan) was gonna kill her! She hid behind the building in which the said door was attached to.

Footsteps slowly made their way out.

Hikari's heart felt as though it would explode.

"Hey kid!" came the familiar call of her green clad companion. (Though the really wasn't sure why he was her companion.)

Hikari sighed in relief. It's just Yu-chan…

She came out from her spot, and walked forward timidly.

Yusuke smiled at the sight of her. "We need to get going. I have something a have to do." He held out his hand to her.

She stared at it hesitantly. And slowly, she grabbed his hand. He grinned at her. She couldn't help but give a shy smile of her own. He pulled her hand and started to guide her through the school. The smile faded from her face, replaced with a look of hesitation and uneasiness.

It wasn't that she disliked him, It was that, there was something off about him. Like the blue man and Hiei, she felt a sort of…awareness? She tried the word, it fit, but it wasn't the word she was looking for, but it was close enough. Being around him was like taking a bath in room temperature water. Small Waves of warmth radiated off of the teen. It wasn't blaringly obvious, really, it didn't feel like anything was there. But at the same it did.

She couldn't help but like him. Yusuke was blunt, short-tempered, but kind and brave. He was a naturally likeable person. But… When she thought about what she knew about Yusuke, she was surprised by how little she knew about him. He saved her from the homicidal blue man who was trying to kill her, reasons unknown. He seemed to understand why it attacked her, and somehow it became duty to protect her! And now, they were going to who knows where!

These thoughts led up to the greatest question of them all.

What happened to my groceries?

What if the tomatoes got squished? What if the spaghetti broke free from their package and tripped some little kids? What if a bird chocked on a peach pit?

All that good food gone to waste…. Wait! She paid for that! She payed money for nothing! If Hikari wasn't such a timid, yet level headed, girl, she probably would have broke down crying.

Now, they were working through their way threw a huge crowd, she could feel Yusuke's grip on her tighten, afraid that she'd get lost.

What had happened to her wallet? She remembered putting it her pocket. She absent mindedly moved her free hand into her pocket, and was surprised to feel a bulky frog shaped wallet (She had spent hours making one that looked just like Naruto's) in her pocket.

It was then that she noticed that she was still wearing her school uniform.

She had slept in it all night long.

She yawned at the mention of the word 'slept.'

Yusuke stared at her strangely, and tugged her out of the crowd. He crouched down in front of her. She stared at him quizzically.

"Get on."

She blinked and gave him a questioning stare.

"You're sleepy aren't you? Get on! I'm can't ditch you somewhere while you sleep, ya know!"

She hesitantly climbed onto her protector's back. She wrapped her arms around his neck as he stood up. He shifted her around on his back and had a grip on her legs. She yawned again and put her head on his shoulder and closed her eyes.

No, Yusuke. I don't know…


Yusuke groaned. How was he supposed to find those three treasures if he didn't know where they were! All he knew was that the artifacts were in Ningenkai. For all he knew, the artifacts could have been in Zimbabwe! He was seriously gonna kill that toddler…

He groaned. He would kill to have a lead!

"Like hell that would happen." The punk muttered under his breath.

"Call an ambulance!"

"That kid just collapsed!"

A crowd gathered on the street. Yusuke stared at it. He blinked. He sighed. "What the hell?" And he walked towards the crowd.(Note that he said it like 'Why not?' not like 'OMFGWTH!')

He shifted Hikari on his back and he began worming himself through the crowd. A few 'Watch it!'s and 'Damn brat!'s were heard. In the middle of the small sea was a boy on the ground, clearly unconscious. Yusuke stared at him, and all of a sudden, a steamy white orb rose up from the body.

Yusuke sighed. I can't believe I'm saying this… "Bingo."

He watched as the orb started to zoom away, and turn at the crosswalk.

I hate my job. Yusuke ran after it. After many twists, turns, and hopping over the occasional dumpster, Yusuke lost sight of the small thing in a clearing of sorts. Suddenly, uptown had become downtown. There was graffiti everywhere. Everything was shades of gray and brown, and the sky was an ominous red.

Lots of seedy looking people were there. Some were sitting on dumpsters, a few leaning against the walls, and others just standing there. One guy caught Yusuke's attention.

