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Chapter 17: It's Yours, Now

Unbeknownst to both Davy Jones and Juno, the entire fleet was now converging upon them. On the Dutchman, the Shell head, Hadras looked up.

"Maccus, sir! Look! Above us!" he shouted.

Maccus looked upwards towards the surface of the water, and saw that all the ships were moving towards the same goal.

"All stop!" Maccus ordered. He scanned the waters around him, looking for the Kraken. "Get on the Hammer! We have to call Calli back! We don't know what's happening now!"

As the hammer went down, Calli the Kraken swam her way over to the Dutchman. She made a circle around the ship, looking for her master. He wasn't there. But the Shark man was. She knew he was second in command and waited for orders.

"Sir, there's no way we'll be able to surface between ships when they're that close together!" Koleniko had run quickly to Maccus, worried about the next attack.

"I know. They must have found the Captain and Juno! We'll have to start from the sides and work our way in! Damnit!" growled Maccus as he slammed his right fist into the open palm of his left. "I only hope they're too busy with that one ship to notice us coming in from behind them."

Maccus gave the instructions to the Kraken, gesturing with an open hand, palm upward, and with his fingers curved, as if holding a bowl. Using the index finger of his other hand, he drew a circle around the 'bowl' and like Jones did, closed his fist into a ball. Maccus had not interacted with the Kraken much before this and was pleasantly surprised to watch her large tentacle pass lightly in front of him before she swam off.

"Alright, crew! Let's get to the edge of this, and wipe them out ship by ship! Let's show this dismal fleet what the crew of Davy Jones is known for! LET THEM BLEED FOR US!" Maccus roared to the crew.


"Wait, something's wrong…" Juno put her hand out, signalling Jones to stop moving.

"What is it now? We have to find the chest! We're close now!" he whispered loudly.

"No…I think they know we're here…" The sounds on the ship had subsided, and Juno could tell there wasn't as much confusion going on anymore. There was no more yelling of cannons, or of sightings of the Dutchman or the Kraken. They had killed off most of the crew from below, but as they neared the open deck of the ship, there were less and less of them around. It was as if… "They're waiting for us." Juno turned to face Jones, her face showing the worry she felt in her gut.

"Then we shouldn't keep them waiting," growled Jones softly.

"Sir, I don't know, this feels wrong…something's wrong, I'm telling you!" pleaded Juno quietly.

Angry with Juno's sudden cautiousness, Jones took a step forward, thumping his foot loudly on the ship floor. "I didn't come all this way now just to stop. Press on, Miss Alex."


"I said press on!" Jones shouted now, his voice intense. He was so close to getting the chest back, and here Juno was stalling. Jones was angry enough to not care when Juno flinched at his tone of voice. He watched her face as she knew she was defeated, and she turned around and kept moving. "Now that's more like it."


"What do we do now?" asked Fairfield as he and Beckett stood overlooking the main deck of the ship.

"We wait, Robert. We wait for that sorry bastard without a heart to burst through those doors all ablaze with anger and vengeance. Then we watch. We watch as he and his little pet girl slice and dice through the mayhem and we watch as pistols fire and they get shot, and we watch them fight on because it doesn't matter to them, really. Then, when most of the men are dead, and Jones thinks he's won, you call them over. And you show them your toy. And by show them, I mean show them how it works," Beckett said dryly. Off in the distance, cannons could be heard suddenly. He turned his head and was slightly amused to see the Dutchman on the surface of the water again, blowing ships to smithereens. "By the time they get here, their precious Captain will be dead, and so will their Captain's precious girl."

"I'm going to enjoy using this again," said Robert vindictively as he looked at the device in his hand. It was still blinking red.


"There's no one here!" commented Jones as he and Juno walked throughout the ship. "Juno…maybe you were right. They're waiting for us."

"There's going to be trouble ahead," nodded Juno. "But we know about it at least. I think if we're prepared for what's most likely to be a large army outside these doors…we'll be okay." As they reached the doors that would open up onto the main deck, Juno felt a hand on her wrist. She turned and found herself face to face with Jones.

"You should let me go first."

"I thought it was ladies first?" smirked Juno.

