From Fantasy to Reality



End of Fifth Year, Hogwarts Express: compartment 32 B…

An unusual owl flew into the window, surprising Harry Potter and his friends. The owl dropped a letter into his lap, and flew away. Blinking in confusion, he opened the letter.


Ahh…geez I don't know how to put this. I've been a right ponce to you all these years, and as much as I'd like to do my normal and pin it all on Mum and Dad…I've been part of the problem too. First, I wanna thank you for risking yourself to save my life. Mrs. Fig told me what those ruddy things were, and what you did, along with a short bit of what happened after that. Actually the owl that dropped this off to you was hers…I didn't exactly know when your school ended, and she didn't say, so I just asked her to send the ruddy thing. I wanted to say I'm sorry, though I doubt it's much. Also the old bat told me about the legend surrounding you. Blasted the bastard who offed your parents eh? Somewhere I always knew there was something big about you…just had ways to ignore it. But she told me he's come back. And…he DETESTS anything that's not your kind. To make up for all the shite I put you through growing up…I wanna help you off this guy.

You've got your magic…and she mentioned something about you being "of age" this summer. I guess that means you'll be able to do it 'round the house then. Though from what little I managed to remember about your good qualities, I doubt you'll do it in plain sight. And probably only to scare off Dad…which if you did do something particularly nasty for, I'd probably ignore it. Finally realized how much of a moron my own father is…though it's not easy to come to terms with. Oh craps I've been ranting. Anyway, there's some stuff that we mubbles, do that your kind probably doesn't know about. And since you have that magic stuff…I've got a few things to show you that might give you ideas.

I kinda…went through one of your books last summer when nobody was around. It said a lot of stuff that I didn't get, but one of the lines that stood out was something like "the control of magic is wielded by the intent of the user." Whatever that means. I think it might help you out though. And if that line is true (and you know what it means, cause I sure as hell don't) then the stuff I have to show you REALLY might give you an edge on this guy. Nobody said you had to off him the magic way right? Though if what I've heard from Mrs. Fig is right, a shot between the eyes probably wouldn't be enough.

Anyway, I doubt I'll be able to openly talk to you about this stuff till your birthday…but that doesn't mean I cant show you the stuff I mentioned. I've been thinking about this all year, and I've come up with a few things that might help. I'll see you the night you get back.

Someone who's not even going to bother to ask for forgiveness,


Harry was shocked. The letter sounded nothing like his infernal cousin at all…yet…something told him that it was all true. The shock was obviously shown on his face, because Hermione tried to snatch the letter out of his hand. However seeing as he was still a bit emotionally unstable (not that this letter helped those matters anyway), he snapped at her, thwarting her attempts. Afterwards, still glaring at her, he placed the letter securely in his trunk, hefted it onto his seat, and sat on it.

"It's none of your business, and if I even THINK that you should know, it'll be when I decide, not you Hermione!"


It's been a month since that day. Dudley stayed true to his word. The two of them watched anime after anime, played game after game, read book after book. All while Harry was getting some serious physical activity in by randomly sparring with Dudley, along with the roof work the two of them were doing. Petunia and Vernon were against Dudley helping, but when he said he wanted to, they couldn't deny him. So from that and his Quidditch games, Harry became rather fit. He still looked too thin, but at least now he was physically, and mentally stronger.

It was within that month that Harry took a look at the book Dudley mentioned in his letter. It did indeed have that line, along with the theory of magical manipulation. Harry tried some minor exercises to see if he had the talent. He did, though some feats were harder than others. What really surprised Harry was when he discovered his hidden talent at "Aura Reading." He could tell how strong, or what alignment a person had by the energy they put off. Powerful auras would be nearly solid walls of color, whereas weak ones would be faint and flickering. Concealed auras, auras belonging to people who learned how to hide their true potential, were small, but still solid outlines. He learned all this on his own, surprisingly.

What REALLY got him however was how he learned he could control the energy field that surrounded all living beings, muggles included. He couldn't control anyone's but his own, but he was able to manipulate it just as well as he could his magic. It wasn't as versatile as say being able to cast a Disarming, stunning, bludgeoning and cutting hex, but he learned he could deflect most projectiles, send invisible waves of force, even levitate objects with it, though for the second two tasks it took a good bit of his energy.

