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Author's Note: This is a mixture between the Gokusen Drama series and the Gokusen anime, and before everyone found out that she was a Yakuza heiress. Only Shin knows. I got it like, Drama looks and set up with the anime personalities so Yankumi is much more hilariously aggressive and so on.

Title: Clash of the Tigers

Rated: M (language, violence, and sexual content)

Pairings: Shin/Kumi

Tiger! Tiger! burning bright
In the forests of the night,
What immortal hand or eye
Could frame thy fearful symmetry?

-William Blake

Chapter 1: Observing

Eyes the color of obsidian peered out beneath half closed lids. His head was laid across his flung out arm and his posture gave him the appearance of someone who was either really bored or really tired. He was neither. Contrary to his appearance and to what everyone thought Shin never slept in class, at least, not in her class.

Her back was faced to them as she wrote on the chalk board. Shin momentarily took his eyes off her to peer at the math equation. He snorted before turning back to what had first caught his eyes. The math problem was easy enough that a 6th grader could do it. At least to him it was, he decided as he glanced around the class room and saw most of his classmates give up after a few seconds and continue to do anything but the task at hand.

She finally turned around to stare at her inattentive class. A slight frown marred her features before she put on a rosy smile. "Can anyone answer this question?"

Shin secretly smiled as her eye began to tick in annoyance at being ignored. "Ano...class? Helloooo?" The class continued to chatter away unaware of the rising irritation coming from their home room teacher.

Yamaguchi's forehead began to pulse and match the ticking in her eyes. Shin, seeing this, muttered, "Here it comes," before Yamaguchi finally lost it.


The room fell silent as the entire class, save one, looked at her in shock. Shin hid his smile as he watched realization dawn on Yamaguchi's face.

"Ano...I mean...everyone let's pay attention, ne? Without the knowledge that you learn in school you could all grow up to have useless jobs and meaningless lives."

The class continued to stare at her in silence and Yamaguchi began to get nervous. Oh crap! I've blown it this time. I am so screwed. Maybe I can run out the door and out the school before everyone finds out. Yamaguchi thought as she glanced at the door.

Yamaguchi was about to make a run for it when someone finally spoke up. "Eighteen." The droll voice took everyone's attention off Yamaguchi and on to the drowsy eyes in the back. Everyone turned their eyes to the back were Shin was seen looking bored.

"N-nani?" Yamaguchi stuttered.

"Baka. The answer to the problem?"

Everyone turned to face the board. After a quick mental calculation Yamaguchi realized that Sawada was right. She beamed at him. "That's correct! At least someone here is learning and realizing their potential."

Shin merely turned his head from the praise and muttered a "baka."

"Jeez Yankumi you can be really weird sometimes, ya know?" said a slightly irritated Minami.

"Yeah learn to relax," added Uchi.

The noise level in the class began to rise as everyone resumed what they were doing before their home room teacher decided to get all weird on them. Yankumi tried fruitlessly to regain their attention.

"You guys? This is important. You need to learn this," Yankumi started to whine.

Shin, deciding he had learned enough for the day, got up to leave. He paused at the door expectantly; hiding a smile to what he knew was coming.

"Hey Sawada!" Right on cue, Shin thought. "Where're you going? You can't leave!"

Without turning around Shin said, "Out, I'm hungry."

The class erupted in laughter as they started to pack and join him.

"Hey? You guys just can't leave! This is your education we're talking about. Your future. You need this in hopes of..." Before Yankumi could continue her tirade the bell rang signaling the end of class.

Laughing again the class bid her good bye, leaving one by one until Yankumi was left alone.

Glancing around, Yankumi let out a curse before kicking her desk.

Shin smiled to himself as he heard, what sounded like, Yamkumi attacking the furniture.

"Hey Shin, what are you smiling about?" asked a curious Kuma.

"Yeah Shin, you never smile," said Noda.

The rest of the guys started to crowd around observing their friend's uncharacteristic behavior. Shin calmly responded, "Nothing," before walking off.

Noda, Uchi, Kuma, and Minami rushed to Shin so they could interrogate him so more, out of a sheer concern for their friend's sake of course.

"Ohhh Shin too cool to tell us what's on your mind, huh?" grinned Noda.

