havn't written in this story for a while, hope it's good enough.

some people guessed last chapter that naruto's eye's had developed the sharingan, good guess but no.

I no that kazama is wrong, but i started with it and will end with it

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"WHAT,TELL ME WHATS WRONG WITH MY EYE'S", Naruto was annoyed, apparently something was wrong with his eyes, but no-one would tell him what!.

Kakashi poofed up next to them and looked at naruto,"Huh, thats something you don't see every day", naruto instantly rounded on him.

"Tell me what it is or die",Kakashi was sweating bullets and decided to tell naruto what he wanted.

"Your eyes, they're purple, rings to be exact"(Boo ya, didn't see that coming didn't ya, ren'negan naruto bitches), naruto stepped back confused, he chanled chakra to his eyes, nothing happened.

"Yo", everyone's eyes widened as the turned to see another naruto, but some how he was different, he had hair down to his ass and he seemed more relaxed than the original, now naruto was able to see what his eye looked like, they were purple rings, around his eye going out from the pupil, getting darker as they did.

"Who the hell are you?", naruto was angry and confused at the same time, this imposter had showed up as well and didn't even do a good job of looking like him!.

"Who the hell do you think I am?Dumbass, I'm you! I don't know how but I am the old man", That made sense, the old man was sure to know.

"Ok then, do you know how to go back? We should go back to konoha", 'Naruto' nodded and walked towards naruto(?), he walked right infront of him, leaned his head back and slammed his head into the original's, naruto was expecting pain, but none came, he opened his eyes to find nothing, no pain, no other him,"Huh, Are my eyes still the same?", a nod came from hinata and sasuke, he frowned but still turned away, they collected haku and zabuza and started walking back to konoha.

Hokage tower, konoha

Sarutobi was having a pleasant day, he finished his paperwork early, he even got to read the newest icha icha, now he was sweating like mad under the intense gaze of one kazama naruto, actually three kazama naruto's, all with dark purple eye's that looked dangerous,"Old man, I know you have something for me from my parents, where is it? Don't make me force you, I can make more of me.", On que, two more naruto's seemed to appear out of no-where, sarutobi gulped.

"Ok naruto, there are letters and scrolls from your parents describing your bloodlines, I'll have someone sent with them over to your house, is that ok.", The naruto's disappeared and the original nodded, he then turned and walked out the door, sarutobi massaged his temples and grumbled something about over powered brats and damn auth- 'well screw you sarutobi'.

Naruto's house, 2 hours later

Naruto had just revieved the scrolls from his parents, apparently his doujutsu was called the Rin'negan, with it he could create five copies of himself, all diffeent but all acting simultaniously, he could also control all five elements of chakra and use every jutsu(Dunno if it's ment the way I take it),'Wow thats useful', 'Yes it is', 'Where the hell have you been?', "Sleeping", 'SLEEPING?', "Yes, sleeping", naruto grumbled something about lazy kitsunes but kept reading anyway.

Once he had finished reading he grabbed some katon scrolls from his dads library and went to the training ground, 'Hmm, first lets try a high ranking one, Katon: Karyu Endan' he flashed through the hand seals then called out the jutsu, "Katon: Karyu Endan", he blew out a huge stream of fire that formed into a dragon, it soared towards a training stump and obliterated it, naruto blinked, "Wow", he imediatly unraveled the scroll to the s-rank section, there were only two attacks there, he decided to try one, he started the seals and called the jutsu, (might not be right translation),"Katon:kurohi hira(Fire release: black fire palm), his hands ignited in black flame, he didn't feel any pain though, "Whoa, new taijutsu style here I come", he set off keeping his hands ignited and started doing punches and kicks, he realised that he could ignite his feet as well, he started working on his newest moves, 'What should a call it?'

