Going Under

By Amiko-Gabriel

Revolutionary Girl Utena

Anshi Himemia coolly watched the other students, lost in her own world, inner observations. They, the students, scurried about beyond the confines of the glass walls. 'Like mice, playing their little gender games through a maze, its paths of least resistance.' She mused, running her fingers along a thick stem, home to prickly thorns. 'How easily they are bated with stories of happily ever after. I despise them.' Anshi did. They were gullible, selfish fools, using one another, using her, chaining themselves as all masters must to the whims of their slaves for fear of abandonment… I hate myself.

"Anshi." The voice slithered over the garden roses, like a deadly frost settling over delicate flowers. Anshi's spine stiffened, head dizzy, self disconnected and floating just beyond the dimensions of her body. Her vision tinged at the edges, and she was gone.

"Hai, oni sama.?" Answered a meek girl, eyes deep, empty violets.

"Come to me."

"Hai, oniisama." The girl and her brother disappear from the garden; the students trickle away to their dorms.