"Or maybe, he's thinking of his girlfriend." Minami intoned nudging Shin.

"Oh Shin tell us! Who is she?" asked Uchi eagerly.

"Yeah Shin. As your best friends its are right to know and your duty to tell us," Kuma said smartly.

"Ah Kuma, tryin to be all smart," Noda said before jumping on Kuma's back and giving him a noogie.

Shin just observed all this with a small smile on his face. He briefly thought about the woman who had been on his mind lately. He smiled again before he turned around and walked off the school grounds muttering a "baka." as his friends rushed to catch up to him.

As soon as they got close Uchi jumped on Shin's back. "Where should we go now, oh fearless leader?"

Shin pushed Uchi off of him, Uchi continued on excitedly unfazed by his friend's actions.

"Karaoke?" suggested Kuma.

The guys looked at each other and shook their heads in the negative. "Neh!"

"I'm tired of always doing karaoke, let's do something different," Uchi said.

Noda agreed. "Yeah something with lots of music and..."

"...girls! Lots of girls." finished Minami with a glazed look in his eyes.

Shin continued to walk be them in silence, shaking his head at his friends one tracked minds. Though, he thought, I guess I can't really judge them on this; his mind briefly flashing to the glasses wearing pig tailed woman that constantly haunted his thoughts and dreams. His dreams were always the same, she would come to his door in the middle of the night, he would be surprised, she would touch him, he would try to resist before he finally caved and they made love the entire night. He groaned at his thoughts. I really need to get a hobby.

The guys looked at each other and grinned, except for Shin who was still lost in thought, and shouted, "Covent Garden!"

Shin groaned. The Covent Garden was a pub that had games, food, karaoke, and all sorts of fun things. Shin didn't mind the place, it was fun and they had good food, but it was loud and girls always tried to hit on him despite his total lack of interest.

His friends, completely ignorant of his troubles, started to dance their way to their destination; Shin pulling up the rear grumbling all the way.

"Cheers!" shouted the five adults gathered at the bar. Shizuka and Kikuno had invited the two officers to the bar for drinks again. Kumiko, after hearing their plans, decided to tag along much to the other women's chagrin.

"Hey Shinohara-san? Thank you for watching Yuta for me last night. You looked so cute with him sleeping on your chest! Just like a father." Kikuno squealed in happiness.

"Na-ni?" Shizuka and Kumiko shouted.

Blushing, Tomoya muttered, "You're welcome."

"Oh, I asked Shinohara-san to babysit Yuta for me while I had a nurse convention. Yuta told me how Shinohara-san and him played games and how he helped him with his homework." Laughing Kikuno said, "Shinohara-san would make such a good father."

"How sneaky using a child like that," Kumiko whispered.

Tomoya continued to blush. "It was no problem really. Yuta's a good kid."

"Oh Shinohara-san, being all modest." laughed Kikuno.

"You know Yamaguchi-sensei I am very good with children too," Kashiwagi said, trying to impress Kumiko.

Kumiko didn't even spare him a glance before she rushed to Shinohara's side, leaving Kashiwagi gaping. "Ano...Shinohara-san I was wondering if we could meet somewhere and you could help me with my student's papers? Its so much to grade by myself and maybe you could help me figure out a faster better way to teach my students. Since you're so smart," Kumiko rushed.

"Hai. We can do that Yamaguchi-sensei," Tomoya smiled.

"Yes!" Kumiko smiled.

"I'd be glad to help too Yamaguchi-sensei," Kashiwagi tried again to get her attention. Kumiko continued to go on as if he hadn't said anything.

"Good! How about we meet on Friday evening? Say at 5?"


"Arigato!" Kumiko said excitedly. "Finally, things are working for my benefit."

The other women frowned at her. "We are going to start having to see her as a worthy opponent for Shinohara-san." Shizuka said.

Kikuno, still glaring at Kumiko for snatching Shinohara's attention from her, agreed. "Hai."

It was midnight before group left the bar, the girls drunkenly weaving around on the sidewalk and the guys behind them not doing much better.

With their arms around each other the girls started to sing loudly. The officers behind were laughing like children and started to join in.

