I'm sorry that I love you.

Two weeks had passed. Two weeks of terrifying worry.

The entire department was tense and unusually quiet. Terazuma was verging on a pack and a half a day. His ashtray almost always full.

Tatsumi had re alphabetized this years case files seven times already.

Konoe had taken to emerging from his office. Something he rarely did. He paced back and forth passed Tsuzuki and Hisoka's office for half the day usually.

Watari who had shut himself in his lab for most of the past two weeks was now in the infirmary making sure that they were fully stocked with all the gauze and antiseptic they could possibly ever need. 003 fluttering behind him in his now, frantic speed.

Wakaba was also in the infirmary today, readying it for the enormous task that lay ahead. Every now and then she would pause by the window and stare up at the sun her hands clasped in silent prayer.

The biggest clue that something was terribly wrong was Saya and Yuma sitting on the love seat, arms wrapped around each other silently weeping. Every so often they would get up to retrieve some coffee and a muffin from the break room and take it outside to deathly silent and morose Tsuzuki.

He stayed perched on the front steps his face firmly planted in his hands. The heels dug into his eyes, as if willing himself not to cry. He knew that he would be crying soon enough but he knew that he had to keep it together for Hisoka's return.

Two weeks ago. Tsuzuki watched helplessly as Muraki carried off an unconscious Hisoka.

"…He is broken Tsuzuki dear. And because I love you, I will fix him and return him to you in two weeks. I realize that if I ever took Hisoka from you, you would never forgive me. So don't fret I will return him to you better than new." The doctor said from his perch atop a famous church in the area he and Hisoka had been investigating.

Cradling Hisoka in his arms, looking down almost lovingly he whispered something to the sleeping boy and hugged him to his chest. Tsuzuki watched helplessly as the boy stirred and clung to the sinister doctor.

"GIVE HIM BACK!" Tsuzuki screamed. But before he could even fly three feet into the air, Muraki and Hisoka had disappeared. He fell the short distance back to the earth. His knees stained with the green grass and began to weep.

The two agonizing weeks had passed. What had Muraki done? It's because of me that Hisoka was taken!

But he shoved those thoughts to the back of his mind. He had plenty of time to brood, once Hisoka was safe and out of harms way.

Tatsumi wandered out onto the stairs and sat next to Tsuzuki.

"Anytime now he should return."


"Tsuzuki, I want you to be ready. Hisoka will more than likely not be the same."


"And we will have to keep Hisoka restrained at first. Who knows what he could do under Muraki's spell."

"Hai, hai. We already talked about this Tatsumi. I am prepared. As long as we get him back alive. There is still hope… right?" He asked weakly. Tatsumi looked down.

"Yes Tsuzuki. There is always hope." But he didn't sound too convincing.

"So what, is the kid just going to come walking up the stairs?" Tatsumi and Tsuzuki turned around to see Terazuma light up yet another cigarette.

"Knowing Muraki, yes." Said Watari as he and Wakaba exited the building, followed shortly after by Saya and Yuma, eyes still red and puffy.

Tsuzuki looked back out over to the horizon. Saya went and sat next to Tsuzuki latching on to him. To offer as much support as she could to her elder. Wakaba sat on the step in front of them legs crossed. Leaning back against Saya's knees.

Terazuma walked down the steps. Determined to put himself on the first defense. His worry might have been out of character for him, but Hisoka was a friend and the kid was one of the only bearable people in the department. He was genuinely worried for him, not to mention how his absence had affected the whole department.

Konoe emerged from the office to stand beside Yuma and they waited in silence.

They need not have waited long for as soon as the sun's last rays disappeared over the scattered buildings and sakura trees Hisoka had teleported right before the steps where they all waited.

He stood there in a white Kimono, his head down slightly so they could not see his eyes. He looked eerie in the darkening twigh-light. Standing there completely still. Almost lifeless.

Tsuzuki shot up ready to embrace him. For two weeks it felt as if he couldn't breath. But now suddenly it felt as if a weight had been lifted from his chest. Tears began to spill from his eyes, but he wiped them ferociously away. Now was not the time for that.

Saya and Yuma lined up behind him, as if eager to receive their turn to hug the kid. But Tatsumi held them back. Instead Watari and Terazuma approached him.