Jones caressed the side of Juno's face. He liked how her face fit so perfectly in the palm of his hand. Like she was made for you… She was smiling slightly and he had to fight the urge to ravage her right there. "If there's trouble ahead…" he trailed off.

"Don't worry about me. I'll be okay," Juno assured. "I could kick a man's ass while sleeping." A smile broke out onto her face as she said this.

"Yes well if he's sleeping, then it's an easy battle." Jones gestured grandly with his arms and finally pushed Juno out of the way. She was about to contradict him when he put a finger to her lips. "Hush now, and kiss me before the killing begins again."

Stifling a giggle, Juno all but jumped into Jones arms.

"Down, girl, I said a kiss, and here you are putting your tongue my mouth and your hand on my ass!" Jones smiled as he wrenched Juno away from him. He was surprised to see her face flushed; after all, it wasn't the first time she'd kissed him.

Calming down a little, Juno breathed in and out. "Right. Yes sir." Finally after a few moments of silence, she looked up at her Captain. Her eyes were golden again. "I'm ready now, sir. I have your back."


Robert and Beckett watched as the two doors all eyes were trained on opened. Jones was out first, followed closely by Juno. Robert's eyes went wide as he watched his creation kill so effortlessly. There was something different about her.

"Dear God, they're making short work of the men!" Beckett looked out behind him. The Dutchman and the Kraken were getting closer!

"Yeah, it's like insta-massacre out there. Don't worry though. This will calm her down," said Robert, holding up the device.

"I hope so. Oohh…that hurts…" grimaced Beckett as Jones headbutted a man and stabbed him through the neck as he fell.


The sun was now covered by clouds, and the sky stormy. It fit the scene on the deck of the Adamant. Blood and body parts of various sizes and shapes littered the floor. All one could hear were swords clashing and pistols firing. The more men Juno and Jones killed, the more swung over from the other ships.

One would think that they would tire after a while…but not these two. Juno was a relentless force, using her blades and superior speed and agility to outmatch her every opponent. She began to favour the daggers, as she took pleasure in being close enough to see their dying faces. At her side was her Captain, Davy Jones. He himself was a savage beast cutting down anyone and everyone in his path. He would bellow in laughter as he took stab after stab. "You can't hurt me!" he'd shout, as men would try and try again to cut him. As the clouds finally burst with a torrent of rain, the battlefield was almost emptied, and the sounds of the dying men ceased to be heard. It was then that a voice cried out.

"Juno Alex!"

Both Jones and Juno turned their heads sharply towards the sound. And both of them growled and leapt towards the two men standing above them. Juno had her sword out, ready to swing at Fairfield. Jones was walking heavily towards Beckett.

"Do you fear death?" asked Jones, his voice low.

Fairfield shook his head. "I don't think so. No more games, Squid-man." He looked over at Juno. "Remember this?" Robert held out the small silver device for all to see. Juno and Jones stopped….both confused.

"And what's that? Are you going to throw it at her, now? HAHAHAHA!" laughed Jones. "We just killed your entire fleet, Beckett! The Dutchman is out there with my pet Kraken smashing the rest of the ships. You're done for!" Jones took two large clunking steps towards the small man named Cutler Beckett. "Give. Me. Back. What's. Mine."

Suddenly, an ear-piercing scream erupted from behind Jones, and he was horrified as he turned to see his beloved writhing on the floor in apparent agony, holding her head.

"STOP THAT! STOP IT NOW!" Jones put the tip of his sword dangerously close to Beckett's throat.

"Did you like that, Squid? Huh? You thought you could take Juno away from me? I made her. I created her! Every part of her was made by me and that means she belongs to me!" hissed Robert as he stopped the torture.

"Robert will stop the torture when you call off your men and your pet," Beckett spoke calmly. He looked Jones right in the eye as he said, "You see Jones, you've made things a lot harder for yourself. Now you have something we can use to hurt you besides what's in that chest of yours."

Jones backed off slowly, his face dripping with hate for the two men in front of him.

Robert crouched beside the girl in pain. "So Juno, still wanna try something?"

Juno lifted her head and spat in Fairfield's face. "Fuck you, you bastard. I'd die a thousand times over before I'd give in to you."