"I drunk I may have think too much," giggled Shizuka. "Oops! I mean thunk- drunk too much! I drunk too much!"

"Yeah, me (hiccup) too!" shouted a rosy cheeked Kikuno.

"It's a good thing none of us are driving," Kashiwagi cheered.

"Hai! That would be a disaster," Shinohara concurred. "We'll walk you ladies home and then we'll leave. It'd be really bad if two officers were caught out this late intoxicated."

"Oh Shinohara! You're so sweet!" all three ladies squealed.

Kumiko giggled. "I feel all floaty. Like I could fly!" with that she took off running her arms spread out.

"Oi! Kumiko? Where are you going?" Shizuka shouted chasing after her, the others not far behind her.

Shin was in his apartment alone trying vainly to sleep. He was wearing nothing but some plaid pajama bottoms. He had a massive headache from the pounding that filled the Covent Garden. He could still all those girls drunkenly hitting on him. He shuddered at the thought. It was beyond disturbing, especially when that older lady hit on him, constantly pinching his cheeks and making not so subtle offers. He shuddered again.

He had already taken some Night-Quil in hopes of helping his headache and the drowsiness side effect. He could finally feel it taking place. "Finally," he muttered, settling down and closing his eyes.


Shin cursed under his breath. "Who the hell could be at the door this late?"

The doorbell rang again. "I'm coming, I'm coming," he grumbled.

Shin yanked open the door with a snarl on his face, "What the hell do you wa..." Shin trailed off.

Standing at the door was the woman that had plagued his dreams for months. "Yankumi..."

Yankumi stood there grinning drunkenly up at him. "Hey Sawada," she said her voice all breathy.

Shin gulped. "Yankumi what are you doing here?"

"Shhhhhh..." Yankumi said putting her finger on his mouth and her pressing her body up against his. "Don't say anything, just feel. Can you feel me Shin?" she breathed in his ear.

Shin could feel his stomach and other things begin to quiver. He had waited for this moment his entire life, well maybe not his entire life, but since he first discovered the passion and beauty in her it was all he fantasized about. She had no idea how he wanted to just let her have him and explore the passion he could feel rising off in waves from his body, but he knew the only reason Yankumi was doing this was because she was drunk. As if she would ever want me, her precious student, Shin thought bitterly.

So it was much too his regret and his pain that he tried to pull Yankumi off of him. "Yankumi, please. You're drunk. You need to go home. I'll call Kuroda-san to pick you up." He started to turn around and pick up the phone when he suddenly felt small firm hands grab him and push him up against the wall. "Yankumi.."

Shin was silenced by Yankumi's mouth on his. Shin's eyes widened before he sank into her kiss, wrapping his arms around her small frame. The kiss grew her mouth devouring his, his tongue battling hers. Shin could feel himself falling past the brink fast. He knew that if he didn't stop now he wouldn't be able too.

He tried one more time too get Yankumi off of him. "Yankumi PLEASE! You need to stop and I need to get you home." Shin whimpered when Yankumi started to lick and suck on his neck.

"I don't want to stop," she groaned.

I don't want you to either, he thought. Aloud he said, "But I want you to."

Valiantly he continued to try half heartedly to pull her off of him, his body already mourning her loss.

Shin almost screamed in surprise and pleasure at Yankumi's next action. She had grabbed him through his pajama pants. The feel of her caressing him almost made him loose it. His body automatically responded, hardening and thrusting lightly in to her grip.

Yankumi smiled up at him, her eyes filled with a drunken lust. "Your body doesn't want me to stop."

"My body is stupid," Shin groaned.

"Your body knows what it wants," she intoned. "Do you know what you want? Or are you still in denial? Are you going to run from me Shin?" she breathed the last against his neck before biting, hard. It was the biting that finally undid him. With shaky eager hands he quickly lifted her up and ran to his room, her giggles chasing surrounding him.

He threw her gently on the bed watching her bounce slightly before settling on the mattress. She smiled seductively up at him, taking off her glasses and tossing them on the night stand her hair ties already gone from when Shin ran his hands through her hair.