When Dudley learned about it, he immediately sat Harry down and popped in an anime he called Neon Genesis Evangelion. After a few episodes Harry learned why. The robots there, along with the monsters, could utilize a field of energy much like his own. The show called it an AT Field, so Harry did the same.

The increase in power didn't end there however. What nobody knew was that in his spare time, which was rare, he nicked one of Hermione's ancient Runes books. Originally he didn't think he'd have a use for them, even though he committed what he learned to memory, but a few days before his birthday, Dudley came home and surprised him.

The slowly thinning boy told Harry that he had just seen an anime with his friends called .hack. In it, there was a creature that looked like a barbell with a gold ring in the center. The ring gave the creature the ability to pierce the target's body, and do whatever it wanted, from knocking them out, to turning them into a scarecrow. Dudley theorized that if Harry could do that, then he'd be set. So for the next few days before his birthday the two of them went over the possibilities, theories and applications of such an object. Harry fused his Rune's knowledge, what little he had, with the making of the Bracelet, for it was obvious that a ring could not be used to hold that type of ability at Harry's current level of skill and power, and tested it on various old toys of Dudley's. The bracelet worked on his toys, and other inanimate objects. However it didn't do a thing when Dudley suggested Harry use it on him. So they puzzled over why…when it hit Harry. He infused a toy with a bit of energy from his field, and then tried the bracelet. Nothing happened. He took the television remote and used the bracelet. Nothing happened. It was then that they realized that the bracelet's current state couldn't pierce anything with an energy field of ANY sort, let alone a human's.

So for the last few hours before Harry's birthday, both boys studied the runes, their actions, and their potentials. Harry tried a few experiments and learned that like in Evangelion, his energy field had the power to hold, bind, and negate someone else's of his own or lower power. He also came up with a spell that would temporarily shatter that energy field, which would scramble the senses of his opponent, along with possibly messing up their magical control, seeing as that was just an advanced form of energy manipulation. However, he noted that it could potentially not work as well when the opponent was at full strength, or even had a higher well of power than him. Of course he'd have no way of telling until after he was of age. The boys had made three. Two for Harry; "Incase you might need twice the power y'know? Snakey might just be too strong for just one." And one for Dudley. Why one for Dudley?

"Look Dudley, I'm gonna need you to convince your parents that with Voldemort back, even with me here to charge the wards it may not be safe."

"It's cause he was brought back using your blood right?"

"Yeah. WHY Dumbledore hasn't factored that in yet is beyond me…but after last year…I've stopped trusting him so fully. So it's a precaution."

When asked how it would work for him, considering he's a muggle, Harry explained.

"I made yours with a bit of my blood on the runes. Since my mother's blood is in your mother, my blood is in you FROM your mother. And since my blood has magic flowing in it, it can draw from ambient magic around you to charge the Bracelet. It can probably only fire two shots, one if you use the Arc ability, but it can at least buy you some time to get away. If that happens drag your parents to Mrs. Fig's and tell her to contact Dumbledore."

Both boys hoped it wouldn't come to that, but Dudley was touched that Harry would use his own blood to help keep Dudley safe, after all the years of torture Dudley and his parents put him through. The two of them split for the night, Dudley wishing Harry an early happy birthday. When the clocks of England struck twelve, Harry was suddenly knocked unconscious, his body glowing.

That Morning…

Harry woke up feeling better than ever. The thought that nobody sent him a letter filled him with Sorrow, but he shelved it quickly. For all he knew Dumbledore and the Order were going to pick him up personally.


Harry grumbled slightly, but realized something. He was Sixteen now. He could do magic. Not that he needed his wand to do what little he'd need around here, but hell, he could whip it out and nobody could do shit anymore! He strode down the stairs, confidence in his step and an eerie smile on his face.

"BOY! What are you smirking about?!"

"It's my birthday."


"I'm Sixteen now."

"You speak as if it matters to me Boy!"

"Oh it does."

"And why is that?!"

He pulled out his wand. "Petrificus Totalus." Vernon's body went rigid, flashing a stone gray for a moment, and he fell to the side. "Silencio." He cast a quick silencing spell on the room, so no sound would get out. Petunia screamed.


