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They had made it; it was their final destination, and the most decisive battle had at last begun. They had went through torture inside their minds, explored a hellish castle the elves had called home at one point, and they were finally confronting the one who had started the entire nightmare in the first place; Mithos Yggdrasill.

Professor Raine Sage bared her teeth savagely as she stood her ground, absorbing every single attack the small blond fashioned through her staff. For a fleeting sickening moment, the silver haired woman thought her staff would snap in two, but her weapon continued to hold out; even though the healer's arms were failing her.

I can't lose hope…

Seraph Kratos Aurion slashed and hacked frantically with his sword directed at his former student and traveling companion from four thousand years ago. Though it was a valiant effort, and many enemies would have been slain from the sheer force, it was all in vain; Mithos didn't remove himself from attacking Raine.

Get away from her…!

Hero Lloyd Irving cursed loudly for every failed attempt to distract the leader of Cruxis, though the brunette was pulling every sword technique he knew. He was growing tired, the twin swordsman could sense it, but Mithos refused to engage Lloyd in combat, choosing instead to harass the Professor.

Why won't he let up?!

Chosen Colette Brunel coughed weakly, blood flowing out of her slightly parted lips, lying away from all the combating. She knew she wasn't to live for long, but she couldn't help but feel worried for the ones left fighting; as her lifeblood slipped away, she wondered…will they be all right?

Oh…anybody…protect them!

Summoner Sheena Fujibayashi couldn't feel anything, not even the large gash she had on her right side. She had been stupid before, but the raven head decided that trying to summon Shadow while a psycho child was one the loose hadn't been her brightest moment.

This is how I go? Stupid, stupid, stupid…

President Regal Bryant breathed harshly, kneeling in a resting position; his handcuffs were a rest for his head. He had repeatedly attacked in a futile effort; why couldn't he be strong to protect the only friends he had?

I truly am…pathetic.

Axman Persea Combatir knelt leaning against her axe, blood gushing freely from the large slash she had received in the forehead. The pink haired girl was barely hanging on to consciousness, wanting nothing more than to lie down and fall asleep…or die.

Would you accept me, Daddy?

Warlock Genis Sage felt sobs escaping his throat, the young magic user was personally surprised that he had the will to continue blasting the only half elf friend he had. Mithos had said he was lying the whole time about being companions, but Genis never lied; the silver haired child was speaking the truth about his loyalty.

Because I'm your friend…! I'll stop you!

Mithos growled under his breath; why wasn't the blasted healer dieing?! He had given up on destroying everyone with his magic; his main focus was the professor. He wasn't stupid, Mithos was well aware of the fact that his enemies depended on Raine when they fell; why not take out the foundation of the breaking bridge?

Finally fed up with the two swordsmen's unrelenting interference though, Mithos spun in a full circle, loosing the light magic within the ball of his hand. "Scatter…" the blonde snarled dangerously quiet, not bothering to defend himself against Genis' Wind Blade.

Lloyd and Kratos both flew back, and equally taken by surprise, harshly landed on their stomachs. The brunette gasped for air as he felt his lungs emptied, growing dizzy with the lack of oxygen. Everything swimming in his vision, the twin swordsman stood up shakily, brandishing his blades in what he hoped to be in a threatening manner. "Pretty good," he managed to wheeze, grinning toothily.

Kratos crashed on the unsympathetic ground with warped elegance, still controlling enough of his body to flip back up. He growled deep in the back of his throat, adjusting his shield and sword. "Tricky…" The auburn haired man absentmindedly wiped the bit of blood from the corner of his lips that had accumulated.

For a moment, Mithos looked at the two swordsmen and hesitated. He thought that he had completely knocked out the opposing forces, but Lloyd and Kratos stood back up, the fire of determination still fierce in their abnormally similar eyes.

Mithos' uncertainty was what Raine needed, as she ran farther away from the blond and shouted with her staff in the air, "Help is on the way, Healing Circle!" She didn't use the healing spell often, but the silver haired woman gazed with contentment that the small dome-like manifestation of her mana eased the wounds of the father and son.

Mithos half shouted and half roared at his own foolishness; then calming at once, the blond smirked, waving his hand in the air whilst chanting softly. Without warning, the seraph in child form stretched out his entire body, releasing an immense amount of mana. "Goodbye…" Mithos offered a cruel smile, "JUDGMENT!"

It nearly happened in an instant.

Rays of light fell straight down upon them, and almost as if in slow motion, Professor Raine watched her friends…no her family, fall one by one.

"Sis…" Genis crumpled to the floor as a light beam stuck him dead on, the small boy's soft sapphire eyes glazed over. And he thought he was being careful…

"Damn…" Sheena finally started to feel something, a burning sensation throughout her legs. Although she considered herself to be an idiot, the raven head trusted her intuition that she was going to die…

"I'm sorry!" Regal, in his exhausted state, could only shout the apology when he was struck down. He was beyond a doubt regretful…if only, if only…

"Good bye…" Persea softly smiled while she fell, surprisingly not stuck down by Mithos' magic, just from pure fatigue by the blood loss. She hoped her father wouldn't be too disappointed when she showed up…

"I'm sorry…Dad…" Lloyd closed his eyes and relaxed. The twin swordsman knew he shouldn't, but he was tired…

"I'm sorry everyone…" Colette inwardly sighed, Martel would be so sad if she saw what her younger brother was doing. The Chosen felt one more cough come to her lips…

Kratos struggled to get back up, but only managed to get on his hands and knees; he lifted his head to see the professor, still too shocked but to merely stare in silent horror. The auburn haired man reached weakly to her, though he was clearly fifty feet away. "No…" he rasped, blood pooling in his mouth. How did it come to this? Kratos could care less if he himself died, but everyone else? Raine? The swordsman felt himself fall. No, Raine wasn't supposed to die here…

The professor became aware of something warm and wet trailing down her cheeks as she saw Kratos collapse. Weakly bringing a hand to her face, she saw that they were tears.