- Team 7, meeting spot, 8 am -

Naruto and sasuke were waiting for the other members of thier team, ten minutes later hinata showed up, all of them turned and glared at the bushes, a sigh came from them and kakashi popped out, "Sometimes I hate having such a powerful team, here are forms for the chunin exams, academy tomorrow, room 301, bye", He poofed out of existence they all filled out thier forms then and there and went off in seperate ways, naruto was walking down some streets when he heard "OW", he ran towards the source of the noise and saw a boy with make-up and jumpsuit on, he also had a bandaged thing on his back, naruto could sense chakra coming from somewhere on the boys person, he also noticed the boy was holding up the hokage's grandson with a fist cocked back, "You little punk, that hurt"

The girl next to him tried to calm him down,"Kankuro calm down, we'll get in trouble", the boy didn't seem to take this to heart, so naruto stepped out of the shadows, rin'negan blazing glaring at the older boy.

"I wouldn't do that if I was you...puppet boy", The boy froze, obviously no-one here had guessed the thing on his back was a puppet,"It's a bit obvious, what I want to know is, who made them?".

The boy looked even more surprised but answered anyway,"Akasuna no sasori", naruto smiled at the boy.

"Are you hoping to become the first puppeteer kazekage?", The boys eyes widened,"Because if you are then you have to follow sasori's footsteps, preach human puppeteering to the people of suna, don't kill your own people, kill your enemies, if you encounter a missing nin of b-class or above then you can kill them and use thier powers, how can suna be that stupid, I would like to discuss more with you but first you should put down the hokage's grandson", Kankuro nodded and put konohamaru down, at that moment a red headded boy appeared in a swirl of sand.

"Mother wants...um...Do you know who kyuu-chan is?", The boy looked confused, he looked down at his feet, naruto nodded.

"She's my mother, hope to see you in the exams, we'll talk later kankuro", Naruto turned, as he turned his body seemed to disintegrate into leaves.

"Now that was cool", kankuro was staring in awe at the point where the boy had been.

"I agree", 'Holy shit garaa didn't say he wanted to kill someone', Temari turned to her younger brother, he stared blankly back at her before disintegrating into sand.

"DAMN IT, does everyone know this awesome shunshin but me!", Temari sighed at her brother and dragged him back to the hotel.

- Konoha ninja academy -

Naruto and his team were walking up the stairs of the academy when they saw a group of people surrounding a door with the sign saying 301, naruto nodded at hinata and sasuke, they nodded back and continued walking, they heard a scuffle behind them and turned around to see a boy in green spandex being shoved to the floor, naruto's sense of decency told him to help, he did.

Lee was confused, he had been playing weak, the chunin boy had pushed him down, but then the boy who had pushed him down had flown through the door and wall behind him and there was a boy with a massive black sword strapt to his back infront of him, "We are konoha nin, we should stick together, if this is what being a chunin is all about then I might just leave now"

Naruto was proud of his little speech, he turned around and gave the boy a hand up, he turned to the rest of the group, "If you couldn't have beat that man, leave now, if you are weak, leave now, if you are too weak to face me but still go on, I will kill you.", Naruto turned to his team and left.

Team 7 met kakashi at the top of the stairs, he said hi, they walked in, naruto looked around, he saw some more of the rookies and they walked over to them, "Hey guys, looks like all the rookies are here", kiba started shouting about him being awesome and how he'd beat all of them.

"You rookies should take the volume down, your atracting too much attetion to yourselves", They all turned to see a boy with silver hair and glasses behind them.

"And who exactly are you?", Naruto asked

"Yakushi kabuto, 7th time chunin hopeful", The boy looked weird, "I can help you rookies if you want", He pulled out a deck of blank cards,"These cards hold information I have gathered on the past chunin exams, on all different hopefuls, you guys need any help?".

Naruto thought for a minute and looked around the room, he spotted the boy from earlier and pointed, "Him", kabuto smiled.

