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They placed the blanket over the shivering immortal teen. Its majestic beauty adding a sense of surrealism. Hisoka struggled to throw it off, and yet he didn't know why. Yes, he was terrified of what was to come, but he would honestly deal with that if it meant this could all end.

He supposed it was the demon then, and grit his teeth to repress the beast within him. Trying to take his mind off of the fear and rising panic, he began asking questions.

"I suppose you know what we are dealing with then?"

All eyes turned to the doctor, who merely nodded.

"An incubus." Hisoka's mind reeled.

"Of course… Next time I'm going to put in a request to Muraki for something more along the lines of Segadaleus, just to you know, fend off the utter humiliation." Hisoka chuckled at the lack of response from the group. A strange sense of satisfaction bubbled up in him as he made that remark, as if he had just tried on a new mask that was to his liking.

He looked around the quiet bunch and sighed. He was beginning to become sick and tired of their worried faces.

"Hello? I am still here, and still possessed." The group seemed to snap out of it. The doctor's eyes darkened at the change in Hisoka's behavior, but hell, he could always just pawn it off on the demon, later on.

He would be keeping his pride, thank you very much. And at the moment the only way to do that was by making cutting remarks.

He looked warily at Tsuzuki, who was avoiding eye contact. He felt a sharp pain in his chest and looked away.

Hisoka looked at the man before him. It was Kyo, a furrow in his brow.

"If you have some thing to say, just say it."

Kyo merely shook his head and turned away, and Hisoka found himself laughing. The act lifting his spirits, he didn't care if this was the demon, it felt better than being afraid. But when Tsuzuki approached the bed Hisoka was reminded of the others feelings.

Surely this change in attitude would upset Tsuzuki, and for that Hisoka looked away in shame.

"Get on with it." He forced through gritted teeth. Kyo stepped next to Tsuzuki.

"Yes I think we should, you ready?" Kyo asked Tsuzuki. Hisoka's head shot up to look at his mentioned partner. He didn't say anything however.

"Now focus all that dark energy into the blanket." Hisoka tried to take his mind off of what would happen and he inspected his partner. He tried to pry Tsuzuki's shields down, he wanted to see what his partner was feeling, when he finally pried open the shields far enough for some emotion to get through. He was shocked to find that Tsuzuki was ashamed.

It felt… Tsuzuki was ashamed of him. A pain in Hisoka's chest caused his breath to hitch, and a single tear fell from his eye. He berated himself for being so weak and chose instead to stare blankly at the wall instead of listening to the others around him.

He had to put away his feelings for Tsuzuki, as they were surely the only thing that could break him. As far as he was concerned, his heart would now remain as that of stone, strong, heavy, and cold.

He watched the wall as it eerily began to reflect the glow of the blanket. 'You know… that is an odd talisman against evil, It would be almost comical if it weren't as menacing. 'I bestow upon you my greatest gift to smite evil, a blanket!' he smirked at his own little joke.

Suddenly all was pain, he had been expecting it but it still came as surprise. It felt like his mind had been torn open, a double barrel shot gun would have been easier.

He could make out the chanting and he spared them a glance through his pain. His pleading for it to end, remained unvoiced. Tsuzuki stood bathed in light and for a moment Hisoka was confused, but as the pain in his skull increased, he blacked out before he could even finish the thought.


Tsuzuki was doing everything that Kyo had told him to do, concentrating on that dark energy that he had always known was there, but didn't know or want to figure out how to use it.

Kyo had quickly talked through the procedure earlier, they wouldn't have enough time to teach Tsuzuki how to manipulate his powers now, but he could manifest them. When he had first felt the tendrils of darkness sweep over him he nearly pushed them down in fear.

'This is for Hisoka' he thought to himself there isn't any time to fear what ever this is inside me, and if Kyo could do it, then so could he.

Tsuzuki would be dredging the immense power up from his soul and then Zan would act as the conduit between him and Kyo, transferring the power to the one who could manipulate it.

When Tsuzuki had discovered that he and Kyo were alike, a great relief had come over him. It was as if he weren't alone in the world anymore. But at the same time, he felt him self distanced from everyone he had been close to… Hisoka.

Even if this distances us, he would still need to help him. 'I owe him that much after all Muraki had done.'

Tsuzuki was terrified at the dark power that now coursed through him, he was vaguely aware of the others standing around him. Wave after wave flowed out of him, intense power that that had been his shadow, all through his life.

Zan and Kyo had said that they wouldn't let him lose control of that power. And he trusted them. His mind froze in fear.

He completely trusted them. What if they were working for Muraki? What if this was all a part of his plan?

Tsuzuki knew what the doctor wanted; he wanted Hisoka out of the picture. And wouldn't it be perfect if he had some how figured out a way to get Tsuzuki to do it? To get Tsuzuki to finally accept that he was evil and in the process destroy… murder Hisoka?

