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Five Years Later

I looked up in time to see what looked like a whole crew of pirates entering The Maiden Hand where I worked. I sighed as I walked over to serve them thinking of the days when I was a pirate. But those days were over. I walked toward the captain he was kind of handsome.

"We would like a round of rum, love" he said in arrogant slurred voice.

"Coming right up but don't call me love" I managed to reply in an even tone. After that everything went fine but I began to think that the captain wasn't really drunk I wasn't so sure. It happened as I was giving them their last round of rum, he grabbed my wrist and saw the pirate brand that I hid so very well seeing that this was a semi-respectable town that the pub was in. He got a very interesting look in I eyes as I tugged my hand away from him. Luckily at that very moment the door burst open and the mailman entered I was glad seeing as the letter from my brother was a week late. I practically ran to the man he hand me the letter and left in a hurry after being paid of course.

Pov- Jack

I watched as the tavern girl ran to the man at the door almost upset at the thought of her with someone. A sigh of relief escaped me when I saw him leave her all alone with a letter clutched in her hand. Her sea blue eyes held excitement as she turned to finish her work for the night. As she served the other people in the pub, he found himself wondering what was in the letter.

Pov- nobodies

As soon as Raven's shift at the pub ended she was out the door not even noticing the man that followed her down the cobbled path that led to the cottage she called a home. The cottage was located on a cliff overlooking a hidden harbor that had a small ship in it. She had only been in the house for a minute when the man knocked on the door. She opened and was shocked to see the captain himself.

"What are you doing here and how did you find my house," I asked angrily

"I wanted to see if you would join my crew were short some crewmates, and I didn't think that you liked your job all that much."

"And how do you know that I will make a god crew mate and know what to do on a ship."

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