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"Ugh!" Kratos Aurion gave a loud grunt as the monster's razor-sharp scythes collided with his Omega Shield, resulting in a dull clunk. "Won't work!" The auburn haired man muttered with a hint of arrogance as he slashed horizontally with his readied steel sword. One swipe and the giant emerald Praying Mantis was sliced cleanly in half; its blue blood splattering harmlessly on the forest greenery.

The mercenary didn't have time to clean his blade from the ill-looking azure substance though; he turned quickly from his deceased foe to witness his so- …Lloyd collapse from near exhaustion.

The brunette panted heavily as he completely leaned on one of his sabers and rested on one knee. A wolf-like monster grinned evilly, approaching the red clad youth; it knew a delicious meal was within its reach.

Acting quickly, Kratos stood straight and tall with his shield in front; a white circle of enchantment surrounding the purple clad human as he recited a practiced mantra. "Don't overdo it," the auburn haired man quietly snarled, feeling the mana escape from his body and into his target, "First Aid!"

Immediately Lloyd felt his energy return, in the form of the mercenary's light green mana. His cuts and bruises faded away, and much to the wolf's disappointment, the twin swordsman stood up grinning smugly. "Thanks," Lloyd Irving murmured appreciatively to the elder swordsman, making quick work of the unfortunate wolf.

Kratos felt a small smile tug at his lips. Lloyd will become a great swordsman one da-

"Why just me?!" Collette Brunel's sob jolted the auburn haired man into awareness. The blonde was blindly swatting at three bulky ladybugs that had encircled her with the petty giant rings she owned. Why she chose to engage with chakrams was beyond the purple donned man's understanding.

There are many reasons that it is only the Chosen…Kratos absentmindedly answered Collette within himself as he shook his head to clear the wandering mind. "Take this, First Aid!" Again, more of his energy left his body, only to enter Collette.

"Thanks!" The Chosen of Mana cheerfully squeaked in her high voice, returning to the battle with additional vigor.

The constant healing began to exhaust the mercenary's mana supply. Why are there so many monsters? Kratos made sure to check how the youngest of the group was faring.

Genis Sage was distant from the full force action; the silver haired boy chanted softly as he kept his kendama bouncing up and down in rhythm, a red circle of magic encircling him. "Fireball!" He shouted, thrusting his weapon forward; three flames smacking into a ladybug to destroy it as a result.

Genis was the only one that the purple clad man didn't have to be concerned about relentlessly; the small mage knew when to back away, and he always made sure to defend when an enemy was near.

So very unlike the young boy's two friends.

"Ack!" Lloyd fell back first on the ground, knocking all the air out of his body. The offender, another Praying Mantis, stalked hungrily towards the brunette.

Lloyd! No other thoughts controlling his brain, Kratos dashed frantically towards the predator, desperately swinging his steel sword down. In his adrenaline, the mercenary tore through the unsuspecting monster, creating a sickening shower of blue liquid for the two swordsmen.

Completely drenched in sticky azure matter, Lloyd blinked up at Kratos, while the former did the same exact thing. They stared at each other; the brunette laying on the ground, and the auburn haired man standing over him, for a long moment of time in absolute silence.

"Wow…" the twin swordsman finally broke the stifling calm with a chuckle, "That was so cool, Kratos!" Lloyd smiled as he stood up, lightly clutching his abdomen where a moderate gash was located.

The auburn haired man sighed resignedly, approaching the younger swordsman; the bright light of healing magic surrounding him as he did so. With a softly murmured, "First Aid" Kratos removed Lloyd's gloved hand to replace it with his directly over the wound. In a burst of green mana, the injury mended itself together again.

The twin swordsman flushed a bright red, drawing away from the close contact, "T-thanks…" he stuttered, departing to leave the elder swordsman bewildered with the strange reaction.

Not one to ever dwell on a subject too long, Kratos shrugged slightly and scanned the battlefield for a certain woman. "Where is that professor…" The purple clad mercenary darkly wondered aloud, watching the brunette jump into the extended battle from the corner of his eye. She is supposed to be healing all the time, not me.

Said professor was swinging her staff expertly, knocking down another wolf that thought that it had found an easy meal. Sweat appeared on her brow as she continued to thwart the ferocious beast. Small scratches covered her slim figure, and her ragged breathing revealed who was winning the battle of life and death.

Kratos felt a growl escape from deep inside his throat, seeing the failing ally. Rigidly standing to deliver a spell, the mercenary felt the last of his extra human mana depart from his body. "Take this, Lighting!" With his command of a raised gloved hand, a bolt of electricity fell from the heavens, coursing throughout the monster. The wolf gave a screeching howl of pain as it collapsed on the floor, never to move again.

Professor Raine Sage exhaled a tired sigh of relief as she saw that her opponent was slain. She awkwardly dusted her orange outfit before simply descending on her hands and knees, taking shallow breaths.

Humph… Kratos narrowed his garnet eyes at the silver haired teacher, advancing towards her exhausted form. The purple donned man contacted his angelic mana supply to heal Raine. She just needs to get herself almost killed…

"Thank you…" Raine heaved a sigh with her eased pain and lifted her head to look to her aid.

Cold garnet eyes bore deep into her sapphire ones.

"What are you doing?" Kratos snarled irritably, roughly hauling up the professor off the ground with a free hand. "Do you wish to die?"

The supposed healer responded with a snarl of her own, her pride taking a major blow. "I'm perfectly capable of handling myself, thank you very much." Her cheeks flushed with embarrassment and shame.

"Magic users need to stand back." The mercenary inclined his head toward where Genis was standing, delivering the final spell on the last monster.

"Burn…Eruption!" the young mage smiled as the monster was reduced to a pile of charred ashes. "That was pathetic!" He cheered loudly, receiving a high five from both Lloyd and Colette.

At a loss of words, the former teacher watched Kratos turn and walk in the direction of the three giggling children, gruffly stating that they should set up camp far from this place.

"Stand back…tch." Professor Raine flicked her silver hair from her sapphire orbs. "I will do no such thing if my students and my younger brother are in danger."