"Bon?" Watari asked warily as he and Terazuma slowly filled the space.

Hisoka looked up. His eyes looked glassy, but still intelligent. As if processing the situation before him. Terazuma and Watari now noticed the thick red ribbon tied around Hisoka's neck. A heavy card tied to one loose end with elegant handwriting on the cover. Watari reached over and untied the card. But before he could read it Hisoka spoke.

"Tsuzuki?" He asked meekly, as if asking where he was. His voice sounded so hesitant and docile. Nothing like the reserved yet aggressive voice of before. Terazuma furrowed his brows.

Tsuzuki having heard his partner's hesitant request pushed passed Tatsumi and descended the stairs to stand before him. When Hisoka looked from Watari to Tsuzuki recognition dawned on the empath and he flung himself at his partner. Tears spilling from his eyes.

"Tsuzuki Sama!" Tsuzuki was shocked at the honor but firmly held Hisoka back. The boy was shaking like a leaf. Tsuzuki looked worriedly over his head to Watari. Who still held the card.

"I have tests to run. Lets take him to the infirmary." Watari urged.

Tsuzuki not wanting to part even a little with his partner picked him up. The boy instantly wrapped his arms around Tsuzuki's neck, obviously not wanting to let go. The two walked past the rest of the department. All with worried looks on their faces.

Line line line line line line line line line line line line line line line line line line

After a blood test, Watari declared Hisoka to be: Human, blood type AB, a 16year old male (bodily), and Hisoka.

Another weight seemed to lift off the entire group.

"There's a card here Tsuzuki, shall I read it?" Watari waved the offending piece of paper in the air.

"Yes." He still held Hisoka's hand tightly.

"Dear Tsuzuki,

I have returned your partner as promised; you will find him in perfect physical shape. I would hope this gift to you is evidence of my affections. I will win you over yet, Tsuzuki dear.

I hope that what I have taught Bouya will be put to good use. Please think of me whenever he appeases you.



Tsuzuki spun towards Hisoka.

"Hisoka what did he do?" Worry written clearly over his face. Hisoka blinked up at Tsuzuki and smiled.

"Muraki Sensei fixed me. You should thank him, now I am able to give you what you want." The room seemed to go icy, and a shudder ran over all who were in side.

"Ok well we will let you talk this out. Terazuma, Wakaba, Yuma and Saya, please return to your homes, you can visit tomorrow." Chief Konoe ushered out the employees before turning back to Tatsumi.

"I want a full report as soon as you are finished here." Tatsumi nodded.

Only Tatsumi, Watari, Tsuzuki and Hisoka where left. Hisoka was the first to break the silence.

"Don't worry so much Tsuzuki Sama." He smiled warmly and held the older man's hand.

"Hisoka, don't call me that! Just Tsuzuki alright?" Tsuzuki asked perturbed.

"Alright!" Hisoka said brightly. Another awkward pause.

"Ok. I want to run another test. He walked over to his desk and retrieved the rape kit that he had readied. Knowing he would have to use it upon Hisoka's arrival.

"If you two don't mind, I'm going to use the curtain for some privacy so Tsuzuki if you could take a seat over there next to Tatsumi."

"Alright" Tsuzuki, with some difficulty extracted his hand from Hisoka's, who, at the break in contact whimpered, reaching out to Tsuzuki.

"It'll be fine. I'll be right over there." Tsuzuki patted Hisoka's knee.

Watari pulled the curtain out and obstructed Hisoka's view from Tsuzuki, ensuring that Hisoka let out another whimper.

"Ok Bon, I know this is tough but I am just going to check down there." Hisoka Squirmed.

"Just lie back ok?" Watari was trying to be as soothing as he could, but he could sense the mounting tension radiating off the kid. Hisoka hesitantly laid back but as soon as Watari reached for the sash Hisoka bolted up.

"No no no. You don't get to touch me! Only Tsuzuki Sama. Only Muraki sensei! Get away!" Hisoka planted his foot on Watari's chest and pushed him back. He stumbled into Tatsumi's arms as he and Tsuzuki had rose when they heard Hisoka's words. Hisoka had backed up until he saw Tsuzuki and lunged himself into his arms.

