Blood and steel

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Summary: what would life be like if naruto wasn't hated for being the container of the kyuubi but was praised like his father wanted? What if naruto had a special bloodline limit like the many clans of konoha? And what if sasuke wasn't so broodingly emo?



"Demon/summon speech"

'Demon thought'

Chapter 1: prologue

Naruto was eating ramen, in his fathers' mansion, then he was going to go train, in his own personal dojo, he had to admit being his fathers son had its perks and he was still only living in half the yondaimes mansion.

But being loved by all had its down points.

There was a knock on the door. He answered it to find sasuke ready and waiting. "Hang on a minute ill go get dressed" he said to the boy now recovered from the emo side (I warned you I said it didn't I) as he walked up the stairs to his room. When he came back down he was wearing a black hoody, grey cargo pants, black ninja sandals and had a long black sheathed katana strapped to his back.

Sasuke was also in his normal clothes but also supporting a black hoody and a long white katana on his black, the two were like brothers.

"Ready to go" said an impatient and worried looking sasuke "why are you so worried they never get up before 6" "they've got smarter"

"What!?" naruto's voice was nearly hysterical as they talked over this strange 'they'. "We need to get going before they find out we're awake" "why what will happen then"


At that shout the boys broke in to a run for the ninja academy activating they're own personally developed jutsu that allowed them to blend in with any thing (basically become invisible im not good at Japanese names) they soon made it to school and barely escaped the two groups of fangirls then kept their jutsu activated until all the class entered then only when iruka-sensei entered did they drop their jutsu.

"Alright class today is your genin exam when I call your name step in to the classroom next door. Ok then lets start inzuka kiba"

Several names later "uchiha sasuke" "good luck" naruto wished his best friend. Sasuke came back looking happy "It's easy you'll sail through it"

A couple of names later again "kazama naruto" (his fathers name). He walked into the next room to face mizuki and iruka-sensei.

"Alright naruto to pass you must perform a henge no jutsu" 'crap my worst jutsu' (its henge in this not bunshin) 'ok here goes' "henge no jutsu" naruto is supposed to turn into mizuki or iruka but instead he uses his sexy jutsu, iruka gets a nose bleed and mizuki jumps up and shouts "YOU FAIL".

Naruto returns to the other room with a sad look on his face. "What's wrong" "I had to do henge no jutsu" "oh" "yeah" after the short exchange between him and sasuke naruto returned to his seat and continued to be silent till the end of the day. When class was let out he sat on the swing while everyone's parents congratulated them on passing. Until mizuki-sensei walked over to him and told him a way to pass the test.

Time skip 9 pm hokage tower

"Hokage-sama naruto has stolen the scroll of sealing" "why would he do that hokage-sama he is such a nice kid" The hokage was very confused as well he never thought naruto would do something like this. "Find him and bring him back here we do not want that scroll to fall into enemy hands now go"

Some where in the forest

"Naruto I found you" iruka entered a clearing were naruto was standing "sorry iruka-sensei I only managed to learn two techniques so watch" naruto started forming hand seals "wait naruto are you saying you learned some jutsu from that scroll" naruto stopped his rapid forming of hand seals "yeah why" "because most of the jutsu in that scroll are jounin level or higher" "so" A voice came from a branch high up in the trees "He's just jealous naruto now give me the scroll" "Mizuki-sensei I learned some jutsu do I pass now" "You will if you just give me the scroll" "Don't listen to him naruto he's a traitor to the village" "No naruto Iruka is lying to you do you know why" "No but I bet your going to make up some random story about me being the kyuubi that is sealed inside me and try to turn me against him so fuck you ninpou:chishio ryuuduo bunshin( ninja art: blood flow clone) blood expanded from naruto at a rapid pace 'He's learned about his bloodline (like kaguyas but with blood (also a bad pun))' there was now about 50 narutos and all of them started forming hand seals in sync "ninpou:chishio ryuuduo katana" blood spurted from the narutos' arms and formed long straight katana they then drew their katanas from the sheath on their backs and attacked in the blink of an eye.

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