He was tall muscular guy who was sitting the farthest away from him. Yusuke squinted his eyes. He had horns on his head. They were hard to see, probably unseen by any normal person, but they were still there. Yusuke pulled out his Psychic Spyglass.

In the great man's pocket was the Orb of…Thingy. Damn those people who give things retarted and confusing names! Damn them! The giant stretched his arms as he yawned and stood up. He disappeared around the corner.

"Here goes…" Yusuke began to tail the mysterious man. He stopped when he felt a hand on his shoulder.

"Hey kid got some cash for me?" One of the men lounging around had walked up to him.

"Sorry, minor league. I don't have time for you."

Soon more 'gangstas' crowded around Yusuke, a murderous intent in their eyes.

"That's the wrong answer."

"Well don't say that I didn't give you guy fair…" Yusuke punched a guy in the chin, sending him back. "WARNING!"

Soon, an epic battle began, though it was one sided because Yusuke was creaming all of their sorry asses. As if it were a bloody battlefield, a slight breeze blew through the clearing for a dramatic effect. The unconscious bodies of the punks were here, there, and everywhere.

Miraculously, Hikari did not wake, nor did she fall off in the fight.

Now where'd he go…


"Koenma-sama. We've got data on the criminals." A red ogre sat in front of the mighty Prince of the Undead.

"Good, show me at once." The young ruler demanded, sucking on his binky.

"Of course, sir." The ogre turned on the gargantuan television screen.

An image of a melancholic red head with the saddest green eyes Koenma had seen appeared on the screen. He was cute, and slightly effeminate in his magenta school uniform. (What I don't get is why Koenma didn't investigate his school for someone who looks like him. The uniform knows All.)

"His name is Kurama. And that's all we know. Somehow, he's avoided all of our files."

A new picture appeared on the screen. A boy with an annoyed expression etched on his face glared at the people in the room. His wine colored eyes stared at them intently, while his odd hairstyle surprised the prince.

"Hiei is another mystery case. No criminal record or origin known. Our informants describe him as a real cutthroat. Definitely a loner."

A final picture appeared on the screen. "Last, we got Goki. Now here's your run-of-the-mill crook. Twelve previous convictions, killed his last ten pursuers, murder seems to be his hobby. There a rough bunch, sir."

"Oh, yes. I expected as much."

The door behind the screen opened. An angry Botan walked through the the screen as if nothing were there.

"You must be out of your mind!"

"A-ah… Botan! You came!" the toddler was in for it now!

"Well…YES! Did you think I wouldn't when you sent my best project to a pack of wolves! All three of these criminals are pushing out tremendous amounts of energy! They'll rip Yusuke into pieces! Not to mention the little girl he has with him!" Botan unleashed her words of anger onto Koenma.

"Yes,yes. I understand the odds are against him, and I would've preferred to start him smaller cases until his abilities grew! But with this new case, I had no choice!" The young ruler tried to reason with the ferry girl.

"Fine! Give him the case! But at least let me train him first!"

"How much could he learn in less than a week?" Koenma asked in a depressing manner.

"Less than a week? Surely those criminals can't cause damage in that little time!" Botan looked a little unsure of her last statement. "Can they?"

"The crooks aren't the problem! In a week my father comes back from vacation!" Koenma clutched his head in an exasperated manner.

"Enma-sama is coming back?" Now Botan looked scared.

"The one thing he always tells me is to protect the King's Vault. But I didn't think someone would actually break in!" Koenma looked as if he would break into tears.

"Will we be scolded really badly, do you think?"

"I'm afraid ours will be a minor issue. If Dad gets angry, the whole world will suffer!"

"Can't you just…explain it?"

"You know how my dad can get! Everything's fire and brimstone with him! He might sink an entire continent to get these three artifacts back!.

"Ah!" Botan shivered in her pink Kimono.

"That's why I had to send Yusuke without the proper training and that's why he's got less than a week to solve the case! He's got to for the sake of his planet! Yusuke must defeat those criminals, even at the cost of his own life." He ended gravely.