Wiping the spit off, Fairfield's face twisted in anger. "Fuck me? Fuck me? You little bitch, you're gonna wish you were dead before I'm done with you!" And he pressed the button.


"What in the name of the seven seas is that?" yelled Koleniko. For the second time, another unearthly cry was heard.

"It's Juno. They're hurting her. We're going too slowly! FASTER! We have to get to Juno and the Captain!" Maccus was almost frantic as he motivated the crew. It was hard, as the crew was working harder than they ever had before. The cannons were firing at a regular pace, and each ship was being sunk at a faster rate than the last. Maccus was almost grateful most of the crews of each ship had left to join the fight in the middle, but at the same time he had a sinking feeling in his gut about it.


Davy Jones could only stand back and watch as Juno screamed. He refused to call off his men and the Kraken. The look Juno had given him gave him enough confidence to do so. She was strong…but he knew she would break. Every time he took a step forward or flinched toward his sword, Robert would threaten to increase the intensity of the pain he was inflicting on Juno.

The few men who were left after the massacre retreated to the ships on either side of the Adamant. Some were cursing Jones and the girl who had killed so many of them; but others were saying perhaps they should be left alone.

It was these men Juno heard as she convulsed in pain once more. Something about what they were saying struck a nerve in her. They were right. No one should have interfered with her Captain's chest in the first place and no one should have interfered in her escape. Juno began to feel the pain as something else. She used all the strength inside her to turn all her pain into one big, white-hot ball of hatred. The more Robert pressed that button, the more she hated him. Press. Hate. Press. Hate.

It surprised Robert when Juno stopped screaming. Instead, she just cringed into a ball. He thought she was tired of yelling, and for a second, he felt pretty smug. But then Juno Alex began to get up. First on her knees and hands. Then only on her knees. And when she finally stood up, her hair was plastered to her face and her eyes were bright gold and burning with hate.

"What the fuck?" Robert looked down confused at the device in his hand. He began to smash it on his palm. Maybe it wasn't working?

"Go on, Robert. Press it some more," a twisted smile formed on Juno's face, and even Jones had to take a step back. "What's wrong? Afraid your little toy isn't working anymore? It is, it still hurts. But all that pain was getting to be a bit too much for me. I had to do something with it. And for you, Robert…only one thing would do." Juno stepped forward. Robert dropped the device in fear…his hand was shaking. "Hate, Robert. Hate is a powerful motivator. And here's the best part of it all: I fucking hate you!" she screamed maniacally as she jumped for his throat, her small hands squeezing. In the corner of her eye, she saw Beckett run somewhere. Quickly, she changed her target. Juno leapt after Beckett, turning around once to look at Jones. "Finish him," was all she said.

Robert was reaching for the device as Jones crushed it under his crab leg. When he looked up, he found himself face to face with a very angry Davy Jones.

Jones lifted Robert up by the scruff of his neck. He made sure to pull him close enough to feel his breath on his face.

"You'll never have her!" hissed Fairfield.

"Have her?" Jones raised an eyebrow. "Heh. Heheheh," he laughed low. "But I've already had her!" An evil smile played across the Devil's mouth. "Just this morning, in fact. Twice!" Jones began to squeeze Fairfield's throat, his tentacles moving up towards Robert's mouth and nose as well. "Hah. HAHAHAHA!"

The last thing Robert Fairfield heard in his miserable life was the echoing laughter of Sea Devil. Then, as his airways finally closed up and collapsed, everything went dark for Robert Fairfield.


Juno was running fast. She was trying to find where Beckett had run to. Unfortunately, he was nowhere to be found. She ran back up to where her Captain was to find Robert dead at his feet. Jones turned around and smirked.

"Look. He just fell dead. Right at my feet," he said innocently, pointing to the dead body on the floor.

Juno smiled slightly. "I think you should get back to the Dutchman. I'll find Beckett and get that chest from him. Now that Robert's…left us…there's no threat to me left on this ship."

Davy nodded, knowing Maccus must be worried about them. "Alright. I'll be waiting for you."

"Is that a promise?"

Taking a few steps closer to his beloved, Jones tilted her chin upwards. "I'll be waiting for you." Then, Davy Jones disappeared into a wall.