He felt a calming force press on the back of his mind. And Zan's voice filtered in to his thoughts.

'Tsuzuki, I promise that we are not working for that Muraki bastard, we want nothing more than to help you and Hisoka, Now you have to focus your energy, you are doing well' Tsuzuki nodded and continued on.

What else could he do? He would have to trust these two, if he were to get Hisoka back.

He felt a pulling sensation on his mind and suddenly as if some one had stoppered up the sink, the dark power was filling him up. Zan was coaching him through the process of stopping the flow of power and slowly but very surely, it went from a raging torrent to a trickle. When finally he had stopped all flow, he swayed on his feet feeling winded and dizzy. Hands guided him down to sit in a chair and blindly he sought Hisoka's hand.

When he opened his sleepy eyes, he saw that Hisoka was wide-eyed and staring at him, trembling like an autumn leaf about to fall.

"You were wrong Hisoka," Tsuzuki whispered to his partner "I'm not human at all." And with that he lost consciousness.


When Tsuzuki woke next it was well into the night, the humid breeze was heavily laden with cherry blossoms and he watched as the curtains gently lifted from the heavy air. He looked to his left and saw Watari leaning in sleep against an equally exhausted looking Tatsumi.

To his right lay Hisoka. Eyes closed. Was he sleeping, or unconscious? Zan sat in a stool leaning forward, hands clasped in meditation.

When Tsuzuki shifted he alerted the meditating Psychiatrist and Zan sleepily made his way over to Tsuzuki.

"How do you feel?" Zan asked whispering.

"Awake… worried" Tsuzuki glanced over at his partner.

"It worked, we got rid of the incubus… Tsuzuki, what did you say to Hisoka before you passed out?" Tsuzuki looked guiltily away.

"I said… that he was wrong, that I am not human" Zan seemed to understand exactly what Tsuzuki meant. He shook his lowered his head and chuckled softly.

"Don't let Kyo hear you say that." Zan said tiredly. There was a long pause. "He was really upset you know? Hisoka I mean, he was pissed off that we had let you do that. Finally Watari had to sedate him, not before he got in a few barbs though. He has a nasty temper."

"You haven't seen the worst of it…" Tsuzuki smiled sadly.

"You are the only one who can reach him now Tsuzuki. He's closing himself up, beginning to numb himself from the world, and in the process becoming bitter. Only you can help him with this part."


"Because you are the only person who has ever shown him what love is. And not just love, unconditional love. That's pretty big. And something that he didn't know existed. He can't push that away, he feels like he would be betraying you."

"How do you know all this?"

"Hello? Empathic/telepath psychiatrist psychologist here, at your service."

"That's a doozy of a credentials you got going on there."

"Well I've had time to get them and I've got the healing type personality can you tell? I suppose Kyo would say it's my anal retentive side showing through, needing to fix broken things and broken people."

"Well you have come to the right place." He looked at his partner sleeping, now noticing a furrow in his brow.

A stirring drew their attention away from the sleeping teen. Watari was slowly rising to his feet shaking the soreness from his limbs, and yawning.

"I'm going to go make some coffee, you want something to eat Tsuzuki, never mind, stupid question. Watari grinned toothily. Tatsumi it appeared had been awake for the entirety of the conversation.

"Tsuzuki, I'm giving you and Hisoka medical leave for a month. But its not vacation so don't go wandering off." Tatsumi's blue eyes leveled on Tsuzuki's own wide ones


"Shh Tsuzuki! Keep it down."

"A month!" Tsuzuki whispered as loud as possible.

"Yes, and by the time you return to work, I expect the Muraki case will be taken care of, and you wont have to deal… with the likes of him anymore." Tsuzuki didn't know what to say, he looked between Hisoka and Tatsumi, a passing glance to Zan.

"You…you can't! Hisoka, his reason for being here is because he wants revenge…"

"Well revenge wont helps him, only you can." Zan offered to Tsuzuki.

"So you say." A heavy sigh escaped Tsuzuki. "I think I am going to… pamper the hell out of him."

He was met the secretary's grin. Tsuzuki wasn't just good for Hisoka, Hisoka was good for him, and he had never seen Tsuzuki get over something like finding out his heritage, so fast. In all the years of knowing him he had always chosen to silently brood. Perhaps he wasn't over it quite yet, but it was clearly taking a back burner to Hisoka.

The Purple eyed shinigami was outwardly optimistic, but Tatsumi could always tell that there was some underlying pain. This time something was different.

"It will be difficult." Zan warned a small smirk on his face.

"I don't care, I don't think Hisoka has learned what it is to be truly loved, I want to teach him that." Tsuzuki shakily began to climb from the bed.

"And how do you propose you do that?"

"By moving in together!"