"I understand Koenma-sama. I'll go back to Ningenkai and help Yusuke as much as I can" Botan turned on her heal and left the room.

"He's our one hope. Don't forget."


Yusuke walked thought the forest when suddenly, it began to rain.

Of all the days that I don't have an umbrella…. He shifted the girl on his back. Poor girl, I'm sort of using her as a back umbrella, aren't I?

Yusuke tried to continue his search sticking as closest to the trees as possible, hoping that their branches would shield himself and Hikari from the rain.

He pause under a tree. "Great! This stupid rain's gonna wash away his tracks!" He stared at the skies, cursing at the clouds, when something caught his eye. A tall pillar of light was up ahead, and it seemed that the rain avoided that spot.



Laughter rang through the clearing.

"Yes. This is perfect." A shadow flitted through the trees, a silver flash along with it. The sword cut a tree, and from it flew a gargoyle like beast. It landed on the ground and almost immediately became wood again.

Hiei turned to Goki. "If the sword can make demons from trees, just think what it'll make from humans. I say we head off to the next big city and carve out a thousand of them. Imagine raising an entire demon army!" he gave a cold chuckle.

Goki laughed as well. "I like the way you think, Hiei. If we teach them to eat souls…. I even know how we'll feed them all!" The giant rummaged through his pocket. "The ORB OF BAAST!" He said it as if it was a hilarious joke.

"And once the moon becomes full, we can use Kurama's weapon and supposedly get complete control. Isn't that right, Kurama?"

The redhead walked forward, out of the shadows. "Sorry. I must withdraw from this alliance."

"What!?" the others stared at him as if he were crazy.

"What is that supposed to mean!? Surely your not dropping out of the game when you come this far!" Hiei hissed angrily at the maybe-traitor.

Kurama's expression didn't change. "You coward! Your years of hiding yourself in this human world has made you just like them! Spineless and ready to be walked on!" Hiei spat out angrily.

"I don't give a flip if he leaves, but he's got no right to the loot. Give us your little mirror." Goki held his hand out to the teen.

"I can't. I have great of it, myself.

Goki gave a creepy half-smile. "Alright.. the I'll.. PUNCH IT OUT OF YOU!" Goki raised his fist at Kurama.

Kurama narrowed hi eyes by a fraction.

"Howdy Neighbors!"

Goki stopped in mid-punch. All three demons looked towards the source of the noise in sudden awareness.

"Couldn't help but notice that there's no rainfall in here!" From the shadows, came a dark haired boy. He seemed to be carrying someone on his back, but their face was blocked be the branch the teen was carrying as a umbrella.

"Maybe the next time you guys go around stealing magic toys, you should hide where it's not so obviously sunny. Just a tip."

"Who are you, and how do you know about the artifacts!?" The diminutive dwarf that we all love spat out.

"Give us your name!" The tall one demanded.

"Oh, thank you! Hoped you'd ask!" He threw away the branch. "Hello boys! The names Yusuke, I'm a Spirit detective." He pointed to his face with his thumb.

Kurama's eyes widened. As did Hiei's. With the branch gone, they could see the face of the mystery person.

Kurama stared surprised his sister. What is she doing here…?

Hiei's face returned to his normal glare.

"Spirit detective!?" Goki exclaimed.

Yusuke stepped away for a moment, and set the girl against a tree near the outside of the ring. For now, she was out of harm's way.

"Don't worry, he's just one of Koenma's fools." Hiei gave a cold laugh. "He must have been the only human that the could round up, his spirit energy is pathetic.

Kurama stared blankly at the green uniform clad teen for a moment before walking away.

"Hey! Where do you think you're going!" Yusuke yelled after the mysterious bishounen.

"Sorry, I don't have time to be arrested." And he was gone.

"Stop Kurama! You can't just walk out on our plan!" Hiei yelled angrily at his traitorous comrade. He jumped into the air, and in a flicker, he was gone.

"Hey don't leave yet, you guys I just got here!" Yusuke sighed. "At least you and big, bad, and ugly are still here, right kid?" He looked over his shoulder to look at the girl, not expecting any response (she is asleep of course), but was surprised when he did.

She too, was gone.


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