"She's on the ship by herself now! I think we should man the cannons. Fire them at her." A man on a neighbouring ship was saying.

The man beside him nodded. "Yeah. Let's take her out. Lord Beckett will reward us something fine."


Juno was crouching low on the ship. She had her eyes closed. She was listening. There! A heartbeat…heavy and beautiful. It was her Captain's. Beckett was close by with the chest! Juno walked slowly, savouring the sound of the beating heart. She found Beckett in a hallway. He carried a black chest with him.

Beckett swallowed as he felt the tip of something sharp up against his neck.

"I found you," said Juno in a sing-song voice.

"So you did. I suppose you want this now?" he motioned to the black chest he was carrying.

"No. First I want you dead." And without hesitation, she grabbed his shoulder, swinging him around to face her. She looked for a moment in his eyes, angry that there wasn't more fear there. Then Juno Alex sliced quickly. She stepped back to admire her work and was fully satisfied with the dull thump Beckett's head made as it fell to the floor; his body following only moments after. Then she wrenched the chest out from his grip.


"There she is! FIRE!" The two men who were on a nearby ship fired the cannons at the girl who was now running across the deck of the Adamant. One hit right in front, and one hit right under her feet. The men cheered as others had the same idea and more cannons were fired. The Adamant was in pieces by the time the cannons had stopped firing, and the ship was slowly sinking.


"NOO! Maccus! Get the crew and eliminate those men out there on those ships!" roared Jones as he saw what was happening. He was seething with anger at the destruction of the Adamant. Juno was still on that ship! He paced the deck, full of worry. He knew they were close, but the Dutchman was still too far to reach Juno. Jones could only wait in anxiousness as his crew left the ship to kill the remaining men of the fleet.

In the water, thoroughly cut up and bleeding, Juno was unconscious. The chest was blown to pieces and its contents floated slowly downwards into the sea. It took a few moments for Juno to open her eyes. She was in pain, as much of her body had been broken in the onslaught. It took a few more moments to register that she was no longer holding the chest, and she frantically looked around. There! Juno could see a small object below her, spiralling downwards. Immediately, she swam down for it.

When Juno came up for air, there was chaos all around her. She could hear various members of Jones' crew fighting with men. She looked down at the heart in her hands. It was still beating. Clutching it close, she swam towards the Dutchman.


The rain was making it hard for Jones to see out into the ocean. He needed to know if Juno was alright. He was still alive…so he knew his heart had survived the attack…but that didn't rule out the possibility it was at the bottom of the sea…with Juno. NO! He forced himself to calm down. She would be alright. She jumped…she swam…She's alive…

Just as Jones was about to abandon his ship to find Juno, a small hand reached up on the side of the deck. He watched as Juno, bleeding and broken climbed up from the waters below. She fell to the floor as she got to the top, and Jones took a step closer to her. He stopped however, when he saw the precious thing she held in her hands.

Juno was on her knees, unable to lift herself up to her feet. She had removed a large wooden splinter from her stomach, and her thighs were all but blown to bits. It would be a few more minutes before she was healed enough to stand. She lifted her head to look at her Captain. He was standing a ways away from her, his eyes frozen on the thing in her hands. Smiling, she held it out to him.

Seeing Juno so broken on the deck of his ship, her blood coating the floor…it was hard enough for Davy Jones. But to see her smile as she held out his…heart…it almost broke the man. He walked over to the small girl and knelt in front of her. Without taking his blue eyes off of Juno's golden ones, he closed her small hands over his still beating heart.

"Keep it," he said gruffly. "It's yours, now."

Then Davy Jones leaned in and kissed his Juno. He was so tender with her and gentle as he pulled her up to her feet. He never knew he could feel like this. He loved her…he loved her! Jones ran his tentacled hand through Juno's wet hair and as the rain poured all around them, he whispered in her ear, "I love you, Juno…"

She couldn't remember ever feeling like this. Juno was so happy. Every kiss her Captain gave sent shivers down her spine. She could barely feel her wounds anymore. He had his hand in her hair, and though the rain pounded around them, Juno thought, this is bliss. This is happiness right here, right now. But then, Jones pulled away suddenly. Juno was confused for a moment. She looked at him; there was panic in his eyes.