"Oh I just put a petrifying spell on him. In case you didn't get my hints, I can do magic now. He's unharmed, but he's frozen solid. Can't move a muscle. Now, I COULD repay your kindness to me for all these years…" Some sadistic part of him was satisfied with the fear in both his Uncle and Aunt's eyes. A part of him that rarely woke, but was easily quenched.

"But I don't feel like becoming exactly like you, so unless you start something with me, I won't do anything to you, got it?"

Petunia nodded in fear, as Vernon's eyes widened.

"Good." He canceled the spell. "I'd apologize, but I DO owe you for sixteen years of neglect."

He opened his mouth to say something…when suddenly something caught his eye. He turned and noticed a blank space in the air in the hall to the kitchen. He drew his wand, and motioned for the three of them to get behind him, which they did. He stared at the blank space, a small sphere-like object that floated in midair, stationary, slowly growing wider. Unknown to him, his eyes flashed red, and he could suddenly make out four glowing dots inside the sphere. The dots grew as the sphere did, Harry backing away as it got bigger, when suddenly the sphere stopped growing, and the dots became about half the size of the sphere. He watched as the sphere collapsed and the dots became people.


"Hey Harry! I didn't expect you to be waiting here for us. How'd you know we were coming?"

"I saw it."

"You saw what?"

"Th-the thing you used. I saw what it did."

"You saw the Portkey?"

"So that's what they look like from outside…"


"I'll explain later. I'm guessing you're here to pick me up?"

"Right in one."

"Good. Tonks, Professor Lupin, It's good to see you again."

"Wotcher Harry!"

"Good to see you Harry."

"Hello Harry."

Harry's eyes turned to a glare.


He turned. "Dudley, mind helping me out real quick?"

"Sure thing."

The two of them went to his room and gathered his things. "Whoa! Your bracelets!" They looked at Harry's arms. "They've changed!" "Wonder why…I mean…I DID feel different when I woke up."

"Maybe you've hit some increase in power cause you're of age?"

"I'll have to ask someone…"

The two of them came down the stairs, Harry's trunk floating behind him.


"What? I'm sixteen. I can do magic outside of school now. Not that I'd need a levitation charm…"

"What do you mean my boy?"

"First off, I'm not your boy, second, I mean this."

He glared at the Headmaster, and gave in to his urges. His left hand made a clenching motion, and Dumbledore rose in the air. Hey…I wasn't able to affect other's fields like this before…

Dumbledore's eyes widened as he saw the anger in Harry's eyes just before he began floating. However he noted that weakened and turned to interested puzzlement before he was suddenly dropped. He landed on his behind.

"Surprised aren't we?"

They all blinked while Dudley chuckled. "Nice one Harry."

"Well, it's only the beginning. Anyway, I'm sure Mrs. Weasely is going batshit crazy at how long this is taking, so let's go."

The adults were too stunned at the sudden shift in attitude Harry was displaying to do much other than nod.

"Later Dudley. Oh yeah, I left you a rune book. See if you can figure out what made my Bracelets change so suddenly. I'll let you know if I come up with anything."

He opened Hedwig's cage and flicked his wrist at a window, which opened on its own. And it used to take a good bit of focus even to do minor things like that…what the hell is going on here?

"Where will we be?"


"Alright Hedwig, meet you at Headquarters alright?"

The owl hooted, nipped his ear affectionately, and flew out the open window.

He held the cage to the headmaster who looked at him quizzingly, even though he had the infernal twinkle in his eyes.

Harry rolled his own eyes in exasperation.

"She's gone so use it as a portkey. It's bigger than that ruddy sock your holding."

"Too true my-…Harry."

The elder wizard tapped the cage with his wand.

"Oh yes, one more thing before we go. I want you to call an order meeting. Don't care when, but I've got information, and things that you might want to know. I may dislike you right now Dumbledore, but even with these upgrades, and my new skills, Voldie's not gonna roll over and die that easy. And no matter what you say, Ron, Hermione and Ginny WILL be included. You can do your normal order business after it, and we'll leave if you want, I don't care. I'd also like to Invite Neville and Luna. This concerns them as well."

"A tall request Harry…but I'll see what I can do. Now, shall we depart?"

"Yes. By Dudley!"

"Later Potter."

With that, he felt not a pull on his navel like normal, but a small wrapping around his energy field as it pulled him along. His last thought before seeing nothing but a blur was…

I have GOT to see if I can combine this with apparition along with my AT Field…

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