"Ok, lets look", he began shufling through the cards and found one,"Rock Lee of konoha, ninjutsu: none, genjutsu: none, taijutsu: iron fist, theres a note, unable to use chakra, wow thats a put down.", Naruto looked at the boy, if he was unable to use chakra then he would be very dangerous in a taijutsu match, he turned to kabuto.

"Hey can you teach me to do that?", Kabuto looked surprised for a moment but nodded, he pulled out a spare card and started showing naruto how to do it, naruto picked up on it quickly, he made a card of kabuto, he made a small note at the bottom and slipped it in his pocket.

"SHUT THE HELL UP",The proctors poofed into the room and explained the rules,(me being lazy), naruto figured out the way to get the answers easily, he saw the girl from lee's team set up mirrors, he used them to copy her answers, he saw sasuke and hinata useing thier bloodlines, he smiled as he thought of the prank he could pull during his, he also thought of the perverted things he could do aswell, he let out a perverted giggle, and quickly hid under the table, he came back up after ten minutes to find ibiki looking at him wierdly, he stared back and pointedly took the card out of his pocket and placed it on his paper, ibiki nodded and turned back to look at other people, what he didn't see however was naruto using his ren'negan eyes to create a perverted him, said naruto was crawling along the row towards a hot looking rain nin, he was mentaly linked with the other one, he felt as the 'clone' sat infront of the girls open legs and reached his hands forward, the girl didn't stand a chance as naruto massaged her soft spot, he was trying to narrow down the copetition, he could see her trying to hold back moans and could here slight wimpers escaping her mouth, he focused, hmm what should he call it, he decided on ero-uzu, he focused on ero's mind and saw as he pulled the girls black lace panties aside and started probing her clit, the girl couldn't take it anymore and let out a low, long moan, he grinned as a kunai thudded into her paper and her and her team were failed, he caught her eye as she walked out and winked.

Forty-five minutes were up and ibiki shouted to stop, he explained the rules to the tenth question, (Lazy me yay), and instantly some teams quit, some people shouted and some people cowered from team members, ibiki gave one last itimidating speech and...passed everyone, naruto was slightly confused but listened to ibiki's speech, just then a purple haired women burst through the window with a banner behind her that read, 'The sexy and superb, matarishi anko, second exam proctor', he raised an eyebrow at the banner until he saw the woman,'She is sexy', she explained the rules and started to rush them out of the room, naruto saw the girl from lee's team at the back of the crowd and decided to have some fun.

He walked over to her and poked her on the shoulder, she turned around,"Whats your name, I'm bored and want to make a bet and your from lee's team right so you must be good.", she nodded.

"My names tenten.", He thought for a moment then smiled.

"Well tenten, I want to bet about the exams", she nodded,"I bet that you won't get to the third exam, if you do I'll give you my sword", He pointed to the monster on his back, she started making googly eyes, at this point anko had come over and was listening in, she liked bets,"And if you don't make it to the last exam", she nodded,"You have to become a lesbian", There was a squeal next to him.

"I can help, please", Anko started pouting at him, he looked at her.

"Are you a lesbian?", Anko glared at him.

"Nooooo, I'm bisexual, so can I help, if you win I can help, ten-chan over here get asociated with the a womans body and if she wins I can make sure you hand over that sword.", Naruto nodded, he turned to tenten who was looking confused.

"Do you agree to this?", She looked at his sword then at anko, back at the sword, then back at anko, she thought 'Damn, what a time to be curious about my sexuality', she nodded at naruto and anko squealed again and grabbed tenten into a hug.

"Yay, new friend!", tentan was jammed in between her boobs, he could see a blush forming on her cheeks,'Oh my god, I could write a book, hmmm', anko let tenten go and kissed her on the cheek, then ran off, naruto turned to tenten.

"Come my lesbian friend, we have an exam to do", she tried to glare at him but couldn't, she felt too good, she sighed and followed anko, naruto smiled and followed both of them.

Oh Yeah, finished in three days, shall tenten lose her bet, will anko get a new toy find out next chapter.

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