Shin admired the way her hair midnight tresses looked spread out on his bed, the way her skin shined like ivory in the moonlight, how her eyes seemed to see in his very soul. He shuddered, he wanted her so badly it hurt, but...but... "Yankumi..." he said hating himself, "are you sure about this? If you want me to stop I will." He wasn't looking at her now, as the silence continued he sighed, I knew it was too good to be true. He started to get up so he could call Kuroda, when something fell on his face. He frowned before pulling the cloth off his head. It was Yankumi's shirt and pants. His eyes were as wide as saucers when he looked back at Yankumi. She lay propped up on her elbows with one of her legs bent up in nothing but a sports bra and panties. It wasn't what anyone would consider sexy or flirtatious. They were the kind things you wore when you planned on no one seeing them. To him she looked like a goddess.

He practically jumped on her in his hurry to get to her, chucking his pants off before he landed on top of her where he started kissing her like he would eat her mouth. He made his way lower nipping, sucking, licking his way to her breasts were he pulled off her sports bra. Yankumi's harsh breathing filled his ears. No, he thought, not Yankumi, Kumiko. His Kumiko. He made sure to pay extra attention to her breasts, covering one in kisses before sucking gently on the nipple. Kumiko's groaned thrilled him, her hands tangling in his hair urging him on. He gave the other breast the same treatment, blowing on the nipple this time before moving lower. He kissed his way down her stomach to her panties were they hid his most desired treasure. He licked the cloth covering her secret causing her to yelp, before laying butterfly kisses on the inside of her thighs.

"Shin," she gasped, "please!"

Shin smirked, his power over his usually dominant self reliant teacher filling him to do what he used to think of as impossible. "Please what?"

Kumiko looked at him with desperation and lust clear in her eyes, "Do it!"

Shin bit her gently through the cloth that covered her already wet nether regions. She screamed. "Kami-sama! Shin! Please!"

Grinning, Shin decided to stop torturing her and give her what they both wanted. Slowly he pealed off her panties tossing them carelessly on the floor. He looked at her precious fruit watching some of her nectar already spilling. He licked her slit before delving in and feasting on her, his tongue going in deep. Kumiko's hips began to buck in rhythm to her tongue. Her breath was becoming more ragged and started coming quicker signaling she was close to climaxing. With one more flick of his tongue she came screaming his name. Shin made sure to drink in all her juices as they came gushing out. The look she gave him was enough to almost make him climax. They stared at each other for a few seconds before Kumiko rose up pulling Shin to her devouring his mouth and tasting herself all the while.

While their mouths devoured each other Kumiko hand made its way down to Shin's throbbing member. He jerked at her touch and his head fell back, eyes closed. He started thrusting as Kumiko hand squeezed and moved up and down his shaft. Shin could feel the pressure building up in his loins and stopped her before he could go. Kumiko's protest turned into a groan as Shin thrust into her deep. Her back arched and her face winced slightly as Shin broke through her hymen. Shin stared up at her in awe before closing his eyes to relish the moment. I'm her first... I'm her only...I'm her last. Shin thought possessively as he surged inside her. His body began to pick up speed as he thought Mine. Kumiko's nails began to bite into his back as she moved her hips in time with his.

Her pants came deeper, his groans got louder, and he suddenly climaxed in her roaring, "MINE!" Her climax hitting soon after, her nails scoring his back before she settled down; their harsh breathing the only thing filling the night air. Shin crawled up her body and kissed her slowly and gently. "Kumiko...I..."

Kumiko smiled gently at him, brushing her fingers through his bangs. "You don't have to say anything Shin. I already know."

Shin kissed her again holding her heated flesh against his. She yawned before settling down in his arms and falling asleep. Shin stared at her as her breathing began to even out. Mine, he thought, forever mine.

Kumiko woke up to a massive headache and dry throat. Her body ached all over, but it one place particularly. Kumiko groaned. Kami-sama...what did I do? Kumiko started to get out of her bed. Wait, she thought glancing around, this isn't my bed, this isn't even my room. What the hell? Someone else shifting in the bed caused her head to whip around. Bad idea, she thought as her vison blurred. When her vision cleared she saw somebody with a long agile body and a head full of black hair turned away from her. Her eyes widened. "OH... MY... GOD!"

End Chapter 1: Observations

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