She was crying.

Mithos grinned, seeing that most of his opponents were defeated. The only one left was the silver haired woman, but the blond figured he could take his time to kill her; she didn't pose a threat anymore.

Raine watched as Mithos approached her slowly, almost at a mocking pace; he knew she couldn't do anything without her friends. He knew…More hot tears fell from her crystal blue eyes. "No…! No!" The professor began chanting for Healing Circle, not caring if Mithos would try to stop her.

The small blond actually laughed. She was trying to heal someone? They were all dead! Mithos stopped for a moment to watch in sadistic humor.

Who would she aim for…? Raine tried to focus.








"Root of all creation, grant us the breath of life!" She yelled, the words entering her head. The professor slammed the end of her staff into the ground, "Revitalize!"

A beautiful arrangement of bright colors erupted from throughout the entire floor, temporarily causing Mithos to lose his sight. The blond gasped as he recovered his vision and saw the ones he thought to be dead rise from their own blood, looking at themselves in amazement.

Lloyd, always the quickest to recover, picked his swords off the ground where he had dropped them. "HA!" The brunette taunted, pointing the fire sword of the Material Blade towards Mithos. "Thought you got us, huh?"

"He almost did kill us," Persea stated, brandishing her axe as well. "But now we shall return the favor."

"Yes," Regal agreed coldly, preparing to go into his fighting stance.

"It's payback time!" Sheena pulled out her cards, grinning.

"Mithos," Genis shook his head sadly, placing his kendama in front of himself to start casting again, "You will die."

Colette was never the type to tell someone that they were going to die, or she was going to get revenge, but she pulled out her chakrams anyway; her lips set in a grim lock.

"Heh," Kratos smirked as he alternately tapped the front tips of his boot on the floor, readying himself for battle once more, "The Professor isn't as helpless as you think, Mithos."

"Oh really?" Mithos, despite being outnumbered immensely once again, kept a wide grin dancing on his lips as he eyed the silver haired woman with amusement. "She's powerful, huh?" The blonde's eyes had a dangerous glint within, and almost a dark aura engulfed him. "She doesn't stand a chance."

Kratos smile died instantly.

"RAINE!" the purple clad man forgot how to breathe as he raced towards her, "Move out of the way!"

His warning came too late. Mithos spread his arms far, sending hot white spheres of his mana spinning outward; rings of appealing colors and runes pulsated around a confused Raine.

"Wha-?" the orange clad healer screamed as shots of unbearable pain ran through her back. Lighting fell upon her in ripples, and then a giant sword of pure mana fell on her, bursting in rays of light. She grimaced, plunging to the floor with a loud 'crack'.

Kratos could only watch in dismay, the woman that he thought would never fall…"NO!" Even as the entire group began to assault Mithos without any mercy, the auburn haired man forgot everything around him. He slowly approached the female half elf, finally kneeing next to her.

Closing his eyes, Kratos reached into his diminutive and exhausted mana supply, "First Aid!" He choked out, placing his green light of healing magic upon Raine.

She didn't stir.

"First Aid! First Aid!" The swordsman gathered the limp woman into his arms. "First Aid!" He shouted, knowing it would be in vain. "First…Aid…" Raine was dead. He had failed once more to save the one he loved; but no tears fell. He couldn't cry, he wouldn't cry…not anymore. Kratos bowed his head in mourning.

"Purgatory Seal!"

Kratos blinked, hearing Sheena's loud voice from a distance. He slightly lifted his head and saw Raine staring back at him; her blue eyes were dulled, but she was alive. "F-first aid!" the purple clad man stuttered, taken aback that she was even breathing at all.

With every spoken spell, Kratos observed that Raine's eyes shone with more and more life. He continued shouting 'First Aid', even as Mithos was defeated by Lloyd, even as Lloyd spoke that 'It's not over yet', even as all hell was breaking all around him.

"First-arugh," Kratos panted; he completely worn out his mana supply. He couldn't use anymore magic without killing himself.

Raine smiled tenderly, still within Kratos embrace. "First Aid," she murmured, sending the green light to surround them both.

The swordsman held the healer a bit closer, "Thank you…" Kratos lowered his head to come inches from her face. "…for living." He whispered finally, pressing his lips to hers.

It was a chaste kiss, and as quickly as it started, it had ended. But both were heaving for air, amazed and stunned with each other. They couldn't hear Mithos scream his last, nor Lloyd's parting words; nothing existed but Kratos and Raine.

And First Aid.

"Don't overdo it" "Are you okay?"-Kratos and Raine