Hey Everyone!

Wow! The VERY end! So what'd you guys think? Did you like it? I hope so. You guys have been AMAZING! I really mean that! I've never gotten so many reviews. This made me EXTREMELY happy because Beautiful Miracles was the third story I've ever written! Second that I've finished. I'm sure I'd probably cry at the end of this story if I wasn't so tired. It's 4:30 here and I've been writing for a few hours now TRYING to post the end of Beautiful Miracles. Like I said, I hope I didn't disappoint. Also, down below is the first paragraph of the very first chapter to the sequel. It's called Can't Take My Eyes Off You and you'll immediately understand why I chose the title after reading the first paragraph. Just to give you a certain idea about what the sequel is about though is that it takes place a few months after the Epilogue of Beautiful Miracles. The twins are teens and Jack, AnaMaria, Will and Elizabeth are dealing with five year olds. Calypso wants Will as her lover and will do whatever it takes to get Will to be hers. The twins on the other hand decide to go off on an adventure at fourteen for the search of the Fountain of Youth after overhearing Jack talking about it. Darn Jack and his big mouth! So Will and Elizabeth must try to overcome everything the sea goddess throws at them. Persephone, Queen of the Underworld, plays an important role this time around! Bella also finds a bit of love on her journey... Hehe. Ok so anyway... go on! Read the first paragraph of Can't Take My Eyes Off You.

Calypso stared deep into a ball of water, gazing upon the man she was so infatuated with. Will Turner, former Captain of the Flying Dutchman, could be seen playing with his five year old daughter, Katherine, and Charles, Jack and AnaMaria Sparrow's five year old son. Calypso couldn't help but snarl at the sight. It was sickening her. "He don't belong wit them," Calypso growled to herself. The ball of water dispersed as Calypso turned to gaze upon her thrown. Fifteen years ago, Calypso had lost her former lover, Davy Jones, to Will Turner, the man who had stabbed his heart in order to live. Over the years, Calypso found herself falling in love with the new captain and had did everything in her power to make Will hers. Yet all she could do was fail. Now Calypso felt that she had a second chance to get back what she believed was rightfully hers. She wanted Will to become her lover and return as the captain of the Flying Dutchman. "He will be mine," Calypso murmured to herself. "Nothin' will get in me way."

Hmm... I wonder what'll happen next. The complete Chapter One, which is called Trouble's Brewing, will be up later tonight or sometime Tuesday afternoon. I hope you liked the sneak peek. If you did or didn't, just let me know in a review. Since I have barely started the sequel, I'm up for A LOT of ideas. I take them all into consideration. I take a lot of ideas into consideration even throughout the story. If it goes well with the idea, I usually put it in. Like I've done in Beautiful Miracles. Well, I'm out and going to bed! Hope you all enjoyed Beautiful Miracles and hope my faithful readers/reviewers stick with me throughout the sequel!

Princess Solaria