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Chapter 5

Cave of Wonders

I awoke with the biggest migraine I have ever had. It was beating my head like a gong. My eyes snapped open and I stared into the inky darkness before me.

'I'm I dead?" I asked myself, for everything was black before my eyes. But they soon adjusted to the dim light and my surroundings took shape.

"Oh you gotta be kiddin' me!" I cried out!

I was in the one place I hoped I would never, ever, end up at! The palace dungeons. I looked around, nearby was Aladdin, chained to the wall, still unconscious, and next to him…

"Babuk!" I whispered, to the prone figure, attempting to move closer to him, only to be stopped by manacles clamped onto my wrists. I struggled, trying to move closer, pulling on them with all my might.

"Shisssskas" my friend hissed, turning my way. A large metal clamp was sealed around his waist, but he had a fairly long chain and bounded towards me, leaping into my arms.

"Aww, Babuk, I'm sorry. I never meant for you to end up here like me." I whispered, holding him to close to me. He was ice cold and huddled closer into my tunic for warmth. This dark dungeon was no place for him. Without warmth, light, or fresh air, Babuk wouldn't last long. Not that it mattered. We were dead men already.

"Ugh, what happened?" asked Aladdin rubbing his head, finally waking up.

I ignored him, I couldn't even stand to look at him. It was HIS fault we were here. Him and the blasted princess. Could he have really have been that stupid. It was so obvious, I was a fool for not have seeing it earlier. If I had maybe we wouldn't have ended up…

No! It wasn't my fault! What was I to do. HE brought her to our home, and because of her the guards came.

"Abu!" Aladdin cried, looking towards a high up window. Sure enough, that hairy little thief was there, waving his little hat to us down below. He scrambled down the wall and scrabbled over to Aladdin, searching through his little vest furiously.

"Its good to see your o.k., Abu" said Aladdin, holding out his cuffed wrists towards him. Abu found what he was looking for and pulled a small lock pick out of a pocket. Just as he was about into Aladdin's cuffs, Babuk's tongue shot out, snagging it from Abu's paw and into my outstretched hand.

"Thanks Babuk" I whispered to him, as I inserted the pick into the keyhole on the band around his waist. He gave a satisfied hiss as the band fell with a clang onto the stone floor, and I inserted the lockpick into my cuffs. I massaged my wrists as the cuffs fell off, and I rubbed Babuk's head affectionately while giving Aladdin dirty look. Hey, he deserved it! Looking away, I flung the lockpick into the farthest corner of the dungeon, grinning as it resounded with a soft clink.

"What was that for?" asked Aladdin incredously as Abu ran over to retrieve the lockpick.

"If anyone deserves to rot in this dungeon, its you!" I spat back at him. "This is your fault we're in here! I had everything going for me and Babuk, and then YOU fall over for some big goo goo eyes!" I yelled at him, letting my frustration vent.

"How was I suppose to know she was a princess!" yelled Aladdin back as Abu, freed him.

"It was so obvious! But you were too busy staring at a pretty face to notice!" I shouted, getting into his face. "And now look at us! We're on the chopping block now! Tomorrow morning we're both dead! I've lost everything! Everything I have risked my neck for is gone!"

It was true, when the guards captured me, they must've taken my bag of loot. All the coppers, and silver pieces I had ever stolen were gone. Even the…

"Wait!" I thought, patting my pocket. They hadn't taken my gold piece! But then reality hit me like a brick. What did it matter? I was going to be dead in the morning and no amount of money could do anything for me.

"I'm guessing that as soon as you two jumped, the guards caught you on your way down and she revealed herself to save her and your skin?" I asked sarcastically, as Babuk hissed on my shoulder at him. Good, at least my best friend was like minded with me.

He nodded sullenly, obviously hurt by my outbreak and by her betrayal.

"I was a fool to trust her" he said sadly, putting his face in his hands and leaning back.

"YES, YOU WERE! IT'S HOPELESS! WE ARE AS GOOD AS DEAD! MUST I KEEP TELLING YOU THAT!" I yelled, pouring all my anger, hate and frustration at him.

"Ahh, you're a fool as well if you give up hope" said a crackly old voice from the shadows.

"And who the heck are you!" I barked, turning towards the source. A extremely old man emerged from the darkness, hobbled over and wearing paper-thin rags. He leaned on old rickety crutch, and what few gray hairs that were left on his head were thinned out.

"A fellow prisoner like yourselves, but together we can be something more…" said the old man hobbling over to us. He turned away for a moment and I could here mutterings. I couldn't catch all of it but it sounded like someone was saying, "Jafar, will yah hurry up! I'm dying in here!" Yup, this guy was definitely out of his mind. But I'd decided I'd humor him. I had nothing better to do.