"No Tsuzuki, don't let him touch me. Please!" The boy was trembling. Tsuzuki looked over Hisoka's head at Watari and Tatsumi. Watari looked on the verge of tears and Tatsumi was just standing there in shock. Nothing but Hisoka's soft whimpering filled the room.

Tsuzuki carried him back to the bed.

"Hisoka we just have to check to see that you aren't injured." Watari said slowly getting closer again with the kit.

"no NOO!" Hisoka screamed and started throwing a tantrum once again kicking Watari this time on the side of the face.

"Hisoka! STOP!" Tsuzuki yelled. As soon as the words left his mouth Hisoka lay limp. Eyes gazing serenely up at Tsuzuki, as if he hadn't just had a fit.

This took Tsuzuki aback. Watari quickly called Tatsumi and Tsuzuki over to one side of the room, out of earshot.

"Tsuzuki I want to try a little experiment. I need you to ask him to do something. And then I need you to ask him to do something that he wouldn't normally do. All right?


"Just trust me ok?" They made there way back to Hisoka.

"Hisoka could you hand me that clipboard over there?" The three men held their collective breaths. Hisoka would normally say something like 'screw you! You go get it. You're standing.' But this one merrily bounded from the bed and retrieved the clipboard, handing it over to Tsuzuki. It was innocent enough.

"Ok Hisoka. Now can you sing twinkle twinkle?" Hisoka hated singing. Especially in front of anyone. Hisoka warily looked at Tatsumi and Watari. But broke out into song nonetheless.

"Ok Hisoka you can stop." Tsuzuki clenched his fists.

"Hisoka can you sing Mary had a little lamb." Watari ventured. Hisoka glanced at Tsuzuki but his face was emotionless.

"Anou… does Tsuzuki want me to sing it?" Hisoka fidgeted gazing at Tsuzuki.

"I don't care." Tsuzuki braced himself.

"Then No. I don't want to sing Mary had a little lamb." He then proceeded to scoff. A little of his old self, shining through. Hope flooded Tsuzuki. Hisoka shot his head back around to Tsuzuki and grinned.

"I hate Mary had a little lamb!" Then he giggled. Watching for Tsuzuki's reaction. But Tsuzuki just frowned. Which in turn caused Hisoka to frown.

"Alright, alright. Hisoka if you would please return to the bed. I need to talk to Watari and Tsuzuki in the hallway." They followed the secretary out.

"What just happened in there?" Tsuzuki asked his voice raising an octave in worry.

"It appears that he has been wired to obey you and only you." Watari offered. Tsuzuki clenched his teeth.

"Not only that but he is gauging your emotions to see how you react to everything, so that he can make you happy."

"How…" Tsuzuki shook his head squeezing his eyes tight. And running a hand through his hair. "I had my shields up all the way in there."

"Regardless he still read you." Tatsumi folded his arms.

"Well Tsuzuki I know you wont like this but I need to run that test. If you told him to cooperate with me, he might let me finish."

"What test?" Tsuzuki asked. Tatsumi shot Watari a knowing glance.

"Tsuzuki… It's a rape kit. I need to look down there." Tsuzuki looked down, anger surged in him.

"Alright" They entered the room, all the while they approached, and Hisoka was giving Watari a dirty look.

"What's the matter Hisoka?" Watari asked.

"You made master mad." Immediately after Hisoka realized what he said, and as soon as the use of the suffix upset Tsuzuki, Hisoka ducked his head. "Sorry Tsuzuki." He offered sadly."

"It.. It's fine. But Watari didn't make me mad. Muraki did." Hisoka's eyes widened.

"Oh you shouldn't be mad at Muraki sensei! He loves you very very much. He made me better so I could please you! He is the reason I am here at all!" Hisoka looked on the verge of tears. Tsuzuki tensed but tried to make himself calm down.

"Enough of that. Hisoka I need you to let Watari run his tests. Please listen to Watari and do as he asks." At this a few tears did spill over from Hisoka's eyes.

"Alright" he said weakly. Watari sighed and retrieved the kit. And then closed the curtain.

Tsuzuki leant forward in his chair and buried his face in his hands. What had Muraki done?