CF:hello sorry iv left this for so long but the plot bunny ran away and i had to hunt it down again and it just did not want to be found!


"your ambient?!" i all but shrieked in horror. He just looked at my oddly.

"why are you yelling?"

"wh...?why am i YELLING?"

"yes?" i just stood there gapping at him,he was a mass murderer standing here asking why i was yelling apnea finding out who he i the only one to who this dose not make any sense to?

"your ambient!

"i thought well had established that fact?"

"but!?" i sputtered trying to figure out this psychos problem.

"but what does it really matter? i was sent here to keep you too out of trouble and that's what i intend to do...most of the time." i stared at him dubiously.

"you? keep us out of trouble?"

"it is an odd conundrum itsent it? why eve choses me for this job i do not know."

"we are talking about the same ambient here right? the one that tried to destroy the world with hiltz?"


"uh hu..." hell has officially frozen over. i thought as i watch the deranged red organoid argue with linac about something. finally interrupting ambients tirade about whatever linca had said.

"so why are you here and why did linca come to life?"


"you heard me!"

"hm so i did. well at the risk of this sounding like a cliché movie line your supposed to save the world!"

"form what?" asked linca.

"well that the million dollar question isent it? the answer is very complicated really considering it spans almost 250 years from when it started ,any ways it was an off shoot of prozens death soururs project it was called project maticore it was an attempt to create a zoid that could be mass produced and who power rivaled that of the geno breaker"

"i here a but coming." i said dryly. ambient nodded.

"you are very correct altara they did create it but only made one it was found to be ultra violent it made the death stinger look friendly it was so vicious. so the project was abandoned and the manticore put in stasis." i sighed it was easy enough to see were this was going.

"and now?"

"well you know of the final battle between zero and fury right?"


"well remember when fury fired the one charged particle beam that he used to blast the landscape?unfoutnely the beam had more far reaching effects than several large craters it hit the mountain were the manticore lab was hidden and damaged the stasis system! you have 2 months to get into fighting condition before the system fails and it wakes up."

"crap..." i muttered "how the hell are we supposed to get that good in 2 months?" ambient just grinned evilly. "i really don't like that smile..." i said nervously.

"two words for you two crash course."

"how so?" i squeaked.

"you two are going reality hopping as well as a bit of time travel...ill only be helping if your in real danger of dying so other than that your on your own ill just be observing." he smirked. "of course there is one more thing."

"of course there is."snapped linca.

"altara you will be able to recognize every reality you go to." i just gave him a perplext look.

"how the hell dose that work?"

" believe it or not most of the realties you will go to are to the letter the same as the anima and tv you watch."

"and how do we get there?" asked linca

"throughout the portal i just created under you."

"ambeeeaaaainnnnt!" they both shrieked as they dropped straight down into solid black. ambient just grinned in his deranged way and watched them fall for a few seconds before snapping though the portal after them.



A loud snap echo though a damp dark cave far beneath the surface of zi,zig zaging cracks appeared over the surface of a dully glowing green stasis tube. A moment later it shattered spilling the organoid inside on the ground. this organoid was different than normal. In appearances rather than a dragon like bode it was tiger like. It was jet black with white strips on its body as well as on the booster packs on its back. Its previously dull optics switched on reviling its eyes to be a rather creepy dead white. it looked around and smiled it was back and this time nothing would stand in its way.


CF: no the manticore did not just wake up ahead of schedule that was something much worse.

although i don't know what it is (sweat drops) i really don't! the plot bunny snuck up on me and made me write it but didn't tell me what the hell it was! its a plot twist that's all i know at the moment.

skan: that doesn't sound like someone you'd what to meet in a dark ally.

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