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Pirates of the Caribbean:

Dead Man's Box

A marriage… or not?

(Scene opens to Elizabeth sitting on the ground in despair, she is sad that her wedding is ruined by the stupid rain, or is she?)

Elizabeth: Am I what?

(Jack appears out of no where and repeats in a girly voice)

Jack: Am I what? (Disappears)

Elizabeth: Wow that was strange, I thought I heard Jack Sparrow a second ago? (Sigh) Jack Sparrow…(Elizabeth goes into dreamland of hot pirates and black ships)A/N: you can so tell I'm a sparrabeth shipper right… lol

(Narrator (that's me lol) turns off the sound of her voice so the characters can't here) (That's better! Now back to Elizabeth, as she sits she hears noises coming from behind her) (She sees Will walking with two men so she runs to him)

Elizabeth: Will, you never told me you were walking down the aisle with 2 (raises her hands and moves 3 fingers up and down) fathers.

Will: Uh… isn't it only supposed to be 2 fingers? Oh and you look…nice.

Elizabeth: (in Paris Hilton kind of voice) I know right! (Starts to sing "I'm too sexy")

(Will clears his voice to get her attention, she keeps singing very off tune.) (She finally stops)

Elizabeth: So what's with the fathers?

Will: Their guards Elizabeth, DUH!

(Elizabeth faints then gets back up and repeats this several times) (During this time her father has made his appearance)

Elizabeth( in the kind of voice toddlers use): I'm finished! (laughs)

(A voice comes out of no where)

Voice: FINALLY! Now I can make my dramatic and corny entrance! TA DAH! (A little man with a tiny head and a big hat turns around)

(Silence) (Crickets) ( Everyone looks around but sees no one)

Voice: Oh come on! Let me try again… TA DAH!

(Everyone looks down at him)

Governor Swann: Cutler Beckett? My you've grown! Last time I saw you you were yay high ( puts hand about 2 feet off the ground)

Beckett: It's LORD NOW you… TALLMAN! (Mumbles) And I was a bit taller than that…

Swann: Lord or not, you have no reason… well maybe there is a reason… but you have no authority to arrest this… boy!

Will: Man! Arrest this MAN! How many times must I tell you this!

Swann: Fine MAN

(As Beckett and Governor Swann continue to bicker and yell at each other like little girls, we go back to Will and Elizabeth.)

Elizabeth (finally out of dreamland for the moment): Who do you think is bigger?

(Will gives her a "are you stupid, your father is twice his size" look)

Elizabeth: I mean macho Will; I think my dad is bigger.

Will: I think its Beckett.

Elizabeth: NO! Mines bigger than yours…

Guard: Whip out the measuring tapes and I'll measure!

(They take them out but then Will gets distracted…)

Beckett: … of one William Turner.

Will: Hey that's my name! (Laughs) Elizabeth he said my name!

Swann: This is for Elizabeth Swann?

Elizabeth: Will he said my name too! (Laughs)

Beckett: Um no… hers is right here stupid… (Hands it to him)

Swann: Oh…

(Beckett takes out another warrant and walks around)

Beckett: And I have another one for a Mr. James Norry… no Norringtintin… Norringtintilla? No..Niominington?… (He continues)

Will: You'd think by the time he figures it out Norrington would be long gone…

Elizabeth: Seriously.

Beckett: Norrythong? (Everyone looks disturbed) No… uh Norrington! That's it! Is he here?

Swann: He got fired, kicked to the curb, unemployed!

Beckett: I get the point… but you still didn't answer my question! (Stomps foot)

Will: In the category of questions not answers.

Elizabeth: We are under the jurisdiction of Port Royal and you will tell us we are charged with.

(Will looks astonished)

Will: Elizabeth! That's the most complicated sentence you have said since… I don't know when.

(Elizabeth whispers something about meetings and Jack)

Will: What was that?

Elizabeth: Nothing…

(Elizabeth goes back into dreamland and hears nothing that's going on)

Swann: The charge is conspiring to set free a man convicted of crime against the crown and empire and condemned to death—

Will: Come again?

Beckett: Do I have to explain EVERYTHING! You saved someone from being hanged and now your going to be punished!

Will: OH! Ok

Beckett: Can he continue, it's getting to the good part! (Evil smile)

Swann: (finds place and continues) for which the-

Beckett: For which the punishment regrettably is also death. (laughs) I have been waiting to say that all my life! I can know die happy!

(Will screams like a girl)

Beckett( who isn't giddy anymore): Perhaps you remember a certain pirate named—

(Elizabeth interrupts but not intentionally)

Elizabeth: Jack Sparrow

Beckett: NO FAIR! I was going to say that! (Stomps foot) (Tapes Elizabeth's mouth shut so she can't talk) HA! What you going to say now…oh right you can't talk! (snaps fingers) (Sticks tongue out) Anyway… Jack Sparrow.

Will: Captain Jack Sparrow.

Beckett: Captain Jack Sparrow, I thought you might… (Laughs like a maniac)

Will: Your one weird little dude…

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