"Wha-" Juno began to ask. Then she saw it. The precious heart she still held in her hands was broken. A bullet from a firing pistol ricocheted off of something and had pierced right through it. Jones began to falter. He fell to his knees. "No…no no no no no…please…Davy…please…" Juno pleaded, though she knew exactly what all of this meant.

Jones put his hand on Juno's face. His eyes were no longer full of panic. He looked at her lovingly and wiped the tear that had fallen down her face with his thumb. "Do not worry," he said quietly. "I do not fear death…I love you, Juno…" Davy Jones fell backward onto the deck of the Flying Dutchman. His claw outstretched to his left side landed with a sickening thud. Beside it, his broken heart lay where Juno dropped it.

"No! Wake up! Stay with me! NOOO! PLEASE! Please please please please...I love you! Davy don't leave me!" Juno cried out hysterically as she fell to her knees beside her Captain. But it was no use. Davy Jones lay still and dead beside her.

Sobbing and breathing heavily, Juno sat in the rain beside her Jones like some broken toy. Her heart hurt. Everything hurt. She wanted it all to stop hurting so much. Why is he gone? Why did he leave me? Looking around her, something caught her eye. It was her dagger. It must have fallen to the floor some time ago. Salvation! She thought. She reached out to it. And in a split second, Juno Alex knew what she had to do.

I have to be quick. Or it won't work… Juno held up the dagger and for a moment, she hesitated. But only for a moment. Then the dagger came down. She stabbed herself in the chest once…and then again…and then again. Juno never felt any pain…only a detached numbness. She didn't stop stabbing until she had a gaping hole in her chest. Then she set the dagger down. Fighting her body's instinctive reaction to heal itself, she reached into the cavity and grimaced a little at the sensations. When her hand closed over a soft something that went thump-thump, she smiled. Using the strength she had left, Juno Alex ripped her heart out of her chest.

...It was strange to see a smile form on her face. Strange and disquieting... And wasn't it wrong? Wasn't it so wrong that only here…only now…on the rain-soaked deck of the Flying Dutchman, beside her dead lover, Juno's eyes were again that golden sheen, and she was happy. She was smiling. I'll be with you soon… she thought.

For the last few moments of Juno's short life, she truly was happy. Then slowly, as her body realized it couldn't fix itself this time, it began to shut down. Juno fell forwards on top of Jones, her head resting in the crook of his neck; her small heart in her right hand slipping through her fingers, landing beside her lover's broken one.


That's how the crew of Davy Jones found the two lovers when they returned to the ship. They crowded around their Captain, solemn and grave. There were dull cracking sounds from far off, and Maccus looked up to see the ships that were left cracking in half and sinking.

"It's the Kraken," he whispered. "She knows."

As the Kraken closed in on the Dutchman, she slowed down. Beside the ship, she raised herself again so that she could see her Captain. Something had changed in the sea…she sensed it. She knew her Master was no more. She gave one long, low moan, and raised two tentacles high in the air. She lowered them onto the deck, picking up the pieces of her master and his lover. Before she slipped back into the sea, carrying the bodies, she gave one more groan, echoing over the now silent sea.

"What do we do now?" Koleniko broke the silence.

"I promised him," replied Maccus in a low voice. "Part of the ship, part of the crew." Then he picked up the dagger and stabbed it into his chest.




Author's note: I must apologize to all you readers out there. This is the ending I had always intended for Juno and Jones. A few of you had asked me to think about a sequel…and I really did think about it. I mean, imagine all the adventures and fun Juno and Davy could have had! But now they never will. But that's what makes a great tragedy…and I do so love a tragedy. So again, I must apologize profusely to you readers. We all wanted a happy ending for them…but it could never have been a happy ending for Juno and our Davy Jones. There's still a couple of days before I leave for my holidays. You reviewers have meant so much to me over the course of this story that for these next couple of days before I leave, I will be thinking long and hard about an epilogue…some way of creating the happy ending we all want. If in the end, I can't think of one…then again…I apologize. But I hope you all had as much fun reading this story as I had writing it. It was a blast! So until the next time my muse strikes me! I humbly bow out.