chapter 2- ambeint

a sudden beeping sound interrupted altara she frowned and looked around for the source of the sound. off to her left she spotting the console that was beeping,she considered it for a moment, it looked like a radar readout and was showing 5 fast moving objects headed directly at them.

"um linca?"


"i think were in trouble..."

"crap." Muttered linca finally noticing the jets just as they crested a near by dune.


"so what do we do now linca?" i said hesitantly, i sensed her grinning.

"we kick f-16 or what ever the hell thoughts are butt!"

"a little blood thirsty today hu?" Said altara dryly.

"ya think?" She answered as she charged at the low flying jets. They split up two going left and the other three going right. I frowned ,I had always been very good at predicting were someone would go and what they would do, it had made me the most wanted person in school during gym you could always expect me to be were the ball would end up. Now that the jets were out of my immediate line of site i relied on the sensors to see were every one was. While i was busy with the monitor linca continued running straight on. She knew what i was doing so she wasn't worried. I smirked, the down side for these guys was that they were like freaking robots they all flew the same way the actional unique maneuver but that was about it,this, unfortuenly for them made them pathetically easy to predict.

"linca dodge right and jump up" i said calmly. Linca complied side steeping so fast that it felt like my stomach had been left before springing up effortlessly so to her great surprise not only did we dodge two missiles one were we had been and the one that had gone under us when she'd jumped, but apone jumping found an f-16's wing at perfect chomping distance, and chomp she did sending the jet spinning out of control and a rather spectacularly explosive crash. So that was one down four to go. Linca spotting an opportunity and fired her boosters jumping up only to crash down on another jet turning it into a mass of unidentifiable scrap metal. The resulting "crunch" sound uncannily like crushing a pop can. We turned around expecting to see several very pissed jets headed our way only to see them retreating back the way they came.

"oh come on! I was just getting warmed up!" yelled linca

"can you say bunch of cowards?" i answered dryly, i paused thought fully. "you know the reason they left was probably tbecuse there getting the bigger guns..."

"then perhaps we shouldn't be here when they get back?" said linca just as she turned and bounded off.


a red organoid stared slack jawed at the battle field. That's it !? no massive explosions or daring maneuvers? He continued to stare at the two ruined jets then at the fast retreating blue zoid then back again. That sucked! The organoid grinned suddenly. Well then sense the military of this planet is apparently not going to cut it to give our worriers to be proper training i suppose i should go give them some! the slightly deranged organoid shot off to his favorite pastime causing chaos and discord. you see contrary to popular belief ambient wasn't evil just slightly crazy with a love of causing destruction of a scale only some natural disaster could rival, and really at heart who doesn't like destroying things or generally causing chaos? What can i say? Its fun.


Linca came to a stop just outside the massive cave were she'd been created. She smiled faintly to herself even though she had not been "alive" at the time she could still remember all the time when she had been being built. One thing was for sure altara was a very determined person with abilities even she didn't fully understand. She new they need to go out again even with the danger of getting attacked for a second time and with the military on the look out for them they really needed to be careful.

"hay linca!? called altara cheerfully.

"yes altara? answered calmly trying to figure out why she was so cheerful about.

"This has been the most exciting day of my life! Iv never had this much fun before!" I was about to answer when i was interrupted by a red bolt of light, it shot into the cave and pinged off the celling like a tennis ball before crashing into the ground with a bang and tuning into a large red organnoid.

"who the hell are you!?" i roared at him, he glanced at me his green eye's glowing brilliantly in the general gloom of the cave before finally answering.

"someone who you will hate within ten minuets of exposure to his charming personality?" He seemed to stop and think about that for a moment before adding " Scratch that make it five." before cackling manicly and bouncing around like some demonic kangaroo on steroids. I looked at altara who was staring at the oraganoid in astonishment, weather because of it behavior or the fact that it was an organoid or both could well be debated.

"im of the opinion that he's a few cards short of a full deck as the saying go's..." i muttered to altara. The crazy organoid stopped his prancing around the room just long enough to yell.

" AM NOT!" altara's only response was to mutter back.

"a few?" i chuckled only to have the organoid chrome off my head like a rocket. The resounding yell of "oww!" was only answered by snickers as we saw what had become of him. as a direct result of his acrobatics he had somehow gotten his head wedged into a crack in the wall, the only one i might add that his head could have gotten into much less out of. After struggling for a minuet or so he seemed to remember he could become a form of energy at will and with a bright flicker snapped out of the crack and alighted on the ground about ten feet form altara.

"done yet?"she asked levelly. He thought about that then said.


"uhhu and what the hell was your name?"

"what do you mean what was my name? I never told you!" altaras eye had started twitching by this time.

"i just now asked you.."

"you did? Well sorrry! My name happens to be ambient!" She just stared at him for a second before yelling.

"your ambient!?"


CF: think someone is over reacting...

firefalcon: what gave you that idea her reaction was perfectly normal when you find yourself in the company of a mass muderer.