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It's Yours Now

Chapter 1: The Girl

She had to get away. Run away and leave this place. Tonight was the night. The girl took a suitcase big enough to hold everything she wanted to take with her. Silently, she crept through the halls, down long corridors, and through twisted tunnels. She needed to get into the room. To get that thing. The thing that caused the pain. She finally found where the Captain kept it, she had been waiting for her chance. All her training, all her talents and abilities went into the planning of this night: Her escape. Finally, with everything locked away, she went to the Pod Room. The Pod Room was where the Pods were; you could use them to instantly travel anywhere in the world. And if you did it right, it was untraceable. She made sure she cut into her skin to take out what They had put there. They'd find her if she didn't. When all was set, she pressed the button. And that's when everything went wrong.


"And you! You're the last of the men now. Do you fear dea-" but before Davy Jones could even finish, someone interrupted.

"Captain! I think we may have missed someone down there!" one of the crew was pointing out at the water. He saw someone floating.

Jones grimaced at the remaining man, who was shaking with fear. The captain turned, grumbling to himself about how he was almost done, and walked over to see what the crewman was shouting about. Sure enough, out in the dark waters, there was someone floating. He barked out orders to haul it in. Unless it was found to be already dead. Then the orders were to leave it. The crew dumped the body on the deck of the ship, along with the case it was attached to.

"I think it's a woman…" said Maccus, first mate on the ship.

"Aye. However, neither dead nor dying! And strangely clothed, I might add. She's not from the wreck. So where did she come from?" Davy's eyes narrowed as he looked at the unconscious girl. She was wearing a pink shirt and dark blue pants of a strange material. He had never seen a woman clothed like that. And her hair was uncommonly short. Where could she have come from?

"Shall we throw her overboard, sir?"

"Put her in the brig. But put her belongings in my cabin. Keep watch over her till she wakes. Inform me when she does." The Captain turned once more to the trembling man they had fished out of the recent shipwreck.

"Don't…don't kill me! I know her!" he blubbered out.

"Ya do, do ya? I think you're lying, because you're afraid. But maybe you do know her," a wicked smile formed on the Captains lips. "Maybe I'll keep you around till she wakes up so she can watch you die! Ha ha ha! Tie him up crew! He's going to stick around a bit longer!"


Where am I? Why am I all wet? It's dark now. My head really hurts….what happened to me?

As soon as the girl moved and began to groan, someone went to inform Jones. It had been a few hours since the crew hauled her onto the ship, and many had taken a closer look at the new captive. A woman captive was rare as most stayed on land while the men sailed. Only a few braved the harsh sea, and even then, this girl did not look like one of them.

"I see you're finally awake. Do you know who I am?" asked Jones, sneering down at her.

She looked at him with confusion in her eyes. There was no fear there….yet. "I…I don't….no, I don't know who you are."

"You don't know who Captain Davy Jones is, lass?" Jones raised his voice here. He wanted a reaction out of this woman. A gasp, a look of realization, something, anything. But all he got was that same look. Confusion.

"Captain Davy Jones?" it was more of a question to herself than anyone. "Sir, I don't…I don't think I remember anything. I don't know who you are, or where I am…." here she paused. "Who am I?"

"You mean to tell me you don't even know who you are?"

The girl had her eyes closed tight and was trying to remember. She managed to stammer out: "Ju…Juno, sir. My name is Juno Alex."

"Well Miss Alex. You are of no use to me if you don't know anything about yourself or about your surroundings. It'll be back to the sea for you," judged the Captain.

As he was saying this, Juno had again closed her eyes tight and was whispering to herself over and over again, "My name is Juno Alex….Captain Davy Jones….Juno Alex…Captain….Captain….Something about a Captain….what is it?" As Davy opened the door to the cell and began to reach for her arm so that he could drag her back up on deck and throw her overboard, she remembered: "The Captain!" Juno shouted. "I must serve the Captain! It's….it's…my duty. That's what I do. I serve the Captain."

Davy stopped when he heard this. She had just willingly offered to serve him? What kind of person would do that? What kind of woman would do that? He looked at her. "Serve? Me? That's what you want to do?"

"I don't know, sir. Forgive me. But something in my head, something I remember….I have to serve the Captain. You said you were Captain Davy Jones," at this, she found his eyes and said, "I have to serve you."

For a man who collects souls, this was almost too good to be true. But Jones had his doubts. There was no way she would really want to serve him. A test was needed. "Then I will give you a task to do. And you must do it, or I will follow through on my word. You will be thrown overboard where you were found! Now get up! And follow me."


"Come one! Come all! We're all going to see what this little lass is all about!" Jones shouted as he came back up on deck. The crew was surprised to see the girl trailing after him. Murmurs went around as they gathered around.

"What's happening?" asked one.

"Maybe the Captain's gonna do them both in!" smiled another.

One by one, the Dutchman's crew and her captain surrounded the man who was tied up in a corner.

"This man here, professed to know who you are. He does not want to die. I want to know if he's telling the truth," Davy looked expectantly at Juno. Since she couldn't remember anything, she wouldn't remember this man even if she did before. There was a slight smirk on his face.

She looked hard at the man. His eyes were pleading with her. She knew that look. But from where? The pleading look turned to a look of horror as she shook her head and turned to the Captain, "No sir, I don't who he is."

Laughter issued forth from the gathered crowd, and Davy stepped forward, revealing a sword in his hand. "Well then Miss Alex. As Captain of the Flying Dutchman, I order to you kill him." Sometimes Davy Jones was reasonable. He killed those who didn't fear death, and took the ones that did. Tonight, Davy Jones was cruel. He would watch her wrestle with herself to kill the man, knowing she wouldn't do it. Perhaps she would confess that she did know him. It didn't matter. Davy Jones was going to kill both of them in the end.

Juno looked at the sword. She took it in her hand. It Like it belonged there. I know…how to use this? I've done it before? And as she stared harder at the metal, the moon glinting off of it, she knew it. She knew she could do it. She would do it. And in one swift motion, she lunged forward, the blade of the sword turned to the sky and cut into the man's stomach. She knew she wanted the sword blade-side up because she wasn't done. She slashed upward and only stopped when the sword had cut upwards through the man, stopping at his mouth. The horrified, painful look in his eyes faded, and she stepped back.

The crew was in shock. Davy Jones was in shock. What had just happened? The man was dead. The sword was still in him, and the girl was looking at her captain. "It's done, sir."

Davy was clearly taken aback. This was not how it was supposed to go. This was wrong. But then again, this woman had followed his order. No questions asked. Maybe she was serious about everything. "Get this corpse off my deck!" he shouted as he took his sword back, flicking it before he put it back in it's place. "And get back to work, the lot of you! As for you," he eyed Juno, "You will follow me."