"There is a cave, boys… a Cave of Wonders… filled with treasures beyond your wildest dreams." Said the old man, showing his hand, which was filled rubies. "A treasure so great that.. HEY!" said the man, startled, for at that moment, Babuk's tongue shot out and snagged several rubies out of the man's hand. As he dropped them in mine, I held one up to the light. This was definitely of good quality.

"Kay, tell yah what" I said, pocketing the gems, "I'll take this as the down payment for whatever you want me to do."

Aladdin looked at Abu, then eyed the man suspiciously.

"So why would you want to share all this wonderful treasure with us" he asked, avoiding my eyes.

The man wheezed and responded, "I need a set of young legs and a couple of strong backs to go in after it."

"Yes that's great, but there is one slight problem with all of this " I said, butting into the conversation. "The treasure is out there, and we're in here."

"Ah, but out is in, and in is out. Not everything is as it seems." Said the man as he limped over to the wall of the chamber and moved a section of it, revealing the desert outside.

"Well, lets get started then.' I said climbing out of the hole, with Babuk on my shoulder.

"Okay, let me get this straight…" I asked as we approached the mouth of the Cave Of Wonders, "You want us, to go in there, and get a lamp?"

"Yes, after that, the rest of the treasure is yours" said the man, nodding his head.

"Seems easy" I said approaching the tiger mouth as Aladdin followed behind.

"WHO DARES DISTURB MY SLUMBER?" bellowed the tiger head, as it's mouthy moved. Okay. This was definitely not what I expected from this.

"It is I… Aladdin" my friend answered heisitantly.

"And it is I, Cassim!" I shouted to the head, pushing my friend out of the way.

Blinding light suddenly came from the mouth of the cave as the tiger head bellowed once again. "PROCEED. TOUCH NOTHING BUT THE LAMP!"

The old man called out to us as we entered.

"First fetch the lamp. And then you shall have your reward!"

"Yah, yah!" I yelled back to him as I spoke to Aladdin.

"Hey Al, tell you what. You can repay me for earlier by giving me your share of the loot"

"Will you look at this!" Aladdin yelled as we viewed a huge chamber filled floor to ceiling with all kinds of treasures and jewels. I surveyed the scene in wonder, gawking at the massive piles of wealth before me. Babuk sat on my head, gazing it all.

"A handful of this stuff would make me richer then the sultan." Said Aladdin as I was still off gazing at the treasure, correction, my treasure.

Abu suddenly raced to a large chest but stopped just as Aladdin shouted a warning, "Abu! Don't touch anything. We gotta find that lamp."

"I still don't get what's so important about lamp. With all this here, why would he want it?" I asked as I walked by a suit of gleaming golden armor. "Oh, and forget what I said earlier, you can keep your share."

"So you forgive me?"

'No, I just said that you can keep your share. If we're splitting this loot two ways, how am I going to spend it all? I could buy ten palaces with this stuff and still have tons left over."

He avoided my gaze and went on, looking for the entrance to the next passage. Suddenly I felt a missing weight. I searched my pockets hurriedly. NO! It was gone! My gold piece! Sure there were tons here, but that was the first gold piece I ever stole, and it meant something special to me. But wait, I distinctly remembered having it with me when we entered the cave.

Just then, Babuk leaped off my head and tackled a figure behind me, pinning it to the ground. I swiftly turned around, and was about to tackle it as well, but was frozen were I stood in amazement.

It was a magic carpet.

And in its hand, er… tassle, was my gold piece.

"HEY! GIVE THAT BACK!" I shouted, wresting my coin from its grasp. Once it was saftely in my pocket, I heaved myself off of it and said,

"Shoo, go away. We don't need you!"

It slowly 'walked' away sadly, with its 'head' drooped low. Jeez, its hard describing a rug in human terms. Still, I did feel sorry for the little guy. WAIT! What was I thinking? Its just a rug, you walk on it and sweep dirt under it. It doesn't have feelings. Still…

"Hey, wait a minute!" I called after him. "Don't go. Look, I'm sorry about what I said." It turned back at us and seemed to feel a little better.

"Maybe you can help us." I continued, "You see, we're trying to find this lamp."

The carpet pointed excitedly and zipped off, with us running behind it trying to keep up.

"I think he knows where it is." Said Aladdin excitedly, running beside me.

"No, you think?" I said sarcastically.

The carpet led us into another large carvern. At one end of it was huge stone staircase surrounded by a pool of water. Stepping stones led across the pool, and high atop the staircase in a beam of light was the lamp.

"Well come-on, lets get this over with" I said bounding up the stone steps.

Aladdin followed behind me, muttering something under his breath. Unfortunately I lost my balance halfway up and landed into the pool of water with a splash. Aladdin didn't even bother to help me! At the top of the staircase, Aladdin reached for the dented, dust covered lamp.

"This is it? This is what we're come all the way down here to-" said Aladdin holding the lamp, turning towards Abu. "Abu! NO!" he yelled.

As I hauled myself out of the pool onto a stepping stone, I stole a glance at the shore, where I saw the carpet and Babuk, struggling furiously at Abu, who was just about to snatch a beautiful red jewel from a gold monkey idol.

"Abu! Stop! Babuk, Carpet, hold him tight!" I yelled trying to jump to the next stone.

It was too late.

As Abu's paws lifted the jewel from its stand, the cave began to crumble and the ground began to quiver as the voice of the tiger head boomed above us.


Abu tried to put the jewel back into the monkey idol's palm, but the idol melted away and the ground shook violently. I watched in horror as the water surrounding us slowly turned into boiling hot lava.

"YOW! HOT! HOT!" I screamed in agony. A little bit of lava had brushed the sole of my shoes and had burned through, scorching my feet.

As I was busy extinguishing myself, I watched as the stone staircase magically transformed into a chute sending, Aladdin hurtling towards the pool of lava. Just in the nick of time, the carpet carrying Abu and Babuk rushed in to rescue him, just before he hit the magma.

It was then I heard a strange pooping sound, I looked towards the side and saw that the stepping stones were quickly being swallowed up.

"Uh guys?" I called out to them, as a stone a few feet away sunk, "I really don't feel like dying a fiery death here so… SAVE ME!"

"Grab on!" shouted Aladdin pulling up next to me.

I heaved myself onto the carpet, as the stone I was standing on sunk, and a wave of lava formed behind us.

"Whoa! Carpet, let's move!" I shouted, clutching the edges of the carpet, my heart beating fast. Abu chatted angrily behind me.

"What do you mean 'No backseat driving'?" I asked angrily and pointing an accusing finger at him, "IF you haven't noticed, we're in this mess because of you!"

We entered the treasure room and I watched in horror as one by one, the mounds of treasure erupted into mountains of fire, scorching our faces.

NO! All I had hoped for was burning before my eyes! The carpet swerved left and right, avoiding the torrents of fire.

"Woah! Hard left carpet! Hard left!" I shouted above the noise of the roaring flames. Sure enough, the carpet swerved left and soared up a wall vertically, as we hung onto it for dear life.

Suddenly the carpet was pinned by a falling rock, forcing us to be thrown forward. I hit the rock wall with a thud, and clung painfully onto a precipice, with Babuk grasping my ankle. I looked above and saw that we were at the entrance again, and the old man peered down at us. Aladdin was higher up and closer to the man, hanging on by his fingertips.

"Help us!" I called up to the man as explosions rocked the ground below.

"Throw me the lamp!" said the man as he loomed above Aladdin

The wind swirled violently as Aladdin struggled to pull himself out of the cave. "I can't hold on! Give me your hand!"

"Hey! What about me?" I asked from below, my voice tinged with fear.

"First give me the lamp" responded the old man, leaning forward.

Aladdin fumbled for the lamp and held it out to the old man, who quickly grabbed it away. His eyes gleamed as he clutched the lamp with both hands.

"YES! At last!" he cried maniacally. He turned to see Abu helping Aladdin out of the cave while I was still hanging on beow. As the man stashed the lamp in his robes, Aladdin looked suspiciously at him.

"What are you waiting for!" I cried up from below.

"I'm giving you your reward- your eternal reward." Said the man drawing a cruel looking dagger. Just then, Abu scrambled onto the man, who viscously hurled the monkey back at us. Abu hit Aladdin, who lost his grip and hit me, and together we fell into the abyss. As we hurtled down the steep drop, Carpet zipped towards us and broke our fall. But the combined weight was to much for it and we tumbled down to the bottom, where I hit my head on a rock and blacked out.

Outside the cave, Jafar watched as the tiger head disappear back into the sand. The entrance to the Cave of Wonders was sealed forever.

At last, all was quiet and still. Jafar victoriously reached into his robes for the lamp as he pulled off his disguise/

"It's mine! It's all mine! With the power of this lamp, I will control the kingdom!"

A horrified look came over Jafar as he tore open his robe.

"Where it is? No! … No!" Jafar looked around desperately as he realized the lamp had somehow disappeared. He fell to his knees and raised his arms helplessly to the sky.


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