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Chapter One

Life and Death

Elizabeth Turner screamed in pain as she pushed. She was in the process of delivering her baby. "The heads crowning," the midwife told Elizabeth. Jack smiled and decided to be brave and take a look at the babys head. "Whoah!" he exclaimed, turning away. Elizabeth pushed again and within seconds, a baby was heard crying. The midwife looked up at Elizabeth as she held the baby in her arms. She smiled at Elizabeth and Jack. She said, "It's a boy." Elizabeth smiled as the midwife handed the baby over to another woman. Elizabeth began to scream in pain again, causing the midwife to take a look. The midwife looked from Jack to Elizabeth."There's another baby in here. Come on, Ms. Turner. I want three real good pushes and we'll have this youngin' out."

Elizabeth looked shocked. Another baby? It'd be hard with just one but now it was going to be harder, especially without their father, Will, around to help out. Elizabeth nodded to the midwife, pushing as hard as she could. This went on for a few minutes longer before the second baby emerged. The midwife stood with the second infant in her arms, smiling even more. She looked at Elizabeth after gathering the first child in her arms. She approached the expecting mother and handed her the twins. "Boy and Girl," the midwife said before leaving with the other woman. It was all to give Elizabeth time alone with her children.

Elizabeth beamed down at the babies in her arms then looked up at Jack. Weakly, she said, "Jack, I have this feeling that... I'm not going to be here to see my children grow up and without Will, they'd be considered orphans." Elizabeth paused when seeing the strange look on the great Captain Jack Sparrow's face. "Do me a favor and take care of them for me. Not as their uncle but as their father, until Will returns. Don't give my children false hope that he'll come home. Tell them... that you're their father."

Jack nodded understanding at what Elizabeth was trying to say, even though it didn't make any sense to him. Why wouldn't she live? She was healthy and everything. Jack sighed and looked down at the twins. He asked, "What are ye goin' to name the babes, Elizabeth?" Elizabeth knew of the two perfect names. She had thought about what to name her child everyday since she found out that she was pregnant. Now, there were two babies. She'd give them the names she had picked out.

"I was thinking... William Keith Turner III, after Will of course and Isabella Marie. Bella for short," Elizabeth answered, looking at her children then back up at Jack. She sighed before saying, "I've lost too much energy, Jack. You must think I'm crazy, talking about death when I just gave birth to the two most beautiful babies in the world. Just make sure to tell them I loved them and when you see Will in ten years tell him that I loved him more than life himself and that I'm sorry I couldn't be with him when he sets foot on land again."

Jack nodded, taking the babies from Elizabeth. It's like she's just throwing them away, Jack thought to himself. But she loves them. Jack bent down kissing Elizabeth on the forehead. Elizabeth looked up at Jack, smiling weakly. Almost in a whisper, she said, "I'm sorry for everything, Jack. For tricking you into thinking I loved you and tieing you to the Pearl and leaving you for the Kraken. In truth, you've become my best friend." A tear slid down Elizabeth's face as she apologized to the pirate.

"Yer a great pirate, Lizzie and you'd be an even better mother."

"Just take care of them, Jack." Elizabeth's voice began to fade away. To Jack, she looked weaker and paler as their conversation progressed.

"I'll do my best," Jack replied. Elizabeth smiled faintly before her eyes started to glass over and close. Surprisingly to Jack, silent tears fell down his face. He turned and with the twins, he walked out of the room. He looked at the midwife who was returning to fetch the twins from Elizabeth. Mrs. Brown frowned, knowing that something was wrong.

"She's dead," Jack whispered, having a hard time believing it. Mrs. Brown shook her head and replied, "I'm so sorry for your loss. I should probably make proper arrangements for the twins to be taken care of." Mrs. Brown went to take the twins but Jack backed away.

"No!" Jack exclaimed. "Elizabeth... Ms. Turner said that they're to be me charge and no one elses." Mrs. Brown tried to protest but Jack wouldn't here of it. He walked out of the Swann manor, leaving Mrs. Brown dumbfounded. He walked through Port Royal and smiled slightly at the sight of his ship coming into view.

That had been almost one year ago since Elizabeth Turner had passed to the Other Side. Jack thought about that day as he glanced down at Willy and Bella sound asleep in the makeshift bassinette. Lucky for him, he had his crew to help with the twins. Especially AnaMaria. She took over the motherly role and watched over the two as if they were her own.

Jack turned around, feeling a presence behind him. He wasn't at all shocked to see AnaMaria. She came closer to him and looked down at the two sleeping babes, placing an arm on Jack's shoulder. She turned her attention to Jack and said, "Elizabeth would be proud of ye, Jack. Yer doin' a mighty fine job with keepin' these babes safe from harm. Nine more years til Will returns."

Jack turned before replying, "I'm worried, AnaMaria. The curse is supposed to be broken if Elizabeth remains faithful and through those nine months apart from one another, she was. But does that count? Will the children ever have their real father? What if Calypso gives warning to Will that Elizabeth's gone but doesn't inform him of Willy and Bella? What if Turner doesn't come back?"

AnaMaria chuckled, resulting in a glare from Jack. "I'm sorry," AnaMaria apologized after placing a soft kiss on Jack's cheek. "But ye worry too much, Jack. Will loved Elizabeth and I'm pretty sure that the curse will be broken in ten years. He'll take one look at these two babes and fall in love with them like all of us have. You'll see."

Jack nodded, looking back at Willy and Bella. He smiled, seeing how Willy had a small tiny and chubby arm wrapped around his younger twin sister.

"Lookie here," Jack said, pointing to Willy and Bella. "It's like they already